Top 10 Best Marine Speakers that Guarantee a Gigantic Boost to Your Music

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You may already have an excellent pair of studio monitors, bookshelf speakers or a collection of Bluetooth speakers spread through your home. However, if you’re looking to take your music somewhere a little bit more extreme, you may want to consider acquiring marine speakers.

Marine speakers are specifically built to endure everything from high humidity, salt water, rain, wind, and constant exposure to UV rays. They’re the tanks of the speaker world, in a way. Being robust and waterproof aren’t the only things that makes them different from ordinary speakers. For them to be worth buying, they need to excel in other categories as well.

At home, there’s usually a lot less noise than when you’re out in the open sea. There are no waves crashing, no wind, and you won’t be hearing an engine sound either. Because of this, marine speakers have to be extra powerful. It would be terrible to throw a boat party and find out that the combination of the background noise and your guest’s voices is completely drowning out the music.

Although they’re called marine speakers, it doesn’t mean that they’re only adequate for venturing out in the ocean – or even near water, for that matter. Waterproofing procedures are often ideal to ensure that a piece of equipment will resist dust as well. Because of this, these speakers can also shine in settings such an RV or an off-road vehicle, which is bound to pick up a lot of dust and dirt. An indoor environment such as a sauna or a jacuzzi room would also benefit from marine speakers, since it’s highly likely that they get wet.

To figure out what are the best marine speakers for you, there’s a series of parameters that have to be taken into account. You need to know where you’re placing them first. Is it on a boat you’re going to take on fishing trips or to throw parties? Will it be near a pool, or at a bar in the beach? The atmospheric conditions and the risk of getting splashed will help you get a good idea of what you need.The main parameters to consider should be: water resistance, size, diameter, power, impedance, durability, and although this one is subjective, design.

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Our selection will teach you how to choose the best marine speakers. Here are our top picks!
Model Type Power(W) Frequency Range (Hz) Sensitivity (dB 1W/1M) Price
Fusion MS-FR6022 Recessed 2-Way Speakers 200W Peak; 100W RMS 70Hz – 22 KHz


Polk Audio MM1 Recessed 2-Way Speakers 300W Peak;

100W RMS

35Hz – 40KHz


Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB Recessed 2-Way Speakers

120W Peak;


40Hz – 20KHz


Clarion CMQ1622RL Recessed 2-Way Speakers

200W Peak;


49 Hz – 20KHz


Polk Audio DB652 Recessed 2-Way Speakers

300W Peak;

100W RMS

40Hz – 22KHz 92dB  
Sony 4 XS-MP1611 Recessed 2-Way Speakers

280W Peak;


45Hz – 20KHz 90dB  
Kicker KB6000W Tower 2-Way Speakers

150W Peak;


55Hz – 21KHz 90dB  
Kicker KM654LCW Recessed 2-Way Speakers 195W Peak; 65W RMS 35Hz – 21KHz 90dB  
Kenwood KFC-1653MR Recessed 2-Way Speakers 150W Peak;50W RMS 60Hz – 20KHz 86dB  
BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40RGB Wakeboard 2-Way Tower Speakers

200W Peak;

100W RMS

130Hz – 20KHz 94dB  

1. Fusion MS-FR6022

Fusion MS-FR6022

[amazon fields=”B07214HDC5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Fusion MS-FR6022″ image_align=”center”]

Fusion MS-FR6022

 With 200W of peak power handling and a titanium dome, this speaker was made to delight your ears.  Fusion has specialized in marine audio to make sure your boat has premium audio in it.


The first speaker on our list is the Fusion MS-FR6022. It isn’t the most expensive you will find here, however, it is a great candidate for anyone looking to add marine speakers to any setting. Fusion specializes in marine audio, so you know that they are dedicating all their time to releasing some of the best products in the market. This full range speaker was built with the ocean in mind. Fusion has incorporated design innovations and components that will not only stun you with their sound quality, but will also last for several seasons. Constant exposure to wind, salt and other marine elements is a force to be reckoned with, and this speaker is ready to take it head on.

Main Features

The MS-FR6022 is a recessed 2-way speaker, and it has a titanium dome. It measures 6 inches and its peak power is an astounding 200 watts. Its RMS wattage is rated at 100W and it features the well-known German “CURV” Cone Technology. This means that in order to achieve a better sound definition, higher output and resistance to weather hazards, it has a woven fiber composite that is heat pressed, forming a stronger but lighter cone.

