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SML-385W Karaoke System Review 2024

SML-385W Karaoke

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SML-385W Karaoke

Karaoke SML-385W machines for kids should be able to hook up two microphones, so the kids can share. It should definitely be able to hook up to an external audio source through an auxiliary jack.

The Singing Machine is one of the most prevalent karaoke companies. They have possibly the most extensive collection of karaoke machines of all their rivals. This variety of options offered by Singing Machine ensures that there is a machine for everyone. Whatever the age of the user, the budget, or the features desired, Singing Machine is certain to have a karaoke machine for you!

Founded in California in 1982, Singing Machine has managed to evolve through the ages to deliver the ultimate karaoke experience on every platform. They have the old school CD+G players but also have created new Bluetooth machines. They have a reputation for quality products that are easy to use and last forever. Across the board, the customer has spoken: Singing Machine makes the best karaoke machines for kids.

Criteria For Kids’ Karaoke Machines

A karaoke machine for kids should suit the age of the children who will be using it. Smaller children will like something small and portable. Older children will be happy to be anchored to the TV, where they can read the lyrics. Older children will want access to a larger number of songs. Older children will also be able to operate a more complex machine, while small children will value simplicity and ease of use.

Karaoke machines for kids should be able to hook up two microphones, so the kids can share. It should definitely be able to hook up to an external audio source through an auxiliary jack. This will allow you to play songs from the internet for free, without needing a massive CD+G collection. A great karaoke machine will actually have Bluetooth, then it can stream the audio and the lyrics. Without Bluetooth, you will be stuck reading the lyrics off of your tiny screen, rather than the TV or the karaoke machine (if it has a screen).

SML-385W Karaoke System Review 2024 Overview

The SML-385W is a great machine for older kids, but your toddlers will probably have difficulty operating it. It is bulky, so your little ones can’t cart it around with them. It’s really designed to stay stationary and project lyrics onto an attached television. Little children won’t be able to read the lyrics anyway, and will prefer to cart it around. However, once your kids become a little older and can read, the SML-385W is a great option.

It has a CD+G player, but also an auxiliary jack for connecting other devices. Without Bluetooth, your connections will have to be wired. It comes with one microphone but has an extra microphone jack for duets. It has a bunch of voice controls that the kids will love. It has bright, colorful disco lights to make everyone feel like a star.

This Singing Machine plugs in easily to any television to show lyrics or blast the audio to new levels. It does work without being connected to the TV, but it doesn’t have its own screen. So the lyrics will not display without the TV. It has its own speakers which are surprisingly loud for a unit of its size and price, so you can sing along even without a television.

SML-385W Karaoke System Review 2024 Pros And Cons

The Singing Machine SML-385W is undoubtedly a well-built product. It takes all the aspects of karaoke and streamlines them easily through one device.

If you’re looking for a karaoke machine for toddlers, the SML-385W is probably not the machine for you. It does a lot of things, and the controls are a bit complex for a small child. However, older children will adore this device. It can certainly be enjoyed by adults, as well. It has the same basic functionality as a karaoke machine for adults, but the lights give it a youthful feeling.

It connects in a standard way and all the cables are included. The set-up is easy. The only way the connecting could be better is if the machine had Bluetooth. Bluetooth is pretty common in smartphones and TVs, but the technology hasn’t quite become standard in karaoke machines. So getting a machine with Bluetooth is going to be quite a bit more expensive, and probably out of the price range of what you want to spend on your kids.

The SML-385W is easy to operate. The buttons are well labelled and simple. However, small children will probably struggle, as there are a lot of things the machine can do. Therefore, this machine is probably best for kids over the age of seven or so.


The Singing Machine SML-385W is a wonderful way to breathe life into any party. I would highly recommend it to any household. However, just beware that it is probably not suitable for toddlers, or children who are too young to read.​


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Kapil Pramanick

Can this device remove vocal sound in music?


No. You will need to use a CDG (Compact Disk + Graphics) CDROM that has the instrumental + lyric information or use a software program on your computer such as Audacity to remove the vocals.

Jakob Hansen

Does this machine include a recording option?


Unfortunately, recording is not built-in to the machine. It does have RCA output jacks where you could connect it to an external device to record.

Joe Spencer

We recently bought a VIBE. Can we download and use songs other than from a subscription with Stingray?


It looks like the VIBE has bluetooth support as well as LINE IN support where you can import music from a phone or other device. If you don’t have the instruction manual still around check it out here. Let us know if it works out!


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