Best Stereo Amplifiers To Boost Up Your Speakers

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For music lovers, a great pair of speakers isn’t always enough. Whatever is your audio source, once the signal reaches the speakers without proper amplification, the sounds produced turn out really disappointing. The speaker needs enough boosts from audio signals to produce clear sounds. 

Well, in this case, the equipment you need to install is a stereo amplifier. Though, not new to the market, stereo amplifiers are now improved with more intelligent capabilities. Besides, these stereo amplifiers are simply power amplifiers with a primary function to enhance the low power audio into highly improvised audio so that it is accepted by speakers.  

If you’re wondering how does it work, then it’s quite simple- it receives a signal from the audio source, which the amplifier turns into an enlarged replica using a power source. It’s essential to enhance the input signal because these signals are small and with a certain level of enhancement, the audio becomes compatible with the speakers producing loud, clear sounds. 

So, investing in a good stereo amplifier can completely enhance your audio quality. However, wondering which model to go for? We have curated a selection of the best stereo amplifiers. These amplifiers can boost up your audio quality for an outstanding audio experience. 

Let’s delve further into each of these stereo amplifiers to know them better. 

Best Stereo Amplifiers of 2021- Comparison Table

Product Features Latest Price
1. Sony STRDH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver
[amazon fields=”B07YNPCG9X” value=”thumb”]
  • High-quality tonewood and durable body
  • Fishman Presys Blend active system
  • Built-in chromatic tuner

[amazon fields=”B07YNPCG9X” value=”button”]
2. Peachtree Audio nova300
[amazon fields=”B07623BYNG” value=”thumb”]
  • Comes with warranty
  • Light-weight
  • Left-handed model available

[amazon fields=”B07623BYNG” value=”button”]
3. Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Amplifier
[amazon fields=”B083TFK6ZH” value=”thumb”]
  • Easy to use gold tuning machine with Pearloid buttons
  • Padded gig bag
  • Bone nut and saddle

[amazon fields=”B083TFK6ZH” value=”button”]
4.YAMAHA R-S202BL Stereo Receiver
[amazon fields=”B01EMQI2CU” value=”thumb”]
  • Comes with a case
  • Many design options
  • Light-weight build

[amazon fields=”B01EMQI2CU” value=”button”]
5. Fosi Audio BT10A
[amazon fields=”B07KSWPCS4″ value=”thumb”]
  • Balanced tone
  • High-quality electronics and tonewood
  • Good playability

[amazon fields=”B07KSWPCS4″ value=”button”]

Our Best Stereo Amplifiers of 2021- Reviews and Comparisons

1. Sony STRDH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver

Sony STRDH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver


Product Highlights

Entitled to be one of the best stereo amplifiers, Sony STRDH190 2-ch enables you to enjoy the sweetness of vinyl music, as it combines vinyl with digital music. Perfectly ideal for true music lovers! 


  • STRDH190 2-ch comes with 4 analog audio inputs and one output, which allows you to connect it even to your traditional audio systems such as CD players and recording devices. 
  • This Bluetooth-enabled stereo amplifier enables you to play your favorite tracks from anywhere. 
  • Also, the Bluetooth Standby feature allows you to control the receiver directly from your connected device. 
  • STRDH190 2-ch package includes all needful cables, a remote, detachable FM antenna, and an easy-to-follow user manual. 
  • Further, this slim amplifier can fit in any TV unit or cabinet and it can support 6-16 ohm speakers.
  • All the control buttons are on the front panel and input slots at the back. Besides, on the rear panel, you get a phone input along with 1 pair of RCA outputs, 4 RCA stereo inputs, and 4 spring-clip speaker terminals.  

What We Like About Sony STRDH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver

The most outstanding aspect of this amplifier is the Hi-Resolution Audio, through which you can enjoy even the subtlest nuances of the music.  J ust like studio-quality sound, this high-resolution audio ensures proper unison of signal in the speaker. Besides, the Sony STRDH190 2-ch is a powerful amplifier that can deliver solid power with low distortion. 

We were also impressed by the sturdy frame and beam chassis design, which can reduce vibration allowing signal fidelity for a precise, powerful sound. Alongside this, its rigid parts tend to keep the heat sink in place, which results in reduced vibrations. Overall, this is a great option for true music lovers of today. 

