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Our Picks For The Top Children’s Music Blogs

​If you are the parent of a young kid, you likely understand the enormous positive impact that the arts can have on your child and his or her future. Music is one highly accessible outlet through which you can get your children excited about the arts. The Internet is an excellent tool for finding great music that you can enjoy with your children, as well as for learning more about the musicians behind these wonderful songs. This article will detail 11 of the best children’s music blogs around today, as well as give you some background on the owners of these awesome sites. Introducing kid-friendly music into your children’s lives will be a significant contributor to their development, not to mention a whole lot of fun for the entire family.

Patty Shukla Kids Music

Patty Shukla

As a lifelong musician, performer, and mother of three young children, Patty Shukla knows just how to capture an audience of kids with her playful tunes. Available through several outlets including CDs, online downloads, Youtube videos, apps and more, Patty Shukla’s songs are designed to help your children enjoy educational topics so that they can learn faster in school. With actual preschool and elementary school curriculum serving as inspiration for the content of her songs, Shukla’s music will supplement what your kids are learning in school seamlessly. Patty Shukla’s blog is a perfect representation of the fun, light hearted spirit that comes across in her songs, and well as the professionalism with which she runs her business. On the blog you will find posts introducing new music, tips for sending your kids to school, imaginative curriculum ideas for teachers, and much, much more. Shukla has an incredible ability to appeal to young kids in a way that makes them excited to learn; her blog is a terrific resource for youth education that all parents with small children should utilize.

Children’s Music: Songs Of Singing Bird

Linda Kay Burk

Linda Kay Burk, owner of the blog “Children’s Music: Songs of the Singing Bird”, is a singer-songwriter who brings positivity and joy to children and families through her cheerful, encouraging music. With themes including hope, empowerment, stress relief, optimism, and more, Linda Burk’s songs are made to inspire children to appreciate life’s many gifts and cultivate a feeling of positivity. Her music isn’t exclusively for children, however–people of all ages will appreciate Linda’s uplifting work. On Linda’s blog you will find an assortment of wonderful content; whether she is sharing the inspiration behind a new song or providing a preview for one of her works of literature, this blog is sure to brighten your day.

Nancy Kopman

Nancy Kopman

Nancy Kopman’s educational children’s music is a celebrated resource among parents, educators, therapists, and caregivers across the globe. As both a talented composer and experienced early childhood educator, Nancy has the perfect skillset to inspire young children through music. For more than two decades, she has been producing exceptional music appropriate for kids from birth through to age ten. Covering topics like spelling, vocabulary, calendar concepts, weather, counting, and more, Nancy makes songs for children of all ages and developmental stages. Nancy updates her vibrant blog frequently, introducing her new music with helpful tips and tricks so you and your child can get the most out of each song. Each post is thoughtful, detailed, and can be used as an excellent guide for helping your child reach their full potential. For anyone with a child under their care or instruction, Nancy Kopman’s blog is a remarkable tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A Blog For My Mom

A Blog For My Mom

“A Blog For My Mom” is a Catholic mom blog run by Rosie, a mother of 6 based out of rural Virginia. Rosie created the blog as an easy way to keep her mother updated on the children, but it has quickly blossomed into an entertaining and informative blog on multiple facets of parenting. As a homeschooler, homesteader, and devout Catholic, Rosie has a one-of-a-kind approach to parenting. Plus, with six young kids, she knows how to handle a demanding schedule. Rosie has a strong musical background–not only did she meet her husband, Andrew, in high school choir, but she also majored in music education and taught general music, choir, guitar, and keyboard. Since music is so important to her, Rosie was determined to provide her children a complete music education despite being homeschooled. On this blog you will find Rosie’s advice on bringing music into your children’s lives, from her favorite books, CDs, and instruments to tips on getting young kids to sing and more. With her experience as both a music educator and a mother, Rosie has invaluable insight to offer parents everywhere.

Caribbean Music For Children

Caribbean Music

If you are searching for a fresh spin on kid-friendly music to capture your child’s attention, look no further than Asheba’s Caribbean Music for Children. Asheba is a musician, performer, and charismatic storyteller from the Caribbean island of Trinidad with a varied and impressive background in music. Having had a passion for music since childhood, Asheba worked with various bands and organizations before moving to Oakland, where he begun family performances and the creation of his own original music for children. His beautiful native land is where Asheba finds much of his inspiration, drawing from the island’s traditional form of oral folklore, calypso, as well as reggae and neo-folk. Asheba has produced his own versions of conventional children’s songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and You Are My Sunshine. His third CD entitled Children Are The Sunshine is a Parent’s Choice Award winner. Asheba’s Caribbean Music for Children is a joy to listen to–kids and parents alike will find themselves dancing and singing along.

