What Are The Best Audio Recording Software in 2021?

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Be it YouTubers, voice artists, or just a creative professional trying to launch his/her own podcasts, the most common need here is a proper audio recording software program. Be it fixing glitches in audios, reducing background noise, or mixing vocals, a reliable recording software program is required, as it provides you with high fidelity audio for jobs like podcasts, voiceover, music samples, and so on. Plus, you can also edit and mix tracks the way you want.

Well, choosing a reliable one can be quite baffling, as you need to understand your purpose and check with a lot of specifications when investing in the software. For this, we spent countless hours trying and testing some of the high-performing audio recording software. After this trial and testing, we curated this list of the 5 best audio recording software programs that can enhance your voice, giving it a studio feel.  

Best Audio Recording Software- Comparison Table 

Product Features
  • Free & easy to use
  • Offers great operating system compatibility
  • VST Plugin support
2. Adobe Audition
  • Ideal for podcasts creation
  • Supports Windows and MAC
  • Includes multi-track, wave editing, and audio restoration tools
3. Wondershare DemoCreator
  • Easy to operate interface
  • Can record HD audio
  • Supports 50+ formats
4. Garageband
  • Ideal for amateur musicians and audio editors
  • Includes catalog of virtual instruments
  • Smooth, intuitive, and free software
5. WavePad
  • Powerful, intuitive yet simple to use
  • Several effects and filters
  • Excellent audio file extraction from video

Best Audio Recording Software – Our Reviews and Comparisons

1. Audacity

Audacity Light Theme

Product Highlights

Simple to use, Audacity is typically a great voice recorder that is free and has been standing tall in the recording industry for years. 


  • Available for MAC OS X, Windows as well as Linux, Audacity offers great operating system compatibility. 
  • Plus, the interface can be translated into numerous different languages too. 
  • Not only is this software free but also easy to control and you can even share the recorded audio on different platforms via Audacity. 
  • You can even utilize multi-track editing with this software. 

What We Like About Audacity

Recording and editing are easier with Audacity. Its strong arsenal of features, tools, and controls makes it stand out as one of the best recording software, which allows you to record simple audio as well as multiple tracks. Another notable aspect of this software is that it comes with VST Plugin support. Apart from this, this software program can also be used for pitch correction and turns out useful for musicians too.  

What We Don’t Like About Audacity

On the downside, Audacity’s noise reduction tool needs an upgrade to perform well. It also lacks the record-to-tape feature. 

        Pros         Cons
Free & easy to use
Offers great operating system compatibility
VST Plugin support
Used for pitch correction
Noise reduction tool requires an upgrade
Lacks record to tape feature

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition - Wikipedia

Product Highlights

If you need a podcast creation program, then Adobe Audition is the one you can rely on, as it offers a professional level of recording and comes backed with Adobe’s experience. 


  • It supports Windows and MAC operating systems without imposing lags.
  • Adobe Audition includes multi-track, wave editing, and audio restoration tools that ensure quality results.
  • Besides, you get music clips integrated with this software, which can make the audio recording sound more professional. 
  • Also, you can use it for music editing, even though it’s best suited for podcast creation, 
  • Due to the integrated sound panel, it produces the best oomph effect.  

What We Like About Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition’s most standout aspect is clearly its ability to create amazing podcasts, as it includes an intuitive interface and even offers creative cloud benefits. Further, Audition’s DAW allows you to edit single as well as multiple tracks wherein you isolate the track from other noises. Even its adaptive noise reduction feature helps you eliminate background noises so that you can work in clean, hum-free tracks. 

What We Don’t Like About Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition has two major pitfalls that affect its experience among its users. Not only do you need a subscription to access this software but also you can’t use many of its musical tracks, as it doesn’t have MIDI support. 

        Pros         Cons
Ideal for podcasts creation
Supports Windows and MAC
Includes multi-track, wave editing, and audio restoration tools
Needs subscription
Lacks MIDI support

3. Wondershare DemoCreator

Product Update: Wondershare DemoCreator V4.0 Has Been Released with Advanced Recording and Editing Features | Business Wire

Product Highlights

Integrated with a GUI, Wondershare DemoCreator with its high reliability is one of the most commonly used audio recording software. 


