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Tribe TRB Review 2024

Bluetooth earbuds have become a popular device in the modern age, combining the functionality of a Bluetooth headset with the convenience and comfort of earbuds. With these progressive headphones, you can take business calls while at the gym, in a car, or even walking down a busy street. Tribe is a manufacturer of all types of high-tech fitness gear designed to simplify your workout. This brand’s TRB Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Fitness Headphone Earbuds are a bestseller on, with the majority of their 2,137 customer reviews giving the earbuds 5 stars. Keep reading this Bluetooth headphone review for a full run-down of this product’s many valuable features.


Tribe TRB

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Tribe TRB

Tribe TRB Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Headphones are designed with athletes in mind, so they include several features for ease and simplicity of use during exercise.  If you plan to use your Bluetooth headphones in loud public places, this characteristic should be a top priority.

There are many features included in different models of Bluetooth headphones that you should keep in mind. Firstly, consider the sound quality. A product with excellent audio will emit clear sound with minimal background noise. The reduction of unwanted sound is often achieved through noise cancellation technology and an effective microphone. Some products even include multiple microphones, with one to pick up the sound of your voice and another to control background noise. If you plan to use your Bluetooth headphones in loud public places, this characteristic should be a top priority.

Many people enjoy the benefits of a Bluetooth headset as they exercise. In this case, you will need to carefully consider how they will fit you. Earbuds usually mean a comfortable earpiece; look for products with multiple size options for the best possible fit. Many Bluetooth headsets have ear hooks to keep the device secure. Factors that can undermine the comfort of headphones are dangling cords or painful pressure points. Review the design of Bluetooth headsets to make sure that they will stay firmly and comfortably on your ears.

While many people use Bluetooth headsets to make and receive calls, the ability to listen to music is also included in most devices. Especially if you plan to use the headset while working out, being able to enjoy your music is a great perk. Look for playback keys in both the left and right earpieces to access your music library with ease.

The battery life of Bluetooth headphones is a very important to factor to consider, as it will determine the length of time that the device can be in use. Typically, a larger headset allows for an extended battery life. Consider the size of device you desire, (smaller options are better for use during exercise), and the amount of time that the headset needs to be in use for.

Bluetooth headphones are ideal for busy multitaskers, as the device allows your hands to be free as you talk on the phone. Models with voice control offer exceptional convenience, as you can omit the use of control keys and initiate actions with only your voice. Not every Bluetooth headset includes this advanced feature, but it allows the user to be completely hands-free.

Tribe TRB Product Overview

The Tribe TRB Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Headphones are designed with athletes in mind, so they include several features for ease and simplicity of use during exercise. This pair of earbuds is one of the most affordable options available, ranking as the #1 Bestseller in the Wireless Headset Microphones and Systems category on Amazon.

The TRB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones boasts crisp, clear, sound quality with CSR chip technology. The built-in microphone allows for you to wirelessly take calls. A “Play/Pause” button is located on the side of the device to control the call function. This button is also used to control sound as you listen to music.

These Tribe bestselling headphones feature a powerful lithium-ion battery. Despite the small size of the device, this battery lasts for up to eight hours of consistent use. A USB charging cable is included with the product.

As a fitness-centric brand, Tribe has made fit a high priority for the TRB Bluetooth headphones. The device comes with 3 different sets of silicone earpieces, as well as 2 separate support loops, to guarantee that you get the right fit. The loops stabilize the earbuds by tucking under the ear lobe, ensuring that the headphones won’t fall out, even during an intense workout.

The TRB 4.1 headphones weigh just 2.4 ounces, and are built to last through long periods of strenuous movement. Tribe also includes a lifetime warranty with this product, guaranteeing a full refund or replacement in the event of dissatisfaction.

Tribe TRB Pros And Cons

The Tribe TRB Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Fitness Headphones offer exceptional functionality, especially considering that they sell for under $12. And, as an Amazon bestseller, you can trust that thousands of customers have been satisfied with this product.

While many other small Bluetooth earbuds offer minimal battery strength, the battery of the TRB headphones will last through even your longest workouts. The CSR sound technology ensures that your music and in-call audio will be clear and strong. Although this Bluetooth device does not include voice control, the built-in “Pause/Play” button makes receiving and ending calls simple.

It can be difficult to workout intensely with earbuds, as they often do not stay in place. These Tribe headphones offer a variety of earpieces and ear loops to fit your unique shape. These headphones are also very lightweight, which allows for even further comfort while on the move.

Tribe is a company which specializes in fitness gear. With this expertise, you can be sure that the TRB headphones will last through extreme exercise, even outdoors. For those planning to use Bluetooth headphones in stationary situations, such as at an office or in the car, these Tribe earbuds might not be the best choice. However, for all types of active individuals, this product will perfectly satisfy their needs.


The Tribe TRB Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Fitness Headphones are designed to withstand an active lifestyle. The many features of these Bluetooth earbuds, such as the specialized ear loops and extended battery life, are ideal for use during exercise. The TRB 4.1 Bluetooth headphones are an excellent choice for athletes wanting affordable and durable earbuds.

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