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Roland TD-1KV Review ​2024Buyer’s Guide and Info

The great thing about the Roland TD-1KV bundle is that it comes with all the essentials you need for making music on your own. This is ideal, especially if it’s your first kit and you’re still in the learning phase. The bundle includes the TD-1KV Electronic Drum Set, Drum Throne, Headphones, Drum Sticks, and 1/8 inch Audio Cable.

Roland td-1kv

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Roland td-1kv

Roland TD-IKV though, allows you to experiment within 15 different musical styles, from blues, electronic, rock, pop and many more.

Even for experienced musicians, this is a worthwhile deal, and the specs of the set make it a quality product you can’t ignore. For those of you accustomed to acoustic, this piece of equipment supports basic acoustic drumming techniques, including cymbal choke, advanced Hi-hat playing and the PDX 8 V pad supports that with an electric snare drum feel.

Clean, Simple Lines

Just glancing over the Roland TD-1KV itself (or any other sets in the range for that matter), gives you a clear indication of its simple design. You almost get the sense that nothing is there that shouldn’t be there, and that’s one of my favorite things about this set. It’s definitely one of its stand-out features in my opinion. I mean, it’s hard enough trying to learn the art without having to get bogged down in the details!

Expose Yourself To Diverse Musical Styles

Seasoned drummers may have their specific style that they stick to no matter what – this common with acoustic drum sets. The TD-IKV though, allows you to experiment within 15 different musical styles, from blues, electronic, rock, pop and so much more.

Not only is this great for learning, but it exposes you to styles you might have never dabbled in otherwise. And the switch is as simple as the touch of a button. This bring us to the fact that the TD-1KV is a particularly good choice for self  taught musicians to further their training. Forget tutors’ extra costs, this set has got you covered!

Learn As You Play

Another feature that stands out amongst reveiws of the Roland TD-1KV is its range of tools that facilitate learning. Whether you’re a first-timer or just wanting to improve your technique, this set is packed with features that make learning fun – from the built-in metronome, the special Coach mode, pre-set songs in the sound module, to its ability to let you play with songs from your phone via the Mix In jack.

Add to this the ability to play discreetly, since those headphones are snugly plugged in! This solves the age-old conundrum of learning at home – the part where you annoy everyone around you.

Luckily the TD-1KV can give you the same play, learning ability awesome functions and confine it to your listening alone. This, along with the noise-reducing design of the cymbal pads, tom and snare, are features I know would come in handy for any self-conscious musician with the slightest amount of respect for their neighbors and house-mates!

Build On Your Set As Your Skills Improve

If you’re wondering about the sustainability of a set that has a big focus on beginner players, you’ll be happy to know that you can tweak your Roland TD-1KV set according to your level of play. Before you get too excited, these are optional extras that don’t come with the original set, but trust me, you will only need to add them on as you advance anyway.

So, instead of purchasing a new drum set, you can simply add and/or swap parts that are generally used in more advanced Roland drum sets. Add-ons include extra cymbals, kick pedals and drums, as well as drum monitors, noise eaters and cymbals pads. If you’re investing in a drum set, you may as well ensure it has longevity, and what better way to do that than being able to modifying your set as you progress?

Plug In And Record

This review of the Roland TD-1KV would not be complete without mention of its ability to easily plug into your computer, via a simple, single, USB cable. This provides seamless integration with any music software you may have installed on your PC or Mac, and of course, ease of recording.


You can’t go wrong with Roland TD-1KV drum set, particularly if this is your first investment in electronic drumming equipment. Its components like the throne, sticks, headphones and cables are a huge plus, especially if you’re starting out – get ‘em all in one go!

The fact that the set can be tailored according to your own pace and progression also helps a lot in terms of motivating you to do better, and I can say that this is the set you would want to grow with – your wallet will agree too. If you want to see the alternatives to this drum set check out our dedicated resource on the best electronic drum kits.

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