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KAT Percussion KT4 Electronic Drum Set Review 2024

You know you’re in good hands when the drum set is made by a company that specializes in electronic percussion technology. Better still, the KT4 is KAT’s most advanced electronic drum set to date. This 5 piece kit stands out for its look and feel of a classic acoustic set together with the fact that many enhancements and adjustments had been made to ensure that you get that exact play. Perfect for the digital drumming skeptics.

A number of exclusive technologies created by KAT Percussion make this electronic drum set a cut way above the rest. For example, the 8-inch Bass Pad fitted with a Mylar® drumhead and a real-time actuating cymbal pad so you have more flexibility with your sound control.

State Of The Art Drum Pads And Cymbals

KAT Percussion KT4 Electronic Drum Set

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KAT Percussion KT4 Electronic Drum Set

The Kat KT4 drum set comes standard with a whopping 780 sounds included – from cymbals, drums, DJ and EFX to percussion sounds with 18 Hi-Hat combos included

The KT4 features super sensitive dual-zone drum pads, which make for authentic, vigorous tracking. The drumming experience is further enhanced by the double pedal compatible kick tower with 8-inch non-slip bass kick tower and its Mylar head.

What this means is that you get a wide range of expression that makes for a great play, which comes very close to acoustic.

An overlooked element that I found was the vertical mounting, instead of the standard horizontal. This enables individual height adjustment, which makes for a comfortable play according to what suits you and your movements.

For those still practicing and playing around with jams, you’d be happy to know that the pads and cymbals are extremely quiet, so considering you have earphones plugged in, you don’t have to be bothering any neighbors of family members! You can take this up a notch with the use of the Silent Strike bass drum beater.

Also, each of the hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal pads include 3 individually programmable zones, which translate to bell, bow and edge.

Superior Sound

The Kat KT4 drum set comes standard with a whopping 780 sounds included – from cymbals, drums, DJ and EFX to percussion sounds. Then there is also the 18 Hi-Hat combos included. It’s easy to see this set will encourage you to experiment within genres different from your own.

In addition, there are the 99 drum kits, 55 of which are pre-programmed and 44 of which allow for individual user programming. The 142 built-in play along tracks will also come in handy for those still learning.

Easy Set-Up

As far as drum sets go, I’d say the KT4 set-up is a no-fuss process. This is largely thanks to the pre-positioned rack clamps and pre-labeled one-piece cable harness. It’s also great that, as mentioned before, the vertical mounting is fully adjustable, so you can determine what works best for you and set up accordingly.

This KT4 review would be incomplete without the mention of the ease of use in terms of connectivity. The set it USB 3.0 compatible and includes MIDI input/output for recording and playback with computer software on both PC and Mac. Some flexibility is provided with the audio input jack too, allowing you to a CD player, MP3 player, smartphone or tablet.

If you’re plugging into a studio, you’ll happy to know that there are two quarter inch output jacks for exactly this purpose via PA system or console. There is also provision for additional drum pads, which are sold separately.

The Not-So-Good

I thought I was being finicky but picked this up from a number of other KT4 reviews as well – some of the key components do not come standard, such as adaptors. In order to use headphones or plug into speakers, you will need to purchase an adaptor that will enable plugging into the ‘brain’ or computer module.

I mean, these are things you’d expect to come standard, so just keep a lookout for what comes standard. If you’re an experienced drummer you probably have these lying around but if  you’re a first-time buyer, these ‘extras’ could put quite a bit onto you for the total cost of the set.


The KAT KT4 is definitely one of the best in the range when it comes to electronic drum sets. It may just be the one that comes closest to acoustic thanks to the refinement by KAT of existing technologies to get closer and closer to the real thing.

You can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of a great jam session and the tools included to learn make and experiment with music. And considering it is one of the more pricier sets on the scene, that’s a lot of value to be getting!

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Love these drums. Easy setup, works well for our church.


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