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Top 23 Best Buy Computer Speakers of 2024

People usually don’t pay too much heed – Sony is reputable, Bose is highly advertised and good, JBL sounds like quality, so we’ll just go with whichever is available and doesn’t cost a fortune. This represents a train of thought of nearly every consumer, but there’s little more to it than that if you’re trying to find the best speakers for the buck.

We’ve compiled a list of the best computer speakers you could get on the market and divided them in several smaller sub-categories along with our recommendations.

If you are looking for a buying guide on how to choose the best fit for you, jump to our buying guide section. If you just want our top picks, jump to the appropriate section from the list below.

Here are the top computer speakers of 2024:

In this section, we’re going to talk about the best computer speakers “overall”. There are numerous sub-categories of speakers, such as laptop speakers, wireless speakers, splash-proof speakers, and such, and this is our selection of the models that excel in versatility.

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1. Kanto YU4

Best Buy Computer Speakers 2024

[amazon fields=”B01N7PMUXW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Kanto YU4″ image_align=”center”]

Kanto YU4

With plenty of options for colors, advanced bluetooth features, and a great price, the Kanto YU4 came in as our top pick for computer speakers that are versatile and won’t let you down.

Let’s start off with Kanto’s YU4 Bluetooth speakers. This outstanding speaker set comes in a plethora of color variations, including bamboo, gloss black, gloss red, teal, white, gray, and more. They look pretty cool, regardless of the color you pick.

First of all, these speakers boast a tremendous, high-clarity sound due to 4-inch Kevlar drivers. The miniature silk-dome tweeters only complement the already great sound delivery, adding crispy, noticeable highs to the well-balanced soundstage.

The YU4 features Bluetooth, as well as Qualcomm™ integration which combined with the aptX technology allows for premium-quality convenient streaming in the easiest way possible. What’s more, it features an onboard preamp that allows you to connect your YU4 to virtually any vintage turntable.

Since this is basically a Bluetooth high-end speaker, it also comes with a neat little remote that provides you with full access to controls governing all aspects of its audio performance.

People tend to like YU4’s energy-saving qualities. It doesn’t consume much power, and it features a convenient auto-sleep feature which shuts it off when not in use, drawing approximately 0.5 Watts all the while.


  • Extremely clean, crisp sound
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Excels in aesthetics
  • Energy efficient
  • Plethora of inputs
  • Decent price


  • Light indicator lens is barely visible

2. Edifier R980T 4″ Active Bookshelf Speakers

Runner Up (Overall Category)

[amazon fields=”B01LXDZ8WB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Edifier R980T 4″” image_align=”center”]

Edifier R980T 4″

Perfect size for a desk, but powerful enough for a party. The Edifier R980T is a great choice if the Kanto doesn’t fit your needs.

Edifier is one of the world’s most famous tech makers, and it’s safe to say that everything they make brims with quality. Now, R980T is a true representative of their fine craftsmanship, even it looks a bit plain.

If we’re to overlook the aesthetics part, this speaker set performs wonderfully for the buck, and it’s one of the most versatile speakers in our reviews performance-wise. It doesn’t feature Bluetooth integration, and it’s a wired bookshelf speaker set, but it provides a full-spectrum, high-quality sound.

The R980T features 24 rated watts, which is pretty neat for smaller home parties, gaming, or casual music listening, however, it’s not enough to label it as “powerful” per se.

There are two auxiliary inputs which you can use to connect your headphones for as long as the input is 3.5mm large. You’ll get a couple of cables as complementary features, as well as a 2-year warranty on the side.

Even though it looks a bit too straightforward to call it “beautiful”, the R980T comes with a classy wood finish. It doesn’t contribute to its outward appearance, but it significantly enhances the acoustic resonance, providing you with additional sound clarity and accuracy.

Lastly, let’s talk a bit about R980T’s sturdiness. It’s durable alright, boasting a magnetically shielded construction. The wood is pretty firm and strong on its own, and it’s safe to say that it could survive quite a punishment before showing a crack.


  • Great price
  • Decently powerful for a home speaker
  • Exceptional durability
  • Complementary cables
  • Dual Aux input
  • 2-year warranty


  • Looks plain and straightforward
  • Not ideal for large parties due to its mediocre level of wattage

3. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

[amazon fields=”B000062VUO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”ProMedia 2.1″” image_align=”center”]

ProMedia 2.1

A more budget option, the ProMedia comes with two speakers and a bass/subwoofer that will provide a great music experience for those on a tighter budget.

Essentially, Klipsch is one of those brands that you can rely on when searching for a quality speaker system. Here we’re looking at their ProMedia 2.1 3-piece computer sound system, and if you’re the kind of person that won’t settle for less than the best, you’re in for a real treat.

The ProMedia 2.1 is comprised of two computer side speakers and the main speaker with a subwoofer. The latter features an exquisite MicroTractrix Horn which empowers and enhances the quality of reproduced audio material (from CDs, downloaded MP3 tracks, streamed programs, etc.).

It boasts a huge level of versatility, as it can be used with any laptop, tablet, any smartphone or any other device which sports a corresponding headphone jack or mini-plug input.

ProMedia 2.1 features a range of frequency response which spans from 31 hertz to 20 kilohertz, which speaks volumes about its quality. Further on that note, it boasts 200 rated watts, which make it suitable for all kinds of musical entertainment events –parties, gaming, you could even use it to amp your DJ consoles if you want, as it’s pretty powerful.

