Beats Tour 2 Sports Wired Earphones Review – 2021

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In recent times, Beats Tour 2 Sports wired earphones has garnered a lot of applause for its quality and design. Delving deep into the capabilities of this amazing gadget would unravel a few facts that leave you quite surprised. Some of these abilities are quite unconventional and shatter several myths surrounding earphones.

A Deep Dive Into The Beats Tour 2

Beats Tour 2
Beats Tour 2 has been one of the most trending products of recent times, as far as earphones are concerned. This swanky accessory has got internet search engines abuzz and has garnered rave reviews over quite some time. A common reason being stated by customers is the product’s abilities, and how it has overcome several shortcomings of its predecessors.

The most noteworthy feature of the Beast Tour 2 is the way the ear tips have been designed, which is an enhancement over the previous variants of this product. They are also tangle-free, which would be a huge sigh of relief for many of you who’ve been at the receiving end of twisted wires.

It seems like the makers compiled several customer reviews and even studied the flaws of their earlier products before introducing this one. Although the aforementioned statement is an assumption while using the product the feeling that a comparative study might have been conducted cannot be ruled out.

These earphones belong to the mid-priced range of products manufactured by its maker, which in a way implies that its quality is significantly good. Considering its reputation, even among users who know little about its technical features, there’s probably no iota of doubt that the Beats Tour 2 is a long-lasting, durable accessory everyone wants.

The most common design flaw among most earphones over the years has undoubtedly been the fact that most earbuds weren’t angled to fit comfortably and tightly into the lobes. This is one of the most important reasons behind the Beats Tour 2’s popularity.

These earphones seem to be a treat for those of you who prefer a brighter sound since the product manages to deliver a significant amount of boom.

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Who’s It For?

The most noteworthy quality of the Beats Tour 2 earphones is that they are water and sweat-resistant, and has been marketed as a sports accessory. This fact implies that the Beats Tour 2 earphones are ideal for activities such as swimming and jogging.

Those of you who have been at the receiving end of conked earphones after a swim or sweating it out at the treadmill must definitely try these earphones. No moisture is really going to cause damage to this gadget.

The bright colors in which the product is available also compliment sports watches, jogging shoes, and track pants. So, if you happen to be a bit of a fashion-conscious person too, these earphones are worth flaunting while jogging in the neighborhood or running on the treadmill at the gym.

Color and appearance, in general, are more cosmetic reasons to justify why this product is a sportsman’s delight. The over-ear hooks and thick, tangle-free cables hint at how these earphones would be loved by athletes or fitness enthusiasts.

Tangling as well as issues of earbuds falling off, especially while running or exercising have been common problems and sources of most people’s complaints. Beats Tour 2 has effectively addressed this concern, which is probably why it is loved by so many people world over.

Although, more of a sportsman accessory, the Beats Tour 2 would leave most people looking for a great earphone absolutely delighted. If you happen to be a person who plugs in earphones, tunes into a playlist, and falls asleep on a couch, the probability of the earbuds not falling out of your ears after a twitch is quite high.

Unfortunately, most earphones available today are susceptible to damage or offer discomfort to an individual using them while lazing on the sofa. Probably you too have experienced this and even considered the idea of buying a wireless device quite recently. With the Beats Tour 2 you will experience more comfort instead.

What We Like About The Beats Tour 2

There are several reasons that would make you love this product, what we love the most about the Beats Tour 2 is undoubtedly its design. This fact alone makes these earphones a notch higher in terms of comfort as compared to other similar products available today.

A common notion surrounding earphones is that they don’t really sound as good as the much heavier and well-cushioned headphones and have limitations as far as audio quality is concerned. Amplifying the volume of these earphones doesn’t distort the sound much, which is another advantage that other products of its kind seldom offer.

Don’t let the sleek size and tiny ear tips make you underestimate this product’s abilities. The thump these earphones manage to deliver despite the small size is not any different from those huge headphones you usually wear while playing games or watching action flicks. Most importantly, if you happen to be a fan of music that’s bass-heavy then you should probably buy these earphones without a second thought.

If you order these earphones from Amazon, you would be backed by a 90-day guarantee, which should put an end to the concerns of receiving a dysfunctional product that wouldn’t last even a day.

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What We Don’t Like About The Beats Tour 2 wired Earphones

The Beats Tour 2 could disappoint you. It is definitely not one of those earphones that satisfy all possible quality benchmarks and are also cheap at the same time. You could even find a few low-end wireless headphones for the price.

However, if you happen to be a person, who’s relatively old-school and still loves wired earphones, the Beats Tour 2 is worth an investment, considering its feature set and design. Although a bit heavy on the pocket, it might last longer than several cheap earphones that may sound heavenly initially but would conk within a short duration.

