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Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player Review 2024

If you are looking to purchase a record player in today’s modern times, you are not alone. Turntables are retro devices that have come back into fashion and are currently highly sought after for their one-of-a-kind qualities. Electrohome is a leading manufacturer of record players that has been in existence since 1907 and preserves a unique vintage essence in their currently available line of turntables. Due to the fact that Arthur Bell Pollock, the company’s creator, initiated the brand with the production of what were then called phonographs, Electrohome has over a century of record player experience. Loved by purists and modern consumers alike, Electrohome products offer outstanding quality coupled with an upscale, nostalgic style that is unmatched by all other competitors in the field. This record player review will detail the characteristics of the Winston Vinyl Record Player, a highly rated and popular Electrohome product with numerous benefits for all music lovers.


Electrohome Winston

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Electrohome Winston

Electrohome Winston model has an internal stereo speaker system set inside of a genuine wooden cabinet for a rich quality of sound.

Before you purchase a record player, there are many factors to take into account. Look at what material the turntable is made out of. Two of the most common materials are wood and plastic. Wood is found in high-end turntables, as well as in some of the best vinyl record players on the market. Not only does it add a classic touch, but it also has a shock-absorbing quality, allowing for clearer audio. Plastic is found in less expensive products, but weighs much less than wood, allowing for increased portability.

Record players are either 2- or 3-speed. 2-speed turntables can spin 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM records. 3-speed records can accommodate the standard two speeds plus an additional speed of 78 RPM, which is required for records made several decades ago. Turntables can also be automatic or manual. With automatic players, the needle is placed on and taken off of the record by pressing a button. The user must complete these actions by hand with a manual player.

In this day and age, you should consider the level of technology included in record players as you shop. Many models now have the capability to convert music from records into digital audio clips, often through the use of a built-in USB port. Some players include a fully analog system which comes with a pre-installed digital music collection. Depending on your needs, these features can be very beneficial.

Turntable models often differ in the setup of their sound systems. Record players can either have an internal sound system or the capability to connect to an external sound system. An internal sound system is very convenient, with speakers included in the record player itself. Some products do not have internal speakers, and instead allow you to connect your own personal speakers, stereos, or amplifiers. While this arrangement is not as convenient, external audio devices often project more powerful audio.

Keep the above criteria in mind as you read through record player reviews to maintain a clear image of what you are looking for.

Electrohome Winston Product Overview

The Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player stands apart from the rest with its genuine retro design. An authentic wood veneer cabinet and classic backlit rotary -turner dial give this product an unparalleled vintage charm. Despite its old-fashioned look, the Winston includes multiple advanced features. As a “3-in-one” system, this model plays not only vinyl records, but also CDs, and includes an AM/FM radio. Also, an auxiliary input allows you to connect any personal audio device, even your smartphone or tablet.

The Winston turntable is fully automatic and has a 3-speed capability to accommodate all types of records. The system boasts internal stereo speakers encased in a genuine wood cabinet for rich, hi-fi sound. Also, a “diamond tipped” ceramic needle is gentle on your records and allows for superior audio.

This Electrohome original comes in two varieties. The included USB port for the latter model allows you to record any vinyl record to MP3 format, without the need to connect to a computer.

Electrohome Winston Pros And Cons

The Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player is superior to its competitors in more ways than one. Not only is the 3-speed, but this product also includes the capability to play CDs, connect to any audio device through an auxiliary input, and offers an AM/FM radio.

The Winston model has an internal stereo speaker system set inside of a genuine wooden cabinet for a rich quality of sound. The classic wooden design combined with a retro backlit display and rotary-turner dial give this model a special vintage flair. It is nearly impossible to find a product with a higher-quality, more beautiful design than this Electrohome bestseller.

The only downfall of this turntable model would be for those looking for either a portable device or a sleek, modern design.  Wood is very heavy, and at 15 pounds, this record player is not nearly as portable as other models available. Also, the Winston is most definitely old-style in its aesthetic. But, it includes just as many, if not more, innovative technical features as the most progressive turntable products.


Record players are old-school devices, having been invented in the late 1800s. Electrohome prides itself on being a brand to uphold the wonderful classicism of the traditional turntable, while simultaneously utilizing the most advanced technology available. The Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player is one of the most exquisitely designed, technically-equipped, and all around best record players on the market today. Music-lovers of all kinds can enjoy the many benefits that the Winston has to offer.

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