Fusion claims having tested this speaker extensively under harsh conditions to guarantee optimal performance in a challenging marine environment. They aim for quality and longevity so that your investment lasts for several seasons. Also, because they know that boats are crawling with electronics, they’ve taken magnetic interference into account when designing the MS-FR6022. In order to decrease this undesired consequence, Fusion has added a bucking magnet at the rear of the speaker motor assembly, improving magnetic shielding exponentially.

This speaker has an impedance of 4 Ohms, a frequency response of 70Hz – 22 KHz and an efficiency (1W/1M) of 90dB. Its mounting depth is 71.5mm (2-13/16”).

To increase your options when the time to install them comes, it includes 3 pairs of speaker grilles in the box: two black pairs, and a white pair. This ensures you can blend it in any environment you’d like.


  • Great audio quality
  • Very high durability, making it a lasting investment
  • Impressive peak power handling (200W)


  • Efficiency could be better when compared to other products in the market
  • Grilles can be tough to disassemble when you want to swap
  • Frequency range could also be superior when put side by side with other models

2. Polk Audio MM1

Polk Audio MM1

[amazon fields=”B072Q8BNV5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Polk Audio MM1″ image_align=”center”]

Polk Audio MM1

Sporting a stunning 300W of peak power handling, this powerful speaker not only sounds great, but it is also very efficient. You’re guaranteed to have enough volume and clarity in any situation with the Polk Audio MM1.


The Polk Audio MM1 is the first of a few models that we will be talking about from this brand. This is one of the speakers with the highest power output that we will be discussing. It isn’t the cheapest of the list, but it is most certainly a great choice if you’re thinking of upgrading the speakers on a boat, or even on another type of vehicle such as an RV or an ATV.

It comes with 2 grilles, mounting hardware, wiring harnesses and plastic adapter rings. It has 5 inches of diameter and the mounting depth is 2.62 inches for the top mount, and 2.86 inches for the bottom one.

Main Features

This speaker looks slick in its black finish, but fortunately, it isn’t just a pretty piece of gear. It is packed with features that earn it a great spot on our list. It features an IP56 rating and includes a non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced ABS basket, epoxy coated crossovers, water-proof inner and outer surrounds, weep holes for draining purposes and titanium-plated cones. All of this has been salt, fog and UV ray tested.

The terylene tweeter is the result of a new design, featuring curvilinear formers that allow for a better response and dispersion in the midrange. It also features Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance technology, which consists of using non-resonant materials in order to get clear highs, mids and lows, regardless of what you are listening to.

The frequency response is 35Hz – 40KHz, its impedance is 4 Ohms, and the sensitivity is rated at 93dB (1W at 1 meter). Its maximum power at peak handling is an impressive 300W, and RMS wattage is 100W.


  • Stunning peak power handling, at 300W, which is almost double of what is seen on other models
  •  Excellent sensitivity rating, at 93dB, meaning that this speaker is very efficient at converting power into actual volume


  • Doesn’t have as many customizing options as other models
  • Low frequencies could be more accurate according to some reviews

3. Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB

Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB

[amazon fields=”B074PW133V” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB” image_align=”center”]

Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB

The XS-65ic-RGB speaker by Wet Sounds is the outcome of years of perfecting the best marine grade audio equipment that you can acquire. Impress everyone with great sound quality coupled with an elegant light show, controllable by remote.


Made by Wet Sounds, who also dedicate themselves to marine audio, the XS-65ic-RGB is not the most powerful speaker on the list, but it can surely put on a show with its lights. RGB stands for red, green and blue, and you can control its LEDs to best suit the environment where the speaker will be installed. This lighting system can be connected up to 12v and emit a single color, or combined with a remote controller for unlimited combinations, flashing and fading.  Like most speakers, it is sold in pairs.

It is 6.5 inches wide (6.8 with the grille) and requires a mounting depth of 2.6 inches. The hole cut out should be 5 inches deep.

Main Features

This is a coaxial speaker with the LED system integrated in the tweeter protection cup. This cup is injection molded in a translucent casing to enhance the visual aspects. It features a silver grille and a silver injection molded composite cone with the brand’s own proprietary rubber spider and surround frame and grille. It has an impedance of 4 Ohms. The XS-65ic-RGB puts out 120W of peak power, and a continuous power handling of 60W RMS. The frequency response is 40Hz – 20KHz and its sensitivity has been rated at 89dB at 1W/1M.


  • Added visual possibilities because of the LED system
  •  Features high quality components, such as the gold-plated terminals


  • Additional wiring is necessary to enjoy the light’s full potential
  • Not as powerful as other models available in the same price range

4. Clarion CMQ1622RL

Clarion CMQ1622RL

[amazon fields=”B06XHM8S8Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Clarion CMQ1622RL” image_align=”center”]

Clarion CMQ1622RL

 Featuring a variety of protection and isolation measures, the CMQ1622RL lets you relax and enjoy your favorite music without ever worrying about submitting your speakers to hazardous conditions out in the sea.


