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VAVA Voom Premium Review 2024

The onomatopoeic sound “Vava voom” is similar to the roar of an engine being started up. The hum of a motor as it prepares itself for a race. The Vava Voom is just like this, a small engine getting itself ready for the race ahead and, overall, it manages to win.

As I will show you in this VAVA Voom Premium Review, the Vava Voom Bluetooth speakers are a brilliant and affordable pair of speakers and would make a great addition to your sound system arsenal.



VAVA Voom Premium

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VAVA Voom Premium

Vava Voom Premium speaker comes equipped with a 10 hours battery life. The Voom manages to house a 20W sound system inside of it. This is comprised of a 10w subwoofer and two 5W drivers.

Vava has tried to create a Bluetooth speaker which is both affordable and powerful. Primarily, the speaker is designed to look great. Vava has said they have “infused [it] with a timeless design that blends in and complements every lifestyle.” This means that looks are obviously going to be one more of the most important features when it comes to assessing whether the Voom has lived up to its expectations.

But Vava has also tried to ensure the Voom is capable of producing rich and quality sound. This means that measuring sound quality cannot be forgotten.

VAVA Voom Premium Product Overview


The Vava Voom is nice. The unit itself comes with a black matte finish and despite being rather light for its size, the unit feels very sturdy. The build quality is definitely on-par with some of the more expensive options and it manages to keep this unit looking and feeling great.

The top of the speaker has seven buttons. These are for various control features such as power, music control (Volume) and Bluetooth options. This is great and gives the user complete control of what is happening to their music.

The front of the speaker, on the other hand, has nothing apart from a front speaker grill. There is no branding, just the sleek and slightly curved presence of the unit’s black exterior. The back of the speaker is similar, except for the presence of a few inputs for USB and power.

The design does live up to my expectations and it will make you feel you have one of the most premium Bluetooth speakers available on the market look wise.

Moving onto sound, the Voom manages to house a 20W sound system inside of it. This is comprised of a 10w subwoofer and two 5W drivers. The sound from these isn’t the loudest, but they are of a great quality. The unit also provides different listening options (EQ) depending on what type of environment you are in. Standard, Party and Surround can be selected by using a button on the top of the device.

The speaker comes equipped with a 10-hour battery life, which can also be used to recharge your mobile device. This is great if you’re ever stuck in an emergency situation. With a 6700 wAh capacity battery, it’s going to allow you to charge a standard mobile device over three times.

VAVA Voom Premium Pros and Cons


Design – The design is brilliant. A combination of modern minimalism and contemporary class, the look is much better than a lot of the competition.

Listening Modes (EQ) – This is a great feature which a lot of different speakers’ miss. The different options are another way to ensure that your music is as rich sounding as it possibly can be.

Inputs – This might seem like a silly thing to have as a positive for a Bluetooth speaker, but it really can come in handy. Having a USB port can help in case there is an emergency, or if you want to use the speaker with both a Bluetooth and a USB device. The connection options mean you aren’t going to be stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in. It also means you can charge your mobile device on the move.



Volume – The volume on these isn’t as strong as some of the alternatives. This is only a negative if you want this speaker to be used at a large party.

When looking at the Vava Voom, I sometimes wonder if Vava did think they were preparing for some kind of race. This little Bluetooth speaker is designed to compete and compete it does. It manages to knock most of the competition out of the ring in some of the most important areas. I have seen many other VAVA Voom Premium Reviews which have praised this guy on both looks and sound quality.

Overall, if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker which is going to provide you with a quality piece of kit, look no further; the Vava Voom will have you set.

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