What We Don’t Like About Sony STRDH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver

On the downside, the USB port given is at the back of the amplifier. So it can’t be used for playback. Moreover, the amplifier doesn’t accept banana plugs, and the spring-clip speaker terminals included aren’t durable. Lastly, this amplifier even lacks AM tuner.

        Pros         Cons
Hi-Resolution Audio
4 analog audio inputs & 1 output
Can connect up to 4 speakers
Produces reduced vibrations with low distortion sounds
Bluetooth-enabled stereo amplifier
The USB port is at the back of the amplifier

Doesn’t accept banana plugs; spring-clip speaker terminals aren’t durable

Lacks AM tuner

2. Peachtree Audio nova300Peachtree Audio nova300

Product Highlights

 The Audio nova300 redefines the original version of the integrated amplifier manufactured by Peachtree, which offers high fidelity computer audio. 


  • Built-in with a true analog phono preamp, this stereo integrated amplifier stays faithful to your vinyl collection and the phono input is user switchable up to a standard input level. 
  • Nova300 can easily accept all major file formats- compressed, uncompressed, high resolution, and even ultra-high resolution. This is because it is built as per the 32-bit/384kHz design.
  • It also has a classic Peachtree design that includes a one-piece titanium-finish faceplate and polished real wood cabinet.
  • You can also enjoy an ultimate listening experience with Nova300, as it offers a discrete headphone amplifier section too.  You can use any type of headphones with this amp!
  • It also has a wide-ranging, multi-point, regulated power supply around the ESS Sabre32 DAC chip to power the DAC. And it turns out that is the most natural-sounding DAC. 

What We Like About Peachtree Audio nova300

Audio nova300 has got some impeccable features too. You can easily add an equalizer or other signal processor to the amplifier by using the Loop feature. It’s a simple button on the remote, which engages the loop audio path using high-performance relays. Besides, if you want to add a sub-woofer, you can use the Nova300 Preamp Output to connect an external power amp, or else just use this amp as a standalone preamp/DAC. You can also choose between Home Theater Bypass, moving magnet phono, and standard line-level for the analog inputs AUX1 and AUX2. Lastly, we were also impressed by the extraordinary Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit, which quite easily cut off the power supply noise and fast refresh screen noise. Thus, with no external noise, you can stream music from your phone and enjoy low noise pre-amplified music loud and clear.

What We Don’t Like About Peachtree Audio nova300

Despite its exceptional features and powerful performance, Nova300 has a couple of pitfalls also. It is observed that the front side buttons are quite loose and you might have to ventilate it well because of its heating problem. 

        Pros         Cons
Offers high fidelity computer audio
Offers discrete headphone amplifier section
Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit
Accept all major files formats
True analog phono preamp
Front side buttons lose
Have to ventilate it due to its heating problem

3. Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Amplifier

Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Amplifier


Product Highlights

The latest entry in Cambridge’s CX series, Audio CXA81 is an outstanding amplifier with some amazing digital capabilities; designed with a full range of analog as well as digital inputs in a stunning interface. 


  • Along with the full range of digital and analog inputs, this stereo amp delivers impeccable sound quality. It has an incredible bass, which makes it perfect for different genres of music including jazz.
  • Designed to true Hi-Fi stereo experience, CXA81 has extraordinary sonic abilities. Besides, it’s designed in this way so that it can deliver thrillingly authentic sounds. 
  • You get 80 watts per channel, which gives you complete control over the music. The impressive high-end offers a great amount of texture and realism to the audio quality.
  •  Further, CXA81 has Bluetooth connectivity through which you can stream in full aptX HD. 
  • Lastly, the Cambridge Audio CXA81 looks like a silvery slab, a minimalist design that comes with easy-to-use controls. 

What We Like About Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Amplifier

Designed to deliver uncompromised audio performance, CXA81 from Cambridge can produce a complete musical picture. Besides, we are impressed by a new digital board, which also includes an exceptional ESS Sabre ES9016 digital-to-analogue convertor. This means digital audio files up to 32 bit/ 384kHz, or DSD256 can be played without any hassle. Apart from this, the amplifier offers you absolute flexibility, as it covers all connectivity bases. So, with CXA81, there is nothing to compromise when it comes to superior sound quality.  

What We Don’t Like About Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Amplifier

Despite the great features, Cambridge Audio CXA81 is quite costly compared to its previous model. While the remote control is overly complex, the soundstage of this amplifier has more than required fine-tuning. 

