The Top Men’s Running Blogs to Follow Today

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If you are a proud runner, you know that there are countless blogs about running on the Internet today, all aiming to motivate and inspire fitness lovers everywhere. There are bloggers from all walks of life, each with their own unique personality and approach to running to share with their readers. Read on to discover eight of the best running blogs on the web today.


Ian Sharman is an Oregon-based, United Kingdom-born coach of ultrarunning and runner for Altra Running. As the director of the Altra US Skyrunner Series, Ian has invaluable knowledge and experience in the realm of Ultra running, which is central to the idea of constant improvement, as well as strategic training and racing. On his blog he recounts the details of his races and provides thoughtful insights into the world of Ultra running.


The Runner Dad

This blog is an excellent resource for every aspect of running, with fitness advice, motivational material, and interviews with professional runners, all delivered from the unmatched perspective of a father. While information tailored to parents who run is a major part of this blog’s identity, the wealth of information provided is great for anyone. Compiled in a visually attractive and well-organized site, “The Runner Dad” should be on every runner’s must-read list.

Brian’s Running Adventures

In this charming blog, Brian tells his tales of Ultra and marathon running as a normal, relatable guy. This blog provides entertaining, informative, and casual posts with a sense of humor for the everyday runner. Brian loves running as part of a balanced lifestyle; he acknowledges that you don’t have to win races to enjoy the many benefits that running has to offer.

Old Man Running

“Old Man Running” is a wholly original blog which shares the running philosophy and motivational techniques of Allen, an 80-year-old man who has 42 years of running and walking experience. Having trained intensively for decades and completed four marathons, Allen has a wealth of valuable information to share. His blog includes short, simple, diary-style posts outlining his everyday fitness schedule, supplemented by content from guest bloggers and helpful links. This blog is a must-follow for runners desiring to sustain a long and happy career.


Run Bulldog Run

“Run Bulldog Run” is a popular and easy-to-navigate blog for runners and running fans everywhere. Its owner and creator, Steve Speirs, has been running competitively since 1982, achieving several wins and other successes along the way. The content of his blog includes overviews from race experiences, training tips, and reviews of awesome products (especially shoes) for runners. This blog’s quality information and professional design rank it among the best running blogs out there.

Rubbish Runner

Ireland-based runner Thomas describes his running experiences in this enjoyable “Diary of a Rubbish Marathon Runner”. Contrary to the title’s suggestion, Thomas is an experienced competitive runner with valuable insights to share for people everywhere. This top-awarded blog also includes a helpful sidebar which displays his personal stats and history, current training plan, and an overview of his latest training session in the “Training Widget”.


“RunnerDude’s Blog” is an all-encompassing resource for runners of all kinds. From workouts and weekly exercises to injury prevention techniques and interviews with prominent runners, the material provided on this blog will set you up for success, both in training and during races. Thad McLaurin, the creator of “RunnerDude”, has built an expansive guide full of varied and informative content to help you reach your fitness goals. This blog has also become an online community, providing an opportunity for runners to suggest new post topics and for businesses to promote their products.

Big Andy’s Running

Big Andy’s Running

Andy started this blog to share his heartening weight loss journey with us all. Through running and careful nutrition, he was able to lose 130 pounds in two and a half years. Though he has stopped posting regularly on this blog, it remains an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration for people everywhere looking to improve their health. The content includes detailed personal accounts of his efforts and progress, product reviews, and varying other posts relevant to his running experiences. Andy’s incredible story is a must-read for anyone seeking motivation and hope.

Running is one of the most popular and accessible forms of exercise in the world today. Whether you are a committed competitive runner, run for fun with your friends and family, or use running as a tool for weight loss, there are a number of fantastic blogs on the Internet for you to refer to. Each unique blog will allow you to gain knowledge and inspiration from the world of running. Start by checking out the above eight sites; they are some of the best online sources for significant and engaging content created by experienced runners.


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