Kids Can Groove

Kids Can Groove

“Kids Can Groove” is all about celebrating what’s new in the realm of kid’s music and finding fun tunes that even parents will enjoy. Blog owner Rebecca has been a music enthusiast since a very young age; throughout her childhood she stayed updated on the latest hits and went to as many concerts as possible. After her daughter was born, Rebecca was disappointed with the selection of typical children’s songs she was listening to and began an in-depth search to find better options. She started this blog to share her findings with parents everywhere, proving that kids’ music doesn’t have to be dull or predictable. Rebecca’s posts range in content from music reviews to interviews with musicians to concert recaps and more. “Kids Can Groove” provides you with everything you need to freshen up your child’s playlist, adding variety and creativity to the whole family’s routine.

JP’s Music Blog

JP's Music Blog

For older kids or those looking for music that is more alternative, “JP’s Music Blog” is a great place to start. Supported by the Record-Journal Newspaper Publishing Company, this blog has been around since 2008 and continues to put out top-quality posts at a daily frequency. The cutting edge content includes reviews of a wide assortment of CDs, podcasts, concert overviews, and general posts about the music community at large. The demographic that will most enjoy this blog is likely boys aged twelve and up, but many different people can appreciate the diverse selection of music reviewed on this site. Do keep in mind that some of the music mentioned in “JP’s Music Blog” will not be appropriate for young children; parents should preview the site before introducing it to their kids.

Dinosaur Songs

Daddy Donut

If your child has a love of dinosaurs, Daddy Donut is the perfect musical artist for you. Daddy Donut is a Swedish musician who produces fantastic music and videos for children, all central to the topic of dinosaurs. With millions of views on his Youtube videos and one of the top children’s music shows in Sweden, Daddy Donut’s music is popular with families all across the globe. On this blog you will find posts introducing each of his dinosaur songs and videos, complete with fun and interesting facts about different dinosaurs. The style of Daddy Donut songs is catchy pop and rock so that even parents can enjoy listening. Plus, your kids will learn all about dinosaurs from this unique children’s music, which includes songs about the T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and more. Your kids are sure to have a blast listening to each and every dino song, and they will be learning cool new facts at the same time.

Rocking Dan Teaching Man

Rocking Dan

As a musician and primary teacher in Australia, Dan of “Rocking Dan Teaching Man” has the passion and the experience to create phenomenal educational music for children. His blog promotes and provides background for his fun and scholastic songs, which can be found on Youtube alongside bright, colorful music videos. Rocking Dan’s songs are designed to help children succeed in the classroom, covering topics like basic math skills, the alphabet, how to behave well in school, the days of the week, and more. Your kids will want to learn more and more when they listen to these catchy songs. Rocking Dan Teaching Man has recently released his first album of educational kids’ music; you can learn all about it on his wonderful blog.

Kids Music By Marcie

Kids Music by Marcie

The blog “Kids Music by Marcie” offers an exceptional selection of great music for children that is both educational and entertaining. Marcie is an elementary school teacher, drama teacher, singer and songwriter with a knack for inspiring children through the joy of music. Marcie’s blog helps to promote her performances at public events in the Boston area, provides a charming look into her elementary classroom projects, and is the place to find her latest songs. Marcie is full of creative ideas to get kids involved with music, whether it be through fun party themes like “Rock Star” and “Dr. Seuss” or simply the top-caliber music she releases regularly. Portraying important topics including environmental responsibility, motivation and the value of friendship, Marcie’s songs promote social and emotional development in children of a range of ages. “Kids Music by Marcie” is a must-read blog for parents, caregivers, and educators of young children, especially those in the Boston area who can enjoy her local services and performances.

The Dance Buzz

The Dance Buzz

If you are a dance lover of any kind, “The Dance Buzz” is the blog for you. Authored by Cait, a dance studio owner in upstate New York, this great site offers a wide variety of content relating to dance including tips for teaching dance and advice on managing a studio. Also, a large portion of Cait’s posts relate to music for use in kids’ dance classes. Whether it be new releases to check out or fun playlists for different seasons and age groups, this blog is an excellent place to find the best kids’ dance music around. Cait’s original playlists indicate when a song contains questionable content so that you can adapt them for even your youngest dance students. “The Dance Buzz” is a must-read blog for anyone with kids who love to move to music.


Music is so much more than just a type of entertainment. This art form has to power to enhance the growth of a child by promoting positivity, creativity, and individuality. Parents, educators and caregivers no longer have to struggle to find good music for their children; the blogs listed above are all great sources of top-notch children’s music that are right within your reach. Don’t pass up the opportunity to bring fresh new music into your child’s routine–check out these tremendous sites today.​


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