        Pros         Cons
Full range of analog and digital inputs
Incredible bass; including all genres
Bluetooth connectivity
ESS Sabre ES9016 digital-to-analogue convertor
Covers all connectivity bases
Complex remote control
Overly fine-tuned

4. YAMAHA R-S202BL Stereo Receiver

YAMAHA R-S202BL Stereo Receiver



Product Highlights

Packed with 125 years of Yamaha’s musical heritage, the R-S202BL Stereo Receiver enables you to enjoy its produced music as if it is played live. 


  • This Bluetooth-enabled amplifier allows you to access streaming music without any hassle. 
  • Optimized to deliver maximum power and encounter minimal interference, this amplifier is quite sturdy with appealing aluminum housing. 
  • YAMAHA R-S202BL stereo amplifier comes with in-built AM and FM tuners. And unlike other models, the Bluetooth connection of this amp is also quite satisfying. 
  • Lastly, it’s quite compact. It is only 5.5 inches long, which makes it fit for any TV cabinet or shelf.  

What We Like About YAMAHA R-S202BL Stereo Receiver

 The highlight of YAMAHA R-S202BL is its ECO mode, which allows you to set a standby mode. On setting the standby mode, the power consumption automatically drops to 0.5 watts. Besides, it comes with 40 station presets, so you won’t ever run out of AM/FM stations. We also liked the LCD screen on the front panel and the series of control buttons. This panel also has a headphone output, so that you can enjoy music even when there is external noise. Above all, you can connect up to 4 speakers of 2-8 Ohms each to this amp and push 100 watts per channel too. 

What We Don’t Like About YAMAHA R-S202BL Stereo Receiver

YAMAHA R-S202BL lacks digital and phono inputs, which comes as a major shortcoming of this amp. Besides, the spring clip terminals included aren’t durable, neither is the amp compatible with banana plugs. 

        Pros         Cons
Bluetooth enabled amplifier
Sturdy with appealing aluminum housing
In-built AM and FM tuners
Connects up to 4 speakers
ECO mode and 40 station presets
Lacks digital and phono inputs
Flimsy spring clip terminals
Incompatible with banana plugs

5. Fosi Audio BT10A

Fosi Audio BT10A


Alt-Text: Fosi Audio BT10A

Image Text: Fosi Audio BT10A

Product Highlights

With Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, Fosi Audio BT10A is a mini Hi-Fi amplifier that is approved by true audiophiles for its remarkable sound quality and impeccable performance. 


  • Built as one of the most compact and affordable stereo amplifiers, Fosi Audio BT10A is an ideal choice for bookshelf or desktop speakers. 
  • It also comes with a strong aluminum chassis and a detachable power cable. 
  • With incredible bass and treble control, you can easily adjust the sound as you like in this amp.
  • This Bluetooth-enabled amp offers great connectivity; all thanks to its 39 feet streaming range. 
  • Besides, it uses a Texas Instruments 3116D2 Amp chip, which enables it to deliver Hi-Fi sound quality. 

What We Like About Fosi Audio BT10A

One of the main notable features of Fosi Audio BT10A is the in-built protection circuit. With this, the amp stays guarded against sparks and outbreaks whenever you enable the power supply. Besides, it offers 50 watts per channel power output, which can easily help passive speakers, deliver astonishing sounds. Furthermore, it has two panels, front and rear, loaded with controls and input slots. From power indicator to detachable Bluetooth antenna, this amp has all the primary functionalities required for a great stereo amplifier. 

What We Don’t Like About Fosi Audio BT10A

Coming to the limitations of Fosi Audio BT10A, you might be slightly disappointed as there is only one AUX connection. Plus, there aren’t any RCA connections or any other audio inputs. It also lacks aptX/aptX HD support.

        Pros         Cons
Bluetooth 5.0 enabled mini Hi-Fi amplifier
Incredible bass and treble control
In-built protection circuit
Hi-Fi sound quality
Only one AUX connection
Lacks RCA connections or any other audio inputs
No aptX/aptX HD support

Final Verdict 

As all these 5 stereo amplifiers are incredibly built and have some great features, you can go for any one of them. However, if we had to recommend one, then the Sony STRDH190 2-ch would the best stereo amplifier. With its 4 analog audio inputs and one output, you can enjoy vinyl as well as digital music. This Bluetooth enables amplifier offers Hi-Resolution Audio, making it a great option for true music lovers of today. 

Nevertheless, you can also check out, invest in other stereo amps if it caters to your requirements, and budget well. 


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