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Alesis Command Kit Review 2024

The Alesis brand has established itself as a key innovator in the music production space, making new technologies accessible for the hobbyist musician and people learning the ropes.

The Alesis Command Kit stands out for its robust 8-piece composition and the addition of exclusive 10-inch mesh snare and 8-inch mesh kick features. These contribute to the authenticity of the drumming experience, a factor often called out in electric drumming sets. The 8 piece set is made up of 5 drum pads and 3 cymbal pads.

The set includes a built-in metronome, allowing you to play around with sounds and improve your skills. What may also be helpful in this sense is the Advanced Drum Module, which features 70 drum kits, 60 play-along songs, and 600 sounds!

Advanced Drum Module

Alesis Command

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Alesis Command

Alesis Command Kit stands out for its robust 8-piece composition and the addition of exclusive 10-inch mesh snare and 8-inch mesh kick features.

The features of the Command Kit’s Advanced Drum Module make for great learning and experimentation. This is not only thanks to the on-onboard songs, kits, and sounds, but also the metronome, as well as its ability to plug into your mobile phone so you can play along to your favorite tunes.

In addition, the many ports and outputs, one of which includes a USB MIDI, make for ease of use and further allows you to play around with other virtual music-making tools together with the features of the Alexis Command Kit.

A particularly great use of this is the ability to load your own .WAV samples, which can then be allocated to the zone of your liking. The simple, user-friendly interface of the module won’t complicate this process and in fact, will make you want to keep playing around with the sounds, kits, and samples.

Mesh Snare And Kick

One of the other attractive characteristics of the Alesis Command Kit is its mesh snare and kick – features exclusive to Alesis. Mesh – as opposed to rubber – is the preferred surface for most seasoned drummers. That’s because it provides a quieter acoustic experience but more importantly, it provides a great bounce.

Other Alesis Command Kit reviews have also cited the huge benefit of the set for people living in apartments or in any noise-sensitive environments where your sessions might annoy a neighbor or two.

And you don’t have to worry about hitting too hard either!

Solid Chrome Rack

Speaking of hitting too hard, a review of the Alesis Command Kit would not be complete without the mention of its sturdy, 4-post rack, all in chrome. This guarantees a steady play, meaning you can go hard without having to worry about breaking anything (in the set at least).

You’d think the rack being chrome packs on weight, but it comes in at a light 1.1 lbs, which is not bad considering it’s an 8 piece too.

Set Up Needs Some Work

The only downside for the Alesis Command Kit worth noting was the not-so-easy setup process, but this is not nearly enough to discount its sheer playing ability. It doesn’t help that the manual is not very explanatory, with mere diagrams without any real instruction.

Although, it’s fair to say that once the setup process is complete, there’s very little to complain about.


Having been brought to us by a name that can be trusted, and at an affordable price, the Alesis Command Kit is a great buy. With its features nicely suited to beginner drummers, I think that seasoned professionals could benefit from it too.

Its steady rack and mesh pads contribute to the feel of an authentic acoustic experience, which is a factor I’m sure appeals to the players who have been in this game for a while.

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