Next on our list is the Clarion CMQ1622RL speaker. According to the manufacturer, it has been designed to provide audiophile quality sound and built to withstand abuse through several seasons in an unforgiving environment such as the sea. They’re proud to say that it performs amazingly well, while remaining reliable.

It has built-in blue LED lighting for bonus style points, and already includes speaker grilles, as well as stainless steel mounting hardware. It requires a mounting hole that is 5-3/4 inches, and its mounting depth is 2-3/8 inches.

Main Features

The Clarion CMQ1622RL speaker has a maximum power handling of 200W, and its continuous power handling has been rated at 60W. It features a 6-1/2 inches mica-injection polypropylene woofer cone and a 1-1/4 inches compression horn tweeter, protected by a high impact ASA plastic grille. It also features a die cast aluminum basket, a liquid drainage system and a rubber mounting gasket. As you can see, Clarion has taken many precautions to ensure that their speakers won’t let you down after a few months out in the sea.

They’ve integrated magnetic shielding into the basket, gold plated speaker terminals and a ferric oxide magnet. They also ensure that this equipment meets ASTM B117 and ASTM D4329 standards for salt/fog exposure, and UV exposure, respectively. Its reported sensitivity comes in at 88dB and their frequency range is 49 Hz – 20 KHz. The impedance of this speaker is 4 Ohms.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Lots of feature that increase durability and shielding


  • Relatively narrow frequency range when compared to other models
  •  Deeper mounting depth than average, which may pose an issue depending on the purpose of the speaker

5. Polk Audio DB652

Polk Audio DB652

[amazon fields=”B01MYT2BL8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Polk Audio DB652″ image_align=”center”]

Polk Audio DB652

With an impressive 300W of peak power handling and IP55 certification, this speaker is a great choice when you’re serious about blasting some real sound while sailing or riding your favorite off-road vehicle.


Next up, from Polk Audio, we’re taking a look at the DB652 speaker. They market this speaker for boats, cars, ATVs and pretty much any vehicle. Like the Polk Audio MM1, this 6.5” speaker packs quite a punch. You can also get it bundled with an adhesive sheet which makes installation a breeze, and gives you several advantages. It makes your sound clearer, eliminates distortion and also increases their maximum volume by neutralizing sound leakage. The DB652 is IP55 rated, meaning it is dirt and water resistant. It has been subjected to tests for salt, fog, humidity and UV resistance, earning them marine certification. The mounting depth is 1.77” for the top mount, and 2.12” for the bottom mount.

Main Features

The DB652 feature a polypropylene cone. It will maintain its clean and polished looks over time due to its UV tolerance. Its inner and outer surrounds are waterproof and very well isolated, blocking dirt, water and other hazards from penetrating into the speaker housing. Its impedance is 4 Ohms and its sensitivity (1W/1M) is 92dB. This speaker has a peak power handling of 300W and a continuous power handling of 100W, similarly to the MM1 model present on this selection. Its frequency range is 40Hz – 22KHz.


  • Excellent peak power handling, at 300W
  • The possibility of acquiring this with sticker pads for an easy installation can save a lot of time and hassle


  • Could perform better in the bass frequencies, which can be solved by adding a subwoofer
  •  Lacks customization options such as extra grilles or lights

6. Sony 4 XS-MP1611

Sony 4 XS-MP1611

[amazon fields=”B0066130EA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Sony 4 XS-MP1611″ image_align=”center”]

Sony 4 XS-MP1611

The XS-MP1611 constitutes an affordable option for those who need a durable speaker that doesn’t get drowned out by exterior sounds like those of wind, engines, chatter and the waves.


The Sony 4 XS-MP1611 speaker is one of the most affordable ones our list, but it can still hold its ground in the typical applications of a marine speaker. It is still worth a look if you’re not planning to spend a lot on upgrading stock speakers. You can get it either in black, or two different shades of white to blend in as best as possible with the surroundings. The grille is removable. The top mount depth for mounting is 2-1/8”, and the bottom mount depth is 2-1/4”.

Main Features

This 6.5” speaker features a dual cone high frequency design, with a polypropylene woofer, treated cloth woofer surround and a high temperature voice coil. Sony incorporated a ferrite magnet motor structure, and also a plastic protective magnet cover to increase longevity and durability. Everything is housed in an IPX5 certified enclosure, conferring them water resistance, as with any marine speaker.