  • Built with easy to operate interface and impeccable set of functionalities, this software delivers excellent results. 
  • Extremely easy to use and it even serves as a MAC audio recording software, which makes it highly recommended for all purposes. Plus, its frequent updates make it even better.
  • You can record HD audio using this software
  • Lastly, this software supports 50+ formats wherein you can import audios, videos, and other files to your system. 

What We Like About Wondershare DemoCreator

The outstanding feature of Wondershare DemoCreator is that it supports professional audio editing only, which makes it ideal for pro-voice-over artists and musicians. Besides, we were also impressed by its graphical interface.

What We Don’t Like About Wondershare DemoCreator

Even though Wondershare DemoCreator claims to be a professional audio recording software, yet it doesn’t support high-end advanced recording and editing. Also, being flash software-based, this program can slow down your system to a great extent. 

        Pros         Cons
Easy to operate interface
Can record HD audio
Supports 50+ formats
Integrated with a GUI
Doesn’t support high-end advanced editing
Flash Software-based program; slows down system

4. Garageband

GarageBand - Pro Filmmaker Apps

Product Highlights

If you looking to build a budget home studio, then one of the best audio recording software you can rely on is Garageband, which is undoubtedly smooth, intuitive, and powerful even as free software. 


  • Perfectly suitable for those using MAC, Garageband is no different from the system in terms of performance. 
  • Being fully equipped for music creation and voice-over recording, this software comes with the complete sound library, voice presets and even ensures eliminating the complexities out of your audio. 
  • Lastly, it is ideal for amateur musicians and audio editors.

What We Like About Garageband

Since it is ideal for beginners, it claims that they find it easy to use and so it comes with an excellent catalog of virtual instruments. Plus, when recording or editing, as a beginner you can easily follow a drag-a-drop process, as all tracks are color-coordinated. Besides, it also has Touch Bar features, especially in MAC Pro computers. Thus, with its intuitive and easy-to-learn design, you can record, play, create and edit your voices at the best.  

What We Don’t Like About Garageband

Coming to the shortcomings of Garageband, firstly it is only for MAC/Apple systems and secondly, it lacks a lot of editing parameters. 

        Pros         Cons
Ideal for amateur musicians and audio editors
Includes catalog of virtual instruments
Smooth, intuitive, and free software
Only for MAC computers
Lacks several editing parameters

5. WavePad

Compare WavePad Audio Editing Software VS Audacity | Techjockey.com

Product Highlights

Even if you’re a novice and learning to record and edit audios via software, WavePad is the one you should try, as it is powerful, intuitive yet simple to use.  


  • Compatible with plenty of audio formats, WavePad also allows you to convert files into a large array of files. 
  • Plus, you can mix as well as split audio files, remove background noises and silences, add effects, filters, and convert single audio into stereo format too. 
  • Even its layout is clean and intuitive, which kind of encourages smooth workflow. 
  • Besides, it offers numerous specifications including extracting audio from a video format. In short, WavePad has become a true aid for voice-over artists, music editors, and so on. 

What We Like About WavePad

Well, coming to the most impressive feature of WavePad is its audio file extraction from video irrespective of the format. Be it MPG, MP4, DIVX, WMV, or M4V, WavePad holds the ability to successfully extract the audio. Another notable feature, which is essentially beneficial for audio editors, is the effects and filters. These include echo, delay, reverb, distortion, and amplify. Overall, its excellent set of effects, great ability to extract, and easy-to-use aspects make WavePad a perfect tool for novice editors. 

What We Don’t Like About WavePad

Unlike other software programs, WavePad doesn’t offer a variety of Fade options, even though it comes with auto-trim, normalizer, equalizer, and so on. Moreover, the Pop and Click removal in this program is troublesome and time-consuming.  

        Pros         Cons
Powerful, intuitive yet simple to use
Several effects and filters
Excellent audio file extraction from video
Lacks Fade options
Pop and Click removal time consuming

Final Verdict 

In narrowing down the best audio recording software, we explored several high-end software programs. However, if we had to choose one, then we say that Audacity is the best audio recording software. As a free and simple voice recorder and editor program, Audacity has plenty of benefits including its interface, which is available in numerous different languages. With an arsenal of features and tools, Audacity is a great program for recording, mixing, and editing audios. 

Nevertheless, you can also go for other audio recording software programs if it caters to your needs well. 

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