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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Drum Sets For Drummers

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Have you always aspired to be one of the most celebrated drummers ever? Or probably catching up on the Academy-Award winner ‘Whiplash’ has increased the urge to buy that drum kit you had always fancied? Well, maybe you should go ahead and bring that musical piece home. Since the first step to being a drummer who performs at gigs across cities is a transition from an amateur to a pro which only happens with a lot of hard-hitting at the practice room.

Undoubtedly, there is an overwhelmingly large number of drum sets to choose from today, and the task could prove to be a herculean one. We indulged in research to handpick a few which you could probably zero-in on a drum kit that seems the most ideal.

Hopefully, the descriptions in this guide about the abilities of these drum kits should help you arrive at the right decision.

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Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats

Apart from being a product manufactured by one of the most renowned musical instrument brands, many compelling reasons make the Breakbeats a must buy. Not only does its black color contribute to the aesthetic value of the interiors and make the drum kit seem attractive, the instrument is quite compact and portable too. It is quite easy to stack them and carry around, especially if you are out of town on an exhaustive tour with the band spanning several cities.

One of the noteworthy features of this product is its shell size which is relatively sleeker than a string of popular kits of the past and includes a 16″x14″ bass drum, a 10″x7″ rack tom and a 13″x13″ floor tom respectively. The Breakbeats comprises of seven plies and bearing edges chiseled to an angle of 45 degrees. This kind of drum construction is a basic expectation of musicians across the globe.

To ensure the pedal’s beater strikes exactly at the center, a vital quality a kit must possess, Ludwig has included a riser to lift the bass drum. The drum kit also includes padded gig bags to ensure practice sessions or performances are less noisy and don’t disrupt the silence in the neighborhood a lot.

The only dampener that could probably deter you from buying this piece is the seven-ply poplar used in the construction of the drum shells. The ingredient is relatively cheaper in quality as compared to Birch and Mahogany used in the manufacture of other popular drum kits such as Tama’s Silverstar Metro Jam and Gretsch’s Catalina Street, which are of the same price as the Ludwig Heartbeats. However, apart from the seven-ply poplar aspect, this product is worth being considered if you are looking for an impressive attack and punch, a sturdy riser, and a durable tom-holder.

Its compact size and its portability make the Ludwig Breakbeats a street musician’s delight. Well, if you want to try the Ed Sheeran route to success in music this drum kit could help achieve your dream the best.

Gammon 5-Piece Drum Set

If you are relatively new to drumming and are thinking of owning a kit, the Gammon 5-Piece Set is probably the best option to consider, since it is tailored for beginners. Especially, if you are a parent who doesn’t want to spend a lot since your kid is still taking baby steps into the world of music. The brand offers two variants of this piece, namely the Gammon Junior and Gammon Senior drum sets.

The economic price of the drum-kit is inclusive of accessories such as Hi-Hat, Crash cymbals, sticks, a stool, and a stand, which makes it a great option that’s worth being considered. Gammon has a reputation for producing sturdy drums that can take heavy blows for several years. The features of this drum kit include a 22″x14″ 12 Lug Bass Drum, a 5 1/2″ x 14” Wood Snare drum, as well as Mounted Toms that measure 12″x10″ and 13″x10”.

The quality of the Cymbals the manufacturers offer isn’t quite top-notch and a few customers, in the recent past, complained of broken components. However, this Gammon product is an optimal piece since it offers the value that’s worth the money and the shipping is pretty quick too, which makes it an optimal device.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

The Stage Custom series of drums has been a favorite among musicians since they were first introduced in 1995 and offers great sound quality and an enthralling musical experience overall, at an economical price.

The factor that differentiates the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch from many competitor products is the thickness of its shells. Each of them is 1.1 mm thick, 0.1 higher than those of the brand’s predecessors, which implies the 6-ply stack is collectively around 6.6 mm, responsible for its incredible projection, a notch better than other Yamaha variants.

A 22″x17″ bass drum, 10″x7″ and 12″x8″ toms, 16″x15″ floor tom and a 14″x51⁄2″ matching birch snare is a summary of the Stage Custom’s vital stats. The measurements are quite impressive, we must say, as compared to many yesteryear drums, and is a significantly sound reason why you should buy this piece. Besides, the bearing edges have been precisely chiseled to 45 degrees, to ensure no stone is left unturned to ensure great sound quality. Considering its configuration and its sleek-design, this drum kit is quite reasonable or rather offers a lot of value for the money. The only drawback we could find with the Stage Custom was its loud noise which could be perceived deafening.

However, this isn’t a strong enough reason why the idea of procuring this drum kit should be shunned.

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PDP New Yorker 4-Piece Shell Pack Diamond

Over the years, PDP has garnered a reputation for producing drum kits that deliver quality largely unparalleled. The brand doesn’t disappoint with the New Yorker 4-Piece Shell Pack Diamond either. Introduced over a decade ago, this product has evolved significantly over the years, so considering the enhancements, it is the right time to buy this product.

The colors and the finish add to the aesthetic value of the drums, but most importantly, this kit is one of the lightest of its kind you can find. The tones this PDP product emits are also quite unusual, which makes it unique. For an affordable price, owning this drum kit could help you produce a wide range of sounds, which makes it a total ‘value-for-money’ product.

Unlike many leading drum brands, the PDP doesn’t offer cymbals or stands with the New Yorker, which means you are at a disadvantage of spending a lot more bucks on the accessories. This drum kit has one rack tom lesser than many other products you can find today. Well, more than the accessories, this could be a bigger cause of concern for musicians since even the absence of a layer could impact the output quite significantly. So, if you are particular about cymbals being included for the price of a drum kit, or doubt the product’s ability for the lack of a rack tom, then you should skip this one.

We hope this compilation has helped figure a drum kit that serves your needs and budget constraints the best. Apart from its configuration, we also suggest buying a drum kit which includes accessories such as Cymbals. As far as price, portability, and performance are concerned, the Yamaha Stage Custom is our pick, since it ticks all the expectation checkboxes of the parameters aforementioned.

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