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Step-by-step Guide on How to Tune a Ukulele

In the world of instruments, stringed instruments are unique in different ways. If you consider clarinets, flutes, saxophones, and other horn instruments, they all have a fixed tuning. Hence, you can’t alter it physically. However, the stringed instruments are not like this. String instruments such as guitar, violin, ukulele, etc., need to be tuned manually. […]

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Best Fender Telecaster Guitars 2022: Our Top 5 Picks

The Fender Telecaster is a classic design that is employed in a variety of genres such as country, rock, and pop music. Because of its success, the Telecaster, also known simply as the Tele, has inspired numerous manufacturers other than Fender to create similar-looking guitars. The copycat Telecasters seem identical, but they are frequently less […]

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SoundCloud Promotion: How to Promote on SoundCloud

The biggest pain of a musician, like any other artist, is to fade away unnoticed. All musicians want their work to be a chartbuster. They want to be discovered on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and now SoundCloud. But for the less marketing savvy musicians, promotions can be difficult, especially for SoundCloud.  Perhaps, every musician online […]

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Best Album Covers of All Times that You Should Know

The simple album cover is becoming something of a lost art with the growth of streaming music. However, the music of a generation, era, and even an entire pop genre are sometimes all defined by truly famous album covers rather than just by the albums they represent. The role an album cover has in popularizing […]

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Apple AirPods Max vs Sony WH-1000XM4- Which One Should You Buy?

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Headphone market has a new competitor: Apple AirPods Max. Until now, the Sony WH-1000XM4 has been supreme with over 29,000 4+/5 stars ratings. While Sony WH-1000XM4 was launched in August 2020, the AirPods Max arrived later on December 15, 2020. But the WH-1000XM series has been reigning in customers’ minds […]

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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022: A Detailed Review

Whether you love football or not, you must have heard about the Super Bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League. Every year over 100 million people around the world keenly wait to tune in to the deciding match of the NFL season. But if you are thinking it is just for watching the […]

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