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Yantouch Diamond Review ​2024
Buying Guide and Information

The Taiwanese company, Yantouch, has taken wireless Bluetooth speakers to a whole new level.They have produced the world’s first portable Bluetooth speaker with the 3-in-1 "Music+Light+Wake" function boutique. The Yantouch Diamond 3 is sure to start conversations with its unique design and features. It is a great Bluetooth speaker but it also does much more than just play music.

If you are ready to step up your game when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, you should definitely check out the Yantouch Diamond 3. In this article, we will talk about this speaker’s features and what all it can do.

What Comes In The Box?

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  • The speaker itself weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 8 inches by 5.9 inches by 5.5 inches.
  • Cable with a 3.5mm Aux plug and USB plug on one end and a MiniUSB on the other end.
  • Velvet travel case
  • AC adapter
  • User manual

What All Does It Do?

Light. The first thing that will draw you to this speaker is the light. It can switch between a seemingly endless number of colors. You can set it to one of its many colors based on your mood at the moment. The diamond shape intensifies the color clarity. You can also set it so that it continuously changes color while you listen to your music.

Even when you are not using it to play music, you can use it to light up the room with the color of your choice. Choose one of the relaxing colors to light up a laid-back setting. Dim or brighten the lights to your liking.It is great to use indoors as well as outdoors. Ideal to use for camping. When you want to have more of a party feel, you can set it so that the light pulses to the beat of the song. You won’t just hear the music, you will see it!

Sound.This speaker isn’t just a pretty accessory. It holds its own in the sound department as well. It has a 2.1 speaker system which means that there are two speakers and a subwoofer. This means it not only provides a clear sound, but it will also produce a great bass sound.The 2 full -range drivers deliver a crisp, clear sound. The speaker itself is made from Neodymium materials which pack the power of a big speaker into a small, light-weight speaker. The result is a speaker that produces a crystal clear sound.

Sleep aid and alarm clock. For whatever reason, many of us find it difficult to fall asleep from time to time. This speaker can even help you to fall asleep more easily. The sunset simulator will light up the diamond to mimic the colors of a sunset, slowly dimming as you drift off to sleep. Fall asleep to relaxing tunes while you enjoy the calming colors of the sunset.

Does anyone really enjoy being awoken from a deep sleep by a loud, obnoxious sound? The sunrise simulation feature will help you to gradually awake from a deep sleep over a period of 30 minutes.Then you will hear the calming sound of canaries singing.

Download the free BedTimeSocial app to use these features. You can set it to fall asleep, or wake up to your own custom sounds. The BedTimeSocial app works with Android and iOS systems.

Other Features

  • Slot in the back to store the control. There are no controls on the speaker itself, so must you use the remote control to use the device.
  • Can stream from non-Bluetooth devices using the 3. 5mm Aux cable.
  • It comes in either black (Black Diamond) or white (Ice Diamond).
  • Uses 3.0 Bluetoothtechnology.
  • Connectivity range of up to 30-feet.
  • Uses a 1300mAh Li-polymer rechargeable built-in battery. It fully recharges in 4 hours.
  • 10-hours of continuous playing time when using “Tempo Light Mode”. When using the Flow/Mono feature or when the white light is on, playing time will be much less.


They have sure packed a lot into this small portable speaker. If you want something unique, this is a great option for you. They have designed it in a cool, futuristic way and with all of the different light features, it is much more than just a Bluetooth speaker- it is more like an experience. It has great sound quality as well. As an added bonus, it is very light-weight and easily portable.

The Yantouch Diamond 3 is on the expensive side so be sure that it is something that you will really use and enjoy.

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