Quite recently, the product was backed by Apple, which implies that these earphones are more tailored for different versions of the iPhone. This fact implies that switching between calls and tracks may not be quite easy when these earphones are used with Android-powered smartphones.

Despite being known as more of an Apple product now, the makers must probably try their best to make the Beats Tour 2 as smartphone-agnostic as possible and work towards making it compatible with a large number of smartphones.


  • Incredible design
  • Exceptionally good sound-quality, much better than most earphones available today
  • Package includes additional wingtips, a starter’s guide
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • 90-day renewed guarantee from Amazon


  • More Apple-centric
  • Expensive as compared to many earphones

What’s Included?

The Beats Tour 2 package includes quite a few interesting objects such as 3 pairs of ear-tips as well as 2 pairs of secure fit wingtips. Apart from these extras, Amazon is also backing these earphones with a 90-day renewed guarantee which implies it can be replaced for free and even troubleshooting assistance would be offered. So, you know exactly where to buy this product from if you want to be at an advantage.

The product would arrive at your doorstep in a hard-shell case which includes the earphones as well as other accessories, which implies there’s little susceptibility to external damage during shipment. The kit is quite worth an investment considering the other objects you get along with it in the box. That’s not all, you also get a cable management clip as well as a quick start guide that helps in using the product more effectively.

Overview Of  Wired Earphones Features

  • Design

The product has been making a lot of waves mainly for its incredible design. The aspect of the Beats Tour 2  wired earphones that deserves the first mention is its fit. Apart from the fact that the earbuds don’t slip away easily, the makers also provide removable wingtips which actually contribute to the sound quality and significant noise cancellation. The earbuds of the Beats Tour 2 are also angled keeping the ergonomics aspect in mind, which has largely been overlooked by several product manufacturers in the past.

As compared to the cylindrical wires, the flat structure won’t tangle so easily, probably that’s why the makers opted for such a design. The flat wires also lend an unconventional look to these devices.

The  wired earphones include a three-button remote which helps with track changes, switching to calls, and even increasing the volume effortlessly. iPhone users are more at an advantage while using this product since it is tailored for Apple devices.

The earpiece of these wired earphones is also designed to resemble the letter ‘b’, and the product is available in several colors including grey, black, red, blue, and neon yellow. The aforementioned features imply that the product is quite high on aesthetic appeal too, and doesn’t just offer great quality.

These earphones include a built-in mic that allows you to switch between calls and songs effortlessly. Some of you might have faced the inconvenient experience of removing your earphones during a phone call, which is a practice you won’t have to follow while using these wired earphones. The makers have tried their best to ensure the transition from a track you’ve been listening to an incoming phone call is as seamless as possible.

The tangle-free cable of the Beats Tour 2 is Y-shaped and includes a 3.5 mm jack, which is relatively thinner and can fit into just any smartphone.

  • Sound

A wide perception among users worldwide is that the sound quality of  wired earphones is relatively lesser than that of speakers and heavy headphones. However, the Beats Tour 2 easily proves this premise is wrong since it delivers a sound that’s exceptional to devices of its kind. Even while switching to higher volumes there’s little distortion in the quality.

  • Weight

The total weight of wired earphones is around 20 grams, which makes it relatively heavy as compared to other earphones. However, this slight heaviness also ensures this accessory doesn’t easily fall off the ears, unlike its competition.

  • Noise Cancellation

The cable of these wired earphones is flat in structure, which helps in achieving a fair bit of noise cancellation. Although it has been noticed that the product emits a bit of microphonic noise, the dissipation is negligible and doesn’t really make the product inferior in any way. The product is quite loud anyway, and the sound quality leaves little room for external ambient noises to seep in.

Review Summary

The Beats Tour 2 is quite an impressive product overall, and its design is nothing less than path-breaking. Using this product would break all your notions about earphones that have accumulated over the years. The most important aspect being the 90-day guarantee, which is sort of an assurance that you won’t feel cheated receiving a faulty product. It could be worn during physical activities such as cycling and jogging, and there’s little possibility of the product getting damaged.

However, the product is a bit on the pricier side, which is a factor to consider if you are looking for something economical or don’t intend to spend a dime on any accessory. The fact that the Beats Tour 2 is an iOS-friendly product is sort of a shortcoming since most accessory makers try introducing inventions that are device-agnostic.

This rigidity of the Beats Tour 2 should also be a reason that should make all of you, especially the Android smartphone users think whether these earphones are worth an investment.

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t really mind investing a good amount on a pair of earphones developed by a reputed manufacturer, you could probably invest in the Beats Tour 2. The sound quality, aesthetic appeal, and the 90-day guarantee are enough reasons to buy these earphones. And if you also happen to be a user of Apple products, there can’t possibly be a better product that meets your expectations.

We hope this detailed review of Beats Tour 2 wired earphones has proved to be quite useful for each of you pondering over its worthiness.

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