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NYNE Aqua Review ​2024Buying Guide and Information

Some people take music everywhere. At least, they want to. But there are some places where our music players just aren’t safe to go. Places like the pool, the hot tub, and the beach are places that hold too many dangers for our electronics.

People have started to tackle this issue. Brands are making speakers that can accompany you on all your adventures. A major factor in this new portability is the invention of Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows your devices to wirelessly connect to each other. They can transfer files, make hands-free phone calls, and, with speakers, stream audio. The NYNE Aqua is one of these Bluetooth speakers that can go virtually anywhere.

Criteria For A Waterproof Speaker

Nnyne Aqua

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Nnyne Aqua

The NYNE Aqua has a lot of nice features that the Ivation does not. The NYNE Aqua has a rechargeable, built-in battery, whereas the Ivation runs on 6 AAs

The word “waterproof” seems straightforward. It isn’t. In reality, “waterproof” can mean a range of different things. It can mean you can sweat on it at the gym and not worry. It can also mean your device will be completely functional while submerged underwater.

All “waterproof” electronics are tested to see how water resistant they are. They are then given an IP rating depending on their water resistance. IPX4, 5, or 6 means an item is splash proof to various degrees, by the item cannot go underwater. IPX7 or 8 means it is waterproof and can go underwater. Be sure to check the IP rating before throwing your “waterproof” speaker into the pool!

Bluetooth capability is also important. A speaker that can sit in the rain doesn’t do much good if it needs to be plugged into a device that is not waterproof. Being dustproof or shockproof is also nice in a waterproof speaker. Most waterproof speakers are portable, but the weight is worth looking at before buying. Battery life and charging time affect your enjoyment of your speaker, too. The last feature you might find is a microphone so you can enjoy hands-free calling.

NYNE Aqua Product Overview

The NYNE Aqua hits all the requirements of a portable speaker, and then some. It looks sleek. It has a thin, almost futuristic design. You can get it in grey or white, both with blue accents. The blue gives it the perfect feel for water.

This speaker is also IPX7 rated. This means it is waterproof in up three feet of water. It has a cool, modern design which allows it to float on the surface of the pool or hot tub. This is a nifty feature, but water can tend to dull Bluetooth signals, and does not allow sound to travel well. This leads the speaker to sound a bit muffled when played on the water. But speakers can only play underwater or above water. We do not yet have the technology to build affordable hybrid speakers. The sound quality of the NYNE Aqua is much better if you let the speaker rest by the pool or hot tub while you lounge.

The NYNE Aqua has a microphone, allowing you to take phone calls while you lounge in the pool. The speaker is capable of being left in the sun or floating in the hot tub without being destroyed with the heat. A carrying strap is included so you can hang the speaker in the shower or easily carry it over your shoulder.

It also comes with a traditional headphone jack and cable. This allows it to work with your old devices that don’t have Bluetooth. The headphone jack is hidden behind a waterproof flap, so it will not be ruined with water. The battery plays for up to ten hours, depending on the volume. It charges with any standard micro USB cable.

NYNE Aqua Pros And Cons

The Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker is widely considered to be the best floating speaker today. This is according to many review sites. So how does the NYNE Aqua live up to it?

The NYNE Aqua has a lot of nice features that the Ivation does not. The NYNE Aqua has a rechargeable, built-in battery, whereas the Ivation runs on 6 AAs. Replaceable batteries are outdated these days. They’re wasteful and expensive. Both run on standard Bluetooth, with responsiveness of about 30 feet. The Ivation brings blue lights to the table, which they say help you locate your speaker at night. I assume the music would lead you right to it, but the lights are still a cool touch.

A major difference between the two speakers is in floating sound quality. The Ivation is built like a ball, so the speakers are fully above water and project outwards. This speaker’s sound quality is not affected by floating on water. The NYNE Aqua is muffled when floating. It certainly cannot reach the volume the Ivation can on the water. However, this design makes the Ivation a little bulky and heavy. The Ivation can’t fit into the shower, unless you have an exorbitantly large shower. The sound quality seems to be a trade-off for the portability factor.

Ultimately, if you want to be able to take your speaker wherever you go, buy the NYNE Aqua. If sound quality is more important than portability, then the Ivation might be better. Just remember all the batteries you’ll need to power the lights on the Ivation.



The NYNE Aqua Floating Bluetooth Speaker is a great little speaker that is perfect for bringing anywhere. With a rechargeable battery and a built-in microphone, it has lots of convenient features. I wouldn’t recommend actually using it while floating, but it is great right next to the water or in the shower. If you want other options, check out our other picks in the pool speaker category.

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