How to Find the Best Subwoofer Brands for You

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What’s The Best Car Subwoofer For You?

You’ve decided you want to upgrade your car’s stock sound system. You’ve had a look at the market and it seems like there is just such a huge range of options out here. You have no idea what which options are the best car subwoofer brands, or what type you are going to need in the first place.

Well, first of all, you are going to be limited by your car. What is the make? What is the model? Does it have much space and where is that space located? It’s not good enough to just know the subwoofer brands and what the best car subwoofer brands are. You need to know what type of speaker is going to fit and function to the best of its ability.

Here are the main things you are going to need to focus on when it comes to selecting which speaker is best for you.

You Want Something Which Fits With Your Car

So you want something which blends in with your car’s interior. This means you are going to have to find a company which makes something specifically for your car’s make and model. There are a lot of different brands which do this, and they usually will only focus on some makes and models. If you chose to go this way, it’s probably best to search for your car’s make or model and go from there.

You Want Something Which Is Simple To Install

You don’t want the hassle of having to install the speaker into an enclosure and then into your car. You just want a speaker already in an enclosure, which is going to be able to improve your car’s sound system with a lack of effort involved. You are going to want to find an enclosed sub. These speakers are, indeed, much easier to install, but you are going to be limited when it comes to choosing your style and size. Brand-wise, there is also a huge selection, but try to stick to more established brands such as Pyle, Kicker and Pioneer.

You Want Something Which Is Going To Give You More Power

You want power, you want force, you want people to hear you coming from a mile off. You are looking for a powered speaker. These speakers are loud and manage to pump out sound at a higher level than the small alternatives. Powered speakers are, as the name implies, powerful, but they will use up a lot of energy. Moreover, because of their size, they are much heavier. This means you’re going to have to stop at the gas station for refills much more frequently. Good brands for this type of speaker are Orion and DC18.

You Want Something Which Is Going To Save On Space

Saving space when it comes to decent car speakers is actually very easy, but you are going to miss out on some of the performance specs of the larger products. If you are looking to save space, you should probably go with an under seat subwoofer. These are designed to fit in smaller areas (such as under a car seat) and some of them are surprisingly powerful, despite being less than 10 inches. Pyle is one of the best car subwoofer brands when it comes to the under seat subwoofer. They are reliable and can be cost effective. Kicker is also a good and safe choice. Make sure that when you buy an under seat subwoofer, it will fit. Not all of them are designed for small cars.

You Want Maximum Personalization

When it comes to personalization, you are going to need to buy a subwoofer and an enclosure, or Subwoofer box. Without this box, your subwoofer isn’t going to sound great. You are also going to need to invest in an external amplifier and make sure you have enough power in your car so the system actually works correctly. Checking the wattage of the system is incredibly important here. If you are looking for more power, this is probably the way to go, as the more specialized brands such as Orion and DC18 tend to provide enclosure-less speakers. This is also the most complicated option and is probably best left until you have some more experience with the easier to install options above.

Choosing the best subwoofer for you comes down to what you need the most. There is a huge selection of subwoofer options, but the first step is narrowing that down to which type you are going to need. The second step is researching what the best subwoofer brands for that type are. From here, you can select design styles and start to put together a system for your car. If you want to ensure your speakers are producing the best sound they can, it is also important to make sure you have a quality head unit installed in your dashboard. This will generate the information which will be sent to the speakers before they, in-turn, convert it into sound.

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