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Play X Store Stereo Headphones Review ​2024​​​​​

The rise of wireless Bluetooth headphones was always inevitable. The challenges that were once faced by wireless headphone have since been overcome, and the market reflects this. Wireless headphones were once associated with poor sound quality, and oh how this have been addressed. Modern day wireless Bluetooth headphones have gone leaps and bounds in terms of sound quality and design. Depending on preference wireless speakers are usually produced in either earbud or over ear forms. Many have associated over ear headphones with comfort over earbud headphones, but things have changed. Earbuds provide the benefits of being lightweight, small to store whilst being able to produce high-quality sound equal to over ear headphones unlike before.

Play X Store Buying Guide

What you need to know before deciding which Bluetooth headphones are right for you.

Product Design

Play X Store Stereo Headphones

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Play X Store Stereo Headphones

Play X Store Stereo Headphones built-in Omni-Directional Electret Condenser microphone that produces high quality sound whether you’re taking calls or blasting your favorite tracks.

Is the product proven to be comfortable?Usually, popularity will be a good indicator of this, also if you have previous experiences with different designs this will influence your choice. The market has since switched from regular earbuds to in-ear earbuds back to traditional and sports earbuds. Regular earbud popularity skyrocketed with the release of the recent apple earbuds (since the release of iPhone 6).

Price Vs. Features

Can you justify the price in comparison to the included features?In the modern market, earbuds range in price from $5 for the mass-produced headphones to the top of the range earbuds, which can fetch over $300.

Modern earbud features should include:

  • Compatible with cell phones and other Bluetooth devices.
  • Easy access controls with play/pause (and call answer), volume control and next/previous track buttons.
  • High-quality built-in microphone
  • Metallic lock feature for earbuds to stay securely around your neck
  • High-quality stereo sound
  • Waterproof (usually sweat proof)


Does this product make your life easier?This is a must for wireless headphones, why would you purchase a wireless headphone instead or a regular headphone if there were no practical benefits on offer. A good wireless earbud should be lightweight for comfort and tangle free to lengthen product life and for convenience. Many choose to purchase a wireless earbud headphone over a regular earbud headphone as long as it can match or exceed standard features offered in regular earbuds whilst providing a high standard of practicality.


Is there adequate warranty to ensure Quality Control?Your chosen headphones, which are also, an investment should be secured with warranty in case of any faults or damages occur. Warranty should be no less than 1 year.

Play X Store Wireless Headphones Overview

So What’s On Offer?

What makes this product stand out, is its similarity with the apple earbud design which boasts proven comfort by many regular apple earbud users, with additional features of course. This product offers a more versatile, practical and lightweight Bluetooth wireless headphone.

This product is jam packed with the all the features you would expect to see in a quality wireless Bluetooth speaker such as a control for play/pause, answer calls, and next/previous track buttons. It has a built-in Omni-Directional Electret Condenser microphone that produces high quality sound whether you’re taking calls or blasting your favorite tracks. This product is highly practical with a non-slip wireless cord making these bad boys perfect for those who like taking long walks or those pushing to the limits at the gym or playing a sport. This product has up to 8-hour music time and 1-3 days standby time, perfect for those who are on the run to the gym and don’t have time to stop and charge every day.


  • Tangle-free cord​
  • You can keep your phone safely stashed whilst having the freedom of being hands-free
  • It has a similar design to the apple earbuds providing proven comfort
  • Product is sweat proof, perfect for those hard workouts
  • Easy access controls to answer calls, control volume and songs as well as a microphone


  • Battery-run so it needs to be charged after 8 hours, not as convenient for long travel compared to non-charge headphones​
  • Not submersible waterproof, note this product can only stand small drips and sweat
  • Undisclosed Warranty: the hassle of contacting the supplier for paperwork.

My Wrap Up

Simply the pros outweigh the cons. All in all, I find this product to be comfortable, packed with features and practicality for a very modest price and this is exactly why it’s slowly breaking through the market at a cheaper cost. If you didn’t find what you needed, check out the other competitors in the wireless earbud arena.

I highly suggest checking out this product when you’re choosing a wireless Bluetooth headphone.

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