The frequency response is 45Hz – 20KHz, the impedance is 4 Ohms and its sensitivity is rated at 90dB (1W/1M). Its peak power handling is 280W, and RMS continuous power handling is 80W. These numbers are slightly lower than other models, but this speaker isn’t low on volume! It might not produce sounds as clear and pristine as other competitors in higher price ranges, but if you’re not looking for audiophile grade equipment, it performs well enough.


  • The low price tag makes this one of the most affordable speakers on our selection
  • Having replaceable grills is an advantage should anything happen to them while out on the sea


  • Some reviews state that the cones should last longer
  • The box does not include materials for installation such as wire and screws; you are only paying for a set of 2 speakers

7. Kicker KB6000W

Kicker KB6000W

[amazon fields=”B004ZG8N18″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Kicker KB6000W” image_align=”center”]

Kicker KB6000W

With various placement and angling possibilities, the KB6000W is the perfect choice if recessed speakers aren’t your cup of tea. It is a powerful, reliable and stylish option in your quest for the best marine audio gear


The next speaker is the Kicker KB6000W. This one can be told apart from most marine speakers due to the fact that it is a tower speaker and not a recessed speaker, like the ones we’ve discussed until this point. This can be an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. It all depends on where you plan on installing it.

This 6.5” speaker can be acquired in a black or white finish, and there are a couple of editions available. Since it is a tower speaker, you can mount it horizontally or vertically. You could potentially hang it instead of placing it on a solid surface. After mounting, it can be angled to create the perfect listening environment.

Main Features

The Kicker KB6000W is fitted with polypropylene cones and rugged santoprene surrounds for maximum protection and durability. Its dual enclosure system gives you a strong 6.5” woofer and a 2.5” compression loaded horn tweeter. This teams up with a 12db/octave low-pass crossover with impedance compensation to give you a full frequency sound that will never embarrass you, regardless of the application and circumstances.

It has got a peak power of 150W and a continuous power handling of 80W. Impedance is 8 Ohms, its sensitivity comes up at 90db (1W/1M) and its frequency response is 55Hz – 21KHz. The box already contains the mounting hardware you’ll need to set it up anywhere you’d like.


  •  Affordable price for a tower speaker with this kind of power and clarity
  • Added versatility since it can be installed in a variety of ways, contrary to recessed speakers


  • Might not be the ideal candidate if you’re looking to replace existing recessed speakers
  •  Could perform better in the bass frequencies. Adding a subwoofer or a good amplifier may improve on this aspect

8. Kicker KM654LCW

Kicker KM654LCW

[amazon fields=”B00KGBQ14W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Kicker KM654LCW” image_align=”center”]

Kicker KM654LCW

With a stainless steel structure and an elegant LED lighting system, the KM654LCW shines in every scenario you place it. Durability is one of its strong suits; this speaker was made to endure the harshest conditions you could possibly use it in.


The second Kicker speaker on our list is the KM654LCW. This is a 6.5” recessed speaker. Featuring a titanium dome, it is built to be very sturdy and resistant to everything that a life in the sea will put it up against. It receives UV treatments on the coaxial injection-molded cones, santoprene surrounds, baskets and grilles. Its motor, cone and locking terminal cover are resistant to water, and the speaker hardware is forged from rustproof 316L stainless-steel. This is truly a speaker made for the harshest conditions.

Main Features

Like some other speaker models, the KM654LCW is fitted with a slick LED system that allows you to set the perfect mood, and make it stand out. This system can be controlled by a remote (not included), and allows you to manage 20 colours and 19 dynamic modes. You can adjust brightness, fade, speed, strobe and an auto-save function.

It has a 6-1/2 woofer and a ¾ tweeter. Its impedance is 4 Ohms and its sensitivity is rated at 90dB (1W/1M). The peak power handling is 195W, and continuous power handling is 65W. The frequency response is 35Hz – 21KHz. In terms of mounting dimensions, you should have a mounting hole with a diameter of 5-1/8 inches, and 2-7/8 inches deep. It includes charcoal and white grilles, 2 plastic terminal covers, 8 self-tapping stainless steel screws & speed clips.


  • LED system allows for unlimited aesthetic variations
  • Very well isolated and protected from external hazards


  • Remote control for LED system has to be bought separately
  • More expensive than most marine speakers considered

9. Kenwood KFC-1653MR

Kenwood KFC-1653MR

[amazon fields=”B00ZOFG3PM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Kenwood KFC-1653MR” image_align=”center”]

Kenwood KFC-1653MR

The Kenwood KFC-1653MR is elegant, affordable and reliable. Featuring a design with an injection-molded polypropylene cone surrounded by rubber, this speaker should last you for seasons to come.


