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Bacron Bluetooth 4.0 Review 2024

Working out has never been so important as it is today. With our modern lifestyles, we spend way too much time sitting. But getting off the couch can be so difficult! I know I need music to inspire me to stay on the treadmill.

As crucial as music is to a workout, headphones can be such a burden. Wires get tangled. Sweat seeps into the cracks and destroys them in a week. So today companies make earbuds specially for sports. They run on Bluetooth for a wireless connection. They’re also sweat-proof for longevity. Luckily, sports earbuds have become so affordable lately that anyone can have a pair.


Bacron Bluetooth

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Bacron Bluetooth

Bacron charging time of only an hour and the deep sleep mode is also a wonderful touch that does a lot to extend battery life.If you’re looking for a high quality, great performance earbud, it might not be the one for you. But if you want an affordable pair of sport headphones that do the job, they are an excellent choice.

There are a few basics that all sport earbuds need to conform to. They must have Bluetooth and must be sweat-proof. Otherwise, they’re not really made for sports. A really important factor is the battery life. You need to make sure your headphones can last the length of your workout. You also may want something you can charge every few days, rather than every night.

Your sport earbuds should have a built-in microphone. If they do, then you can wirelessly answer calls that come in and not interrupt your workout for a call. Never miss an important call again!

With wireless earbuds, you should be able to control your music directly on the earbuds. It seems counter-intuitive to have earphones that are wireless if you have to grab your phone every time you want to adjust the volume or skip a song.

Comfort is super important. If you will have them in your ears for a long period, they need to be comfortable. And they cannot be falling out of your ears constantly. Therefore, the fit must be both comfortable and secure.

The last, and probably most important, feature to look for is sound quality. You don’t want rattling bass or tinny treble. It defeats the purpose of working out with music if you can’t really rock out to booming bass beats.

Bacron Bluetooth Product Overview

The Bacron Bluetooth 4.0 Lightning Headphones are one of Amazon’s best-selling sport earbuds. They are small, with a flat cord connecting the two earbuds. The cord is a cheerful blue that matches blue accents on the buds themselves. They are sweat-proof for intense workouts.

Bacron installed magnets into the earbuds. This allows them to be worn around the neck when not in use. This is a nice touch to prevent you from losing the earbuds when they are not in your ears.

The Barcon Lightning Earphones are able to connect to two devices simultaneously. This is useful for those of us who do not store our music on our phones. We can stream music from one source while receiving calls from our phones. This ensures you don’t miss important calls but still stream music during your workout. The built-in microphone allows you to take calls directly from the earbuds.

The battery life on the Bacrons is about four hours. It includes 180-hours standby time. It also has an deep sleep function. They switch to a low power mode when out of range of their paired device. If you’re like me and forget to turn your electronics off, this can be a life saver.

The earbuds have buttons to control play, pause, skip and volume. The buttons are compatible with most portable devices.

Bacron Bluetooth Pros And Cons

The Bacron Bluetooth 4.0 Lightning Earphones appear to cover most of the basics required for sport headphones. They have Bluetooth connectivity and are sweat-proof. They have a microphone and control buttons.

As for fit, the Bacrons are small and lightweight for long-term comfortable wear. They have ear stabilizers that keep them securely in your ears. The magnets are an added bonus that increase convenience.

The Bluetooth is not particularly strong. It is easily obstructed by distance or barriers. The dual channel connectivity is a great bonus that helps boost the Bluetooth. The fact that the buttons are compatible with most devices is nice.

The four-hour battery life is a little on the short side of comparable models. But it will last longer than a typical workout. If you’ll be using them for an extended time, like a work day, it will not be enough. The charging time of only an hour begins to make up for this. The deep sleep mode is also a wonderful touch that does a lot to extend battery life.

The microphone allows for hands-free calls. The microphone leaves a little to be desired. It does not always have the best receptivity. You will have to speak very loudly to be heard. The microphone can also be severely limited in loud environments.

Sound quality is sufficient. The bass is strong, and the balance is nice. But the sound quality is a bit outdated for the times.


Although they are lacking in many areas of quality, they cover all the basics very well. At the price, they are a bargain. If you’re looking for a high quality, great performance earbud, it might not be the one for you. But if you want an affordable pair of sport headphones that do the job, they are an excellent choice.

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