5 Best Computer Speakers Under 50 That Are Trending 2021

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The speakers built into your machine, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, are unlikely to provide great sound, but with the best computer speakers under $50, you can boost the efficiency, clarity, and scope of your audio setup without breaking the bank. 

These speakers will be small enough to fit on your desk, and some will come with extras such as subwoofers or Bluetooth compatibility. Sound quality, as with any speaker (budget or not), would be the most important factor. When looking for the best cheap computer speakers, make sure to check for power and sound compatibility before purchasing.

Here’s our review of the best computer speakers under 50. Read on to check which one suits your need.

Best Computer Speakers Under 50 – Comparative Table

Product Features Latest Price
1. Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers 
Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers with Powerful Down-Firing Subwoofer and Far-Field Drivers, Up to 8W RMS Total Power for Computer PCs and Laptops (Black)
  • Lightweight
  • Crystal clear sound

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2. Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers
Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers
  • Highly compact
  • Great response bandwidth

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3. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker Sound System
Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker Sound System with Subwoofer and Control Pod - Great for Music, Movies, Multimedia Pcs, Macs, Laptops and Gaming Systems
  • Looks stylish
  • Wooden subwoofer

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4. AmazonBasics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers
Amazon Basics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers with Dynamic Sound | Black
  • Rubberized base
  • USB powered

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5. Creative Stage Air 
Creative Stage Air Portable and Compact Under-Monitor USB-Powered Soundbar for Computer, with Dual-Driver and Passive Radiator for Big Bass, Bluetooth and AUX-in, USB MP3, 6 Hours of Battery Life
  • Portable body
  • Good connectivity

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Our Best Computer Speakers Under 50 – Reviews and Comparison

1. Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers 

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Product Highlights

These inexpensive computer speakers are extremely small, with more than 19,000 Amazon reviews and consistently high ratings. 


  • The speakers come with a reasonably strong subwoofer for enhanced bass and sound depth, all for a surrisingly wallet-friendly price.  
  • It comes with a special feature: a “high gain” mode that boosts the power for greater bass and more room-filling sound. But, keep in mind that to use this feature, you will have to invest in a 5-volt 2A power adapter.
  • The dial on the front makes it easy to pump up the volume. 
  • Both desktops and laptops function well, thanks to the adapter-free USB link with a universal AUX cord. 

What We Like About Creative Pebble Plus

Most importantly, they were described by reviewers as lightweight, crystal clear sound, and having excellent value.

What We Don’t Like About Creative Pebble Plus

There are lots of wires that cause quite a lot of clutter. Also, these speakers have only one input. 

        Pros         Cons
Value for money


Clear sound

Wire clutter

One input

2. Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers

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Product Highlights

These cheap computer speakers are certainly the way to go if you’re looking to stick to a tight budget.  Besides, despite the low price, reviewers say they are “truly impressed with the sound quality.” 


  • These speakers are the ideal size and can fit anywhere, essentially. They are simple to use as well as simple to find a place to position them. It’s impressive that from such a small collection of speakers high-quality sound is produced.
  • These speakers’ response bandwidth ranges from 50Hz-20KHz. Response bandwidth is essentially the sound level that can be created by a speaker in response to all the other frequencies in a given bandwidth. Given the price point and the size of the speakers, these speakers have a fairly awesome response bandwidth.
  • A power level of 2.3 watts and nominal output power is required for the Logitech S120s. Seriously, you won’t regret grabbing these speakers.
  • A headphone jack is placed on the side of the speaker, too. This is a really nice feature because if you want to use headphones, instead of buying an adapter to do so, you can plug them into your speakers.
  • You’ll experience rich, completely immersive sound with these speakers. Your PC or laptop is the ideal audio buddy for the Logitech S120 speaker system.

What We Like About Logitech S120 

The compact size and slim profile mean that they take up minimal room on your desk, but they are still strong enough to outperform the built-in speakers of your computer significantly. They also have a solo listening headphone jack and a knob for hassle-free volume control on the edge. 

What We Don’t Like About Logitech S120 

Bear in mind, though: there is no subwoofer. This means that in the bass department, these are better for a mid-range sound and have a little less power.