Manufactured by Kenwood, the KFC-1653MR is a stylish option that doesn’t totally break the bank, but can still provide good value. You can get it on a 4 speaker package which even includes marine speaker wire for a very reasonable price. This 6.5” speaker comes in either black or white. It features a santoprene surround which helps isolate the key components from water and other hazards. It has a ferrite magnet, an injection-molded polypropylene cone woofer with rubber surround and a balanced-dome tweeter which is built into the grille. It is a fixed grille design that has been treated for UV resistance.

Main Features

The KFC-1653MR puts out 50W RMS power for each speaker, and has a peak power of 150W. Its frequency response is 60Hz – 20KHz and its impedance is 4 Ohms. Its sensitivity is rated at 86dB (1W/1M). The mounting depth for this model is 2-7/8 inches. One great aspect to point out is that this speaker will always include the necessary materials for the installation. The box includes screw sets, a pan head tapping screw and a speed nut.


  • Very elegant and modern look which will fit into any kind of vessel
  • Good quality/price relation for a 4 speaker pack


  • There are more powerful options on the market within the same price range​​​​
  • Grilles are not removable

10. BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40RGB

BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40RGB

[amazon fields=”B07NYMQF52″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40RGB” image_align=”center”]

BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40RGB

Perfect for mounting on a wake tower or a roll bar, the MRWT40RGB by BOSS Audio Systems will put out some serious sound while also enhancing the mood with their remote controlled LED lighting system.


The last speaker on this list is the MRWT40RGB from BOSS Audio Systems. This is a powerful 4” speaker that can be mounted on your wake tower, or alternatively, could be mounted somewhere like an ATV roll bar. It is powerful, and isn’t known for distorting when played at high volumes. You can expect clarity and definition from this speaker.

As most marine speakers, the MRWT40RGB is coated and sealed to increase its durability and longevity, leaving your mind at ease when you take it along on a boat trip. Its cone is made out of polyurethane, it has got a very resistant voice coil, and the whole structure is surrounded by rubber, making it weatherproof.

Main Features

In terms of power, the MRWT40RGB puts out 200W of peak power per speaker, and a continuous power of 100W. It has got a high sensitivity, rated at 94dB (1W/1M), and its impedance is 4 Ohms. Its frequency range is 130Hz – 20KHz. The cone is made out of polypropylene, it has a 1” mylar dome tweeter, a polypropylene woofer cone and a plastic basket.

You can expect to see mounting hardware inside the box once you’ve acquired this speaker. One nice feature to take into account is the fact that it also has a lighting system (RGB stands for red, green and blue). This ensures that it will stand out from the surroundings.


  • Lighting system makes it more visually appealing
  • High sensitivity, which translates into an efficient conversion of energy into sound


  • This type of design might limit its potential installation places in some cases
  • Has a somewhat narrow frequency range when compared side by side to other speakers in the same price range
Important Features of Marine Speakers

Marine speakers are in their own league for a number of reasons. A lot of thought and caution goes into their design that wouldn’t generally go for speakers destined to sit on your desk or inside your car. Here is a summary of some of the most important features you will find:

Power: if you look at the tech specs of marine speakers in general, you will notice that they can put out some serious power compared to the majority of speakers. This is because they’re destined to stand out in an environment with a lot of noise. Waves, a roaring boat engine, people talking loudly, seagulls, other electronics and equipment on the vessel, and more.

Build Quality: when a manufacturer designs marine speakers, they don’t consider cheap, fragile components or materials. If they did, they wouldn’t do very well in this market. Marine speakers are built to last for several seasons, enduring all kinds of hazards. They are often surrounded by rubber, to help protect the insides against water, salt and UV rays. The grilles are much harder to damage than the ones you’ll find on bookshelf speakers or car speakers. Even if a heavy object on your deck ends up sliding and crashing into them by accident, they probably won’t sound any worse than before, nor will you notice any significant structural damage.

Shielding/Isolation: Marine speakers are designed in such a way that nothing harmful will manage to penetrate into the interior, potentially risking their integrity. Their cones are made out of plastic, whereas most are made out of paper. Their circuitry is also shielded with resistant materials such as injection plastic or silicone, which will make sure that they remain functional and intact without hindering their performance. It’s almost as if all the vital components are safely enclosed inside of a protective bubble that allows you to enjoy them without ever having to worry about them.

Car Speakers VS Marine Speakers

Before you invest on marine speakers, you will probably wonder “why don’t I just buy regular speakers like I would for my car, or to listen to music at home?” Well, the truth is, if you ignore the fact that companies dedicate their time and money designing speakers that were made with the ocean in mind, you will eventually regret that decision.

