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Come see all of our reviews and buying guides for all of the portable bluetooth speaker products that we have reviewed over the years.

Yantouch Diamond Review 2020

Yantouch Diamond Review ​Buying Guide and InformationThe Taiwanese company, Yantouch, has taken wireless Bluetooth speakers to a whole new level.They have produced the world’s first portable Bluetooth speaker with the 3-in-1 “Music+Light+Wake” function boutique. The Yantouch Diamond 3 is sure to start conversations with its unique design and features. It is a great Bluetooth speaker […]

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Propel Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Review 2020

Propel Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Review Quick Navigation Propel Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Product OverviewPropel Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Pros and Cons When it comes to buying speakers, we all have different reasons for deciding what type of speaker we want. Well, the Propel Bluetooth waterproof self balancing speaker is for someone who wants their speakers to take […]

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Jabra Solemate: The Complete Breakdown and Review

Jabra Solemate: The Complete Breakdown And Review Quick Navigation Jabra Solemate Product Overview​Jabra Solemate Pros and Cons Finalist for Best Bluetooth Speakers w/ Subwoofers  Jabra is known for making quality products, and the Solemate is no exception. Having been founded in Utah in 1983, Jabra has continually provided superior products to people around the world. […]

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SoundBot SB517FM Review 2024

Soundbot SB517FM Review ​ Buying Guide and Information Quick Navigation Soundbot SB517FM Product Overview​Soundbot SB517FM Pros and Cons ​Soundbot have both speakers and the SoundBot bluetooth headphones. The SoundBot bluetooth headphones have seen much praise recently due to the low cost when combined with the attached sound quality. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, I feel […]

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