        Pros         Cons
Ideally compact

Good response bandwidth

Headphone jack

No subwoofer

3. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker Sound System

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Product Highlights

The CA-3090 2.1 sound system from Cyber Acoustics looks sleek and gives you a lot of bang for your bucks. 


  • The headphone output jack helps you to fully bypass the speakers (when you don’t want to annoy your neighbors).  The AUX input helps to redirect audio from your gaming device, tablet, or computer.
  • For stereo separation and audio clarity, the satellite speakers use 2-inch drivers with magnetic shielding. As for the subwoofer, it utilizes a 5.25-inch Power Pro bass driver that guarantees a thunderous bass sound. 
  • This Cyber Acoustics speaker, inexpensive and yet so capable, delivers 62 peak power watts and 30 RMS watts, adequate to fill most average room sizes.
  • Two-inch drivers are housed in the satellite speakers and come with a glossy black finish and metallic accents. 
  • They also come in a black, compact box with dedicated bass control with a four-inch subwoofer. Each of the satellites puts out two-watts, and the subwoofer pushes nine-watts for a nine-watt total RMS rating. 
  • The CA-3090 also comes with a handy control pod, which at this price is not popular. To let you know whether it is on or off, it has a blue light and includes the power switch, volume controls, an AUX input, and a 3.5-millimeter jack.
  • The wireless capability is not there, and the cables are a little short. Otherwise, when considering the low cost, this speaker package performs admirably.

What We Like About Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP

The CA-3602 2.1 Channel 30-watt Cyber Acoustics speaker produces incredible sound, looks stylish, and is insanely inexpensive. If gaming is all you do with occasional music and films, but nothing that requires precision, you can buy the CA-3602.

What We Don’t Like About Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP

The speaker could do wonders with a little more volume and stability in its structure. 

        Pros         Cons
Clear and crisp at reasonable settings

The subwoofer is wood with 25-inch drivers

Inexpensive and yet highly capable

Bass is shaky

Low volume

Lacks stability in the structure

4. AmazonBasics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers

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Product Highlights

The AmazonBasics speakers offer good sound quality at a low price. 


  • Despite the low price, the black lampshade shape and silver accents look fantastic. For added flash, there are thin light strips running along the base.
  • Each speaker has a 1.2-watt driver, resulting in a total RMS power output of 2.4 watts. A single cable with in-line volume control, USB, and 3.5-millimeter jack splits to connect to your PC. 
  • Because these speakers are USB-powered and lack an on/off switch, you must completely disconnect them to turn them off.

What We Like About AmazonBasics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers

They have a rubberized base that keeps them in place and prevents them from falling over.

What We Don’t Like About AmazonBasics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers

These speakers don’t deliver professional-grade sound, but they’re a lot better than the built-in monitor speakers. 

        Pros         Cons
Rubberized base 


USB powered

Not highly professional

5. Creative Stage Air 

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Product Highlights

The Creative Stage Air is a portable soundbar. With a height of just 2.8 inches, it can comfortably fit under your computer. 


  • The dual five-watt drivers are concealed behind a black grille on the front of the amplifier. On the right side, you’ll find power, volume, and Bluetooth controls.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and a 3.5-millimeter jack are among the networking choices. If you want to play music directly from a memory stick, there’s also a USB port. 
  • The Stage Air is charged via a Mini-USB socket and Imaginative claims that the 2200mAh battery will last six hours.
  • If you dislike getting cables all over the place, the Creative Stage Air is the ideal solution. 

What We Like About Creative Stage Air 

It has an excellent sound quality for the price, and you can attach it to your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices to play music. 

What We Don’t Like About Creative Stage Air 

The sound from these speakers distorts at high volumes. Also, it shuts off automatically after 15 minutes even if the monitor is on. 

        Pros         Cons
Sleek and portable

Can be connected to smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices

The battery lasts 6 hours

Sound distortion at high volume

Shuts off automatically

Final Verdict

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers are the best computer speakers under $50, according to us. With their lightweight body and extremely clear sound, these speakers stand out from the other models. 

However, if you are considering other factors, then you can choose from the other 4 alternatives that we have mentioned. 

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