Marine speakers don’t earn their name simply by blending well with boats or other environments where there is bound to be a lot of water splashing. If you install a regular car speaker on your boat, after a short period of time, you will notice that the moisture, salt and UV rays have penetrated into the interior and they’ve wreaked havoc on the internal components.

 Also, the smaller magnet structures inside car speakers will definitely limit the volume they can put out. In your car, you can roll up your windows and obtain a nicely isolated bubble with decent acoustics. Out in the sea, there’s wind, waves, seagulls, maybe other people talking loudly over the background noise, and more.

In marine speakers, there’s a much larger magnet structure, meaning you will be able to hear your favorite music wherever you are. Manufacturers use much more resistant materials such as titanium or steel. The grilles are reinforced; all the interior components will be coated or protected with special plastic, silicone and other isolating materials. Car speakers will frequently feature paper cones. You’re no stranger to what water will do to paper, right? This is why marine speakers feature plastic cones, specifically designed to endure harsher conditions. A special sealant is applied to the circuitry so that it stays dry even if a bigger wave crashes into your boat and splashes the entire deck. Logically, car speakers don’t have anything like this, since no car is expected to be subjected to such conditions.

All of these key differences make marine speakers a million times more resistant than car speakers. They can take prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight, sudden temperature changes, humidity, a high salt concentration, corrosion, dust, you name it! In some cases, there isn’t even such a significant price difference between the two, but the longevity and power difference is going to be brutal. If you’re buying new speakers for your boat, make the right choice and get yourself a pair of marine speakers.

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Benefits of Marine Speakers

One of the biggest benefits of acquiring marine speakers is their versatility. The fact that they’re called “marine” doesn’t mean they will only do well on boats. They can shine in a variety of other applications.

If you’re putting together a sauna room, you have to expect a lot of humidity in it. There won’t be any crashing waves, seagulls or the sound of a boat engine, but marine speakers will probably be the best choice for this environment.

When you want to install a sound system in a pool area, marine speakers can also prove themselves to be very efficient. They’re powerful and water resistant, making them excellent candidates for this kind of application.


Marine speakers are built like tanks. They are made to endure weather hazards and absorb shock damage much better than their counterparts designed to sit on your desk. This means that if you need rugged speakers that can take some abuse, this might be your type!

Are you restoring an RV or a vehicle that you plan to take on road trips through dirt roads or even off road? Marine speakers are protected by several layers of plastic, silicone and other materials that won’t let dust particles penetrate and reduce their life considerably.


It is certainly an understatement to say such kind of speakers pack a punch. Marine speakers are seriously powerful, since they’ve been designed to be used in places that are a lot noisier than the typical car or study. If you need some serious volume, this could be a good option to consider.

Multiple Arrangement Possibilities:

Most speakers are generally sold in pairs. However, they’re also designed in a way that enables you to combine several pairs. You can hook them to an amplifier and connect them in series, bridge channels to add a subwoofer, and there’s more. If you’d like to have multiple areas with speakers installed, but you want to be able to control the volume independently for each one, you can get a zone amplifier. Imagine this kind of setup on a large boat. You could have guests on the deck area with music loud enough so that their voices don’t drown it out, and you can have a lower volume in an internal division, where there’s no need for the music to be as loud.


1. Do you need an amp for marine speakers?

An amplifier is not always a necessity for your marine speakers. Mostly, it depends on the circumstances and what you are intending to get out of your equipment. Most stereos will have a decent amplifier built into them, and they might be enough to keep you satisfied in terms of volume and sound quality. If you haven’t got your speakers yet and you are unsure about using them by themselves or getting an amplifier as well, maybe you should try it out without the amp first. It might be that you wouldn’t feel the need to improve on the sound you already have.

However, it is also possible that you think that it still needs an extra boost. In those cases, the amplifier will be your best friend. If you’re mounting your speakers on a very big place, or if you’re hosting parties for a lot of people, an amplifier would come in handy to make sure you have plenty of volume available.

There are other scenarios where an amplifier can take your speakers capabilities to another level. For example, if you like to turn up the bass, the amp will make sure that you’re getting the most out of a subwoofer. These need adequate power to deliver the bass you’re expecting. This means that without an amp, your investment won’t be as worthy as it could potentially be.

If you’re expecting to power a large number of speakers (for example, on a large boat or a big pool area), an amplifier would also come in handy. Typically, stereos can only provide power safely to a moderate number of speakers, generally 4. By adding an amplifier to the chain, you can avoid risking your equipment while improving the mood and ambience of the location where the speakers are meant to be installed at.

Lastly, if you wish to have more than one area with speakers (for instance, an inside and an outside area), installing a zone amplifier would allow you to adjust the volume in each area independently, dramatically enhancing your possibilities.

2. Are marine speakers waterproof?

It is a tricky thing to say that marine speakers are completely waterproof. When we think waterproof, we usually think of a device that can be submerged a few meters underwater for a few minutes and turn out just fine. However, the marine speakers we have described in this compilation are meant to be installed in settings where it is highly likely that they will get splashed, or a place where the weather conditions can be harsh.

If you need speakers for a boat, a pool area or a sauna room, where there will always be water and high humidity, marine speakers are the most logical and efficient choice. This doesn’t mean that they won’t survive being submerged for a few seconds by accident, but they aren’t built with that in mind.

Should you need to submerge them completely for extended periods of time, such as the speakers found in pools where synchronized swimming occurs, you should look for speakers that are specifically built to produce sound underwater. Those will not perform very well at the surface, but excel when submerged and will last an adequate amount of time.

3. How to connect Bluetooth speakers to a Dual marine stereo?

Dual is a brand that has been around for a very long time, and they’ve built a big name for themselves by providing their customers with high quality audio equipment over the years. They have marine stereos that can make boating even more enjoyable by incorporating clever features such as Bluetooth, bright LCD screens that resist sunblock, weather forecasts, and more.

In order to make them suitable to be used inside boats, their circuits are coated, the chassis is wrapped in a special plastic, among other protection measures that ensure you can enjoy your stereo for years to come.

On a Dual marine stereo, having Bluetooth connectivity means you have access to hands-free calling, audio streaming and player control. You will find Bluetooth in models such as the Dual AMB600W. To connect a Bluetooth device to your stereo, jump into the Menu and use the “Mode Down” or “Mode Up” buttons to cycle through the available options. There will be several, such as CD Player Mode, Aux Input, SD Card, and of course, Bluetooth.

Dual marine stereos broadcast the pairing signal continuously when there isn’t a connected device. You should make sure your device is discoverable and complete the pairing sequence from it. Most devices nowadays support the auto-connect feature, meaning that in the future, they will pair with your stereo as soon as they are in range.

After pairing, you can use Bluetooth operation to make and receive phone calls, stream audio, while having all the necessary controls on the stereo itself, or in some cases, in a remote that is provided with the stereo.

4. How many marine speakers do I need?

Depending on the setting where you’re planning to install your speakers, you may only need a pair, or you might benefit from having a few additional pairs. For instance, if you have a smaller boat with room for 4 people, a couple of speakers should be sufficient, since they’re potent enough to avoid being drowned out by the surrounding noise. However, if your boat is much bigger and has several divisions, you may or may not need additional pairs. Some people don’t feel the need to have the possibility of listening to music in every single area of the boat. If you’re not that kind of person though, you should have several pairs spread out, such as in the cabin and on the deck.

If the speakers are meant for an outdoor area such as a pool, you can apply the same rationale. Do you want to have music loud and clear on every single area? Can you compensate the lack of speakers in a certain zone with a larger power coming from speakers located elsewhere? It all depends on the type of environment you’re trying to create.

Inside other vehicles such as an RV or a quad bike, if you opt to install marine speakers due to their resistance to the elements, one pair should be enough, or at most, two pairs.

5. What are the best 6×9 marine speakers?

If you are searching the market for a pair of 6×9 marine speakers and you need to know what the best candidates are, you should definitely take a good look at the Kicker 40PS694. There are a few reasons why this model deserves your consideration: it puts out 180w of peak power, which should be more than enough for pretty much any setting worth installing them in. They are quite light, weighing only 8 pounds.

One of the main reasons why these speakers will shine is that Kicker has made sure it can be used, abused and still sound amazing. It has got a ¾” neo-titanium dome tweeter, a polypropylene cone, and rubber surround. This combination makes it sturdy and resistant for years to come.

Since Kicker also produces amplifiers, remotes and other electronics that can be paired with these speakers, you are also ensuring that your purchase is compatible with their huge array of choices to compliment your vehicle or space.

6. What are the best marine speakers?

To find out what are the best marine speakers, you will first need to evaluate what are the aspects you value the most on this kind of equipment. Is it sheer power and volume? Is it the prospect of investing on the model that will definitely last the longest? Or is it mostly about looks? After this, it’s mandatory to understand what will be the most decisive factors of the place where they will be installed. If they end up on the deck of a boat that is regularly taken to the sea, bear in mind that they will suffer much more than if they were sitting close to a pool, indoors or outdoors.

