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Pyle Aqua Review 2024

Taking a speaker swimming used to be the stuff of science fiction. Luckily, modern technology has meant that this is now a reality. As this Pyle speaker review will show, there is now a Pyle waterproof Bluetooth speaker on the market which can do just this.

This means that you can take the speaker with you when you go swimming whilst you leave your phone or tablet on dry land. Just be aware that the floating ability means you are going to have to sacrifice capabilities in some other areas.


Pyle Aqua

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Pyle Aqua

Plye Aqua speakers have a Bluetooth range of up to 32 feet.The battery area and charging port are hidden underneath a sealed compartment.

So, if you’re going to take a speaker swimming with you, you are probably going to need it to connect for a fairly long distance; hopefully the length of your pool or where you are going to swim. If it doesn’t have a very long wireless capability, you’re going to lose signal and so your music. You’ll then have to get out of the pool, reconnect your device to the speaker and restart your music; far too much hassle.

Secondly, because you will be in the pool the whole time, you’re probably going to want a way of controlling your music. This can be as simple as play/pause and skip buttons. In order to keep your device away from the water, you are probably going to end up in situations where you will want this control.

Battery life is probably not too important here; how long do you usually go for a swim for? I know that for me, after a while my skin will wrinkle and which tells me it’s probably about time for me to get out of the pool. Consequently, let’s place battery life at over 2 hours at least. Not great for all situations, but more than adequate for a swimming speaker.

Pyle Aqua Product Description

The Pyle waterproof Bluetooth speaker here does what it says on the package. It floats and it plays music quite well. Problems arise, however, when you ask it to do much more than that. The system is not particularly designed to hold up in other outdoor situations.

The speakers have a Bluetooth range of up to 32 feet. This is pretty standard but should be more than adequate if you want to keep your device outside of the pool and away from water. The speakers also come with several buttons on their exterior. This includes play, skip, power and volume buttons. This is actually more than a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers not meant for being used in water have. Pyle have considered the needs of water users, which means that you will not have to take your phone or tablet into the pool.

Another great feature is that the battery area and charging port are hidden underneath a sealed compartment. This is much better than a rubber cap. Whilst possibly more awkward to access the charging feature, it does make it much more secure in the water.

This is where the positives end in this Pyle speaker review; there is one big glaring problem with nearly all floating speakers. Unfortunately, I think floating speakers are much more of a gimmick than an actually practical product. They tend to make use of removable batteries which offer a much shorter single use battery life than alternatives. This product with only last for four hours on one charge. This is probably adequate for going swimming, but it’s not going to do much else.

Overall, this device is incredibly let down by its battery life.

Pyle Aqua Pros and Cons


Very Secure – The device is designed to be very secure and keep all the inside electronics safe from water damage.

Buttons – Buttons are integral for floating speakers like this. A lot of the competition forget to include these types of buttons, so their addition here is a great bonus.


Battery life – The battery life is a real problem for me with this speaker. It really highlights how impractical this speaker would be when compared to a lot of the non-floating alternatives.

As I said before, I think that Floating speakers are still more of a Gimmick than a real practical solution. After all, you can probably just use a speaker by the side of the pool and turn the volume up. The reason I think this is mainly because the heavily limited battery life.

Overall, if you really want a floating speaker, the Pyle PWR90DBK is a good option. However, if you just want a speaker and are intrigued by the floating capability, then it’s probably best to forget about it unless you are actually going to use it.

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