What’s best about it? It doesn’t cost a fortune. Namely, ProMedia 2.1 belongs to the medium bracket of the “middle” price point category. It’s not one of the cheapest speaker systems out there, but it’s certainly not one of the most expensive ones either.


  • MicroTractrix premium-quality Horn
  • 200 rated watts
  • Exceptional level of versatility
  • Compatible with all conventional tech (laptops, smartphones, etc.)
  • Comes at a fair price


  • Doesn’t feature Bluetooth integration
  • You might find volume controls a bit hard to grasp

4. Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002

[amazon fields=”B001RNOHDU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Create Labs”” image_align=”center”]

Create Labs

Great for those on a small budget, the two-speaker option from Creative Labs provides sound quality above it’s price point.

The last speaker set in our “best pick overall” review comes from Creative Labs. The name might appear cheeky, but they’ve actually earned their reputation for being, well, creative.

What we have here is a plain 2-piece speaker set. Both share a similar, great looking design, but they’re not identical. Namely, one of these speakers is the main hub – it features three sound customization options and the addition of two aux inputs, whereas the other is only a sound emitter.

These speakers feature 28 rated watts – that might not appear as much, but rest assured that it’s just enough if you don’t intend to host huge party events. Even though these speakers don’t have a subwoofer, they sport the BasXPort technology which completely eliminates the need for one. Combined with a cloth tweeter, you’ll get plenty of bass to enjoy.

One of the best things about this computer speaker set is that it doesn’t cost too much – it’s one of the models which belong to the lower-end price point category, but it’s as versatile as its more expensive counterparts.


  • Compatible with all convenient audio sources (TVs, smartphones, computers)
  • Cloth tweeter combined with BasXPort tech provides an accurate and accentuated bass response
  • Precision-tuned speakers with 28 rated watts
  • Compact and space-saving design


  • Well-rounded, but doesn’t excel in any particular field of performance

Best Budget Computer Speakers

Budget computer speakers are usually inferior to every other speaker category. These are smart to consider as replacement or your “first-aid” tech when your actual speaker set dies out, but these models can’t go toe to toe with premium-quality sets.

However, there’s a handful of jewels hiding in this price point category, and we’ve searched far and wide before coming up with a list of the best budget speakers. Without any further ado, let’s see what’s on the menu.

1. Tomot Computer Speakers

Best Budget Computer Speakers 2024

[amazon fields=”B078QNMDYC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Tomot Computer Speakers”” image_align=”center”]

Tomot Computer Speakers

The Tomot 2-piece stereo system is cheap and has great sound quality for the money. Definitely check it out if you are on a tight budget.

Let’s begin with Tomot’s computer speaker set. This is a cheap 2-piece set which does a major bang for the buck. Even though this model comes at a shamefully low price, it boasts high levels of durability and performance.

The first feature that’s worth mentioning is the onboard loudspeaker diaphragm. Complemented with a pair of strong subwoofers, these speakers deliver clear, exceptionally rich stereo sound, although certain buzzy sounds are to be expected at times.

In essence, this speaker set represents USB speakers. One of the best things about it is the convenient mode of connectivity. Knowing that most wireless and easy-to-connect speakers belong to the higher price point categories, the simplified connectivity of Tomot’s speakers is certainly a big plus.

The compact design of these speakers saves up quite a lot of storage space – you don’t really want a set of bulky speakers to come in your way, now, do you?

There are no outstanding features that are worth mentioning – this is a plain speaker set which features only the simplest controls, such as volume control, on, and off.


  • Exceptionally simple, yet reliable speaker set
  • Comes in two color variations
  • Enhanced connectivity (USB Powered set)
  • High-quality sound
  • Compact design


  • No outstanding features
  • Poor sound customization potential

2. Logitech Z207 2.0

Runner Up (Budget/Cheap Category)

[amazon fields=”B074KJ6JQW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Logitech Z207 2.0″” image_align=”center”]

Logitech Z207 2.0

The Z207 is a bit older, but that is why the price has come down. If you don’t need anything fancy, they are a great option that won’t let you down.

Logitech has earned quite a lot of renown among audiophiles over the years, but their fame stems on high-quality, boutique speakers such as Z537, Z337, or X300.

Now, the speaker set we’re reviewing now is an exception – the Z207 is one of their earlier versions which they improved over time. The catch is – it’s super affordable at the moment, and it can still pass for a high-quality speaker set.

First of all, this is one of the few Bluetooth speakers in this price range (alternatively, you can use a 3.5 millimetre cable to connect it to any conventional audio emitting device). The Logitech’s patented Easy-Switch™ tech allows you to seamlessly switch through the devices – all you have to do is pause the track on one of the devices and press the “play” button on other.

Speaking of performance, the Z207 boasts a well-balanced soundstage that’s characterized with deep, clear bass and accentuated mids. The only bad thing is that it’s not so powerful – it sports only 10 watts at peak power.

However, the low price is more than enough to compensate for this little drawback. What’s more, it features a neat compact design which can save quite a lot of space on your PC desk.


  • Outstanding versatility for a low-budget speaker
  • Patented Easy-Switch technology
  • Remarkable soundstage and performance
  • Onboard headphone jack
  • Bluetooth integration


  • Low power (10 watts at peak power)

3. Cyber Acoustics CA-2014

[