From our compilation, it is safe to say that the best marine speakers you can find would be the Polk Audio MM1. They’re far from being the cheapest, but you can be assured that you are investing in quality marine audio. Not only are they extremely powerful with 300W of peak power handling and 100W RMS, they also have a wide frequency range and a high sensitivity.

Polk Audio has made sure that these speakers endure tons of abuse. They feature non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced ABS basket, epoxy coated crossovers, water-proof inner and outer surrounds, weep holes for draining purposes and titanium-plated cones. This earns them an IP56 rating, and allows you to put them under pressure without any fear of damaging your investment or ruining the mood at a party.

7. What audio cable should I use for marine speakers?

To ensure you make the most out of your marine speakers, you shouldn’t use just any kind of audio cable. Take into account that everything in this setting is more likely to be affected by humidity, salt, and other hazards that never pair well with electronics. Because of this, you should go with marine speaker wire.

A good example of this would be the Ancor 142610. This wire is super flexible, making it easy to run it through tight spaces. It has a clear jacket to help it blend into the environment. Featuring drawn copper, unidirectional lay and tinned copper for corrosion resistance, this is definitely the type of audio cable you need to get your hands on. It might be a bit pricier than an ordinary audio cable, but after a few years it will have paid for itself by enduring a lot more than a regular cable!

8. What is the best marine amplifier?

When you want to get the most out of your current speakers, a good idea would be to add a marine amplifier or a subwoofer to your setup. Adding an amplifier will dramatically increase the amplitude of the signal being transmitted from your stereo to your speakers, which will give you more volume and sound quality. The subwoofer will enhance the bass frequencies.

Just like in the speaker market, there are tons of available choices when you’re looking for a quality amp. To know what the best marine amplifier, you should pay attention to characteristics such as the class, power output, inputs, channels and filters. Making a well informed choice could potentially bring out new life from your old speakers!

If you’re in it for the best, you can’t go wrong with the Wet Sounds SDX6. It is a top of the line amplifier which will not disappoint you in any situation. The price tag isn’t the nicest, but the product quality is superb. It is a 6 channel amp that can provide 6 speakers with 185W RMS each, or you could power only 4 speakers this way, and then bridge the leftover channels to power a subwoofer with 585W RMS. These aren’t the only two possible configurations. With 6 channels, there are lots of variations you can enjoy.

The Wet Sounds SDX6 features a coated PCB circuit board, protecting it from humidity. There’s a sealed saltwater resistant heat sink, and its hardware is all stainless steel. Inside, there’s an on-board microprocessor that keeps track of voltage, temperature and other sensitive variables that could endanger the amplifier. It incorporates the Wet Sounds’ patented MAXED™ power supply technology, which saves your boat electrical systems without compromising performance.

This amp also contains high-pass and low-pass filters for the audiophiles. You can use these to adjust your speakers in a very detailed manner, giving you total control of the sound they are putting out. There’s also a variable bass boost. In terms of looks, this amplifier lets you adjust the logo badge to glow with different colors.

A great advantage of this amplifier is that it already has everything you need in the box. It comes with a kit included with all the wiring and connectors, which are marine graded.

9. How long do marine speakers last?

Marine speakers aren’t built like any other speaker on the market. They are rugged, tough, and a lot of thought goes into designing them. They are built to withstand water, salt, extreme fog and humidity, and still be able to blast some serious sound without compromising on quality and crispiness.

They will often have plastic cones to protect against humidity. Other speakers generally have cones made out of paper, and you know how resistant paper is in a very humid environment. The grilles are extra tough, since objects are more likely to slide and crash into them on a moving boat than on land. The internal components are protected by materials such as rubber, injection plastic or silicone, making sure that the critical components have a long life ahead of them, lasting you many seasons.

The conditions you subject these speakers to play a role in their longevity. If you’re taking your boat to the open sea, the salt will deteriorate the components faster than if you were sailing in freshwater. Most likely, they would last even longer if you just install them in a pool area, somewhere hidden from direct sunlight and a lot of splashing. With this in mind, the exact same speakers could last you 10 years by the pool, and only half that time on a boat that is regularly taken out to the sea.

It is difficult to establish a guaranteed lifetime because these parameters vary a lot more with marine speakers than with any others. Manufacturers know this, and that is why they subject their products to extreme conditions, probably a lot more than what they will have to face on the consumer end. If they pass the tests, they’re likely to satisfy your ears for a very long time.

This combination of variables is the reason why you should always analyse the circumstances at hand, and judge the potential life of your speakers according to them. By following this kind of logic, you are bound to find out what are the best marine speakers for your specific case.


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