Kimi – A Redefined Version of African Thumb Piano 2021

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Nothing is as soothing and relaxing as music is! In a true sense, boundaries don’t exist when it comes to music and we are sure none of you would disagree. Musical instruments have been around for ages and we have been seeing the old evolve and the new kinds being invented every day. Kimi, a flipped, new type of thumb piano is one of them.

To put it in simple terms, Kimi is just a type of Kalimba/Mbira, also known as the thumb piano. In recent years, Kalimba or thumb piano has developed into a fascinating piece of instrument and it is ideally suitable for kids, and piano/percussion lovers. Even if you don’t know how to play the piano, Kimi, (the thumb piano) is an instrument you can easily learn and play.

However, before we delve more into the product Kimi, we thought to look back at the origin of Kalimba or the thumb piano and enlighten you all with some amazing facts. So, let’s check out!

Thumb Piano
Brief History of Kalimba Or Thumb Piano
Wondering how a Kalimba came into existence? According to archeologists, this musical instrument dates back to 1000 BC. It belonged to the instrument family of Lamellophones and was first discovered in Africa. And eventually, this instrument was brought to mainstream music in 1954 by Hugh Tracey. It is usually played by plucking the tunes, which produces a unique sound.

Since Kalimba belonged to the huge family of African thumb pianos such as mbira, kalimba, Sansa, and karimba, all of them most often represent the same instrument-finger/thumb piano. It’s just known differently in different African communities.

Hugh Tracey selected ‘Kalimba’ as the name that would take this instrument forward around the world. Today, it is crafted by the Swahili African Modern, the artisans in Kenya. But there are several modernistic versions of Kalimba that are found all over and Kimi also falls under this category.

Thumb Piano

Kimi – A Flipped New Type of Musical Instrument or the Modern Thumb Piano

If you’re inclined towards learning new musical instruments or just enjoy playing the piano, then you must try playing Kimi, the 17 keys thumb piano. Crafted and designed by DishyKooker, this new generation Kalimba replicates the traditional African musical instrument that uses a coconut shell or wooden box along with a piece of iron to create vibrations and sounds. Producing fascinating sounds, the Kimi turns out to be a great gift for music lovers, girls, and kids.

DishyKooker’s Kimi, the 17-keys thumb piano, uses a pure crystal acrylic body that offers full sympathetic vibrations on playing the metal keys, only to bring out a melodious and lasting tenuto. Not just the acrylic crystal body, but also the keys of Kimi reflects the superior quality of finely selected ore metal. Also, after proper tuning, the resonance, and sounds come out quite clear and bright. Moreover, it’s the ergonomic design of keys with a slight bend towards the end ensures its clear sound effects and that it’s suitable for your fingers/ thumbs.

Extremely easy to play, Kimi not only enables you to enjoy music but also satisfies your yearnings for auditory art. Besides, Kimi’s acrylic crystal and ore steel keys are majorly responsible for its sound effects – clear and truly relaxing. By holding it in your hands and plucking the tunes, you can create stunning sounds and curve notes. That’s not all! You can also create tremolo with the accompaniment chain.

So have you been trying to learn a musical instrument for a long time? But, the size, complicated chords, and tunes were difficult to catch? Well, we know it’s often difficult but the Kimi isn’t like many usual instruments, as it’s really lightweight and portable. Take it along to your garden parties, social gatherings, religious events, or school and play your favorite tunes to create a perfect musical ambiance.

Besides, don’t stress about learning this acrylic thumb piano because you get phonetic stickers and a small manual. While the phonetic stickers will guide you about the keys and their tunes, the manual helps you master the techniques of playing the Kimi. It even introduces you to uses and varied ways to play the Kalimba. Yes, it’s that easy and totally perfect for beginners.

Another thing included with the Kimi package is a Kalimba box, a protective case for storing the Kimi. Made from EVA material, this case is completely waterproof. So, your thumb piano remains guarded against dust, moisture, oxidation, scratches, and falls. Just place it inside the case and it’s safe to be taken anywhere. Besides, it appears quite sleek and stylish with a rigid, non-slippery exterior surface with rounded edges. With such a stunning outlook, Kimi can be ideal for different occasions.

Having said that, you must also know that Kimi comes properly tuned like a piano but you get a tuning hammer too. In case you need to tune it, you can easily use the hammer, You can also try using a real tuner or an app like ‘gStrings’.

Since DishyKooker’s Kimi, features an acrylic crystal built, it also available in slightly different variations as well. If you’re looking for a simple design, then check out the transparent body model. Or else you can check Muspor, which is also a 17 keys Mahogany Kalimba. Having a wooden body and hammer blue color, this Kalimba has a contemporary look and delivers as melodious tunes as the Kimi.

Now, you can add more fun to your parties with the Kimi. We’re sure this thumb piano can also create tunes to soothe your mood. Besides, this mini Kalimba reflects its designer’s love. So Kimi is a perfect gift for your beloved on any occasion; be it Christmas, wedding anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own amazing Kimi, and enjoy learning and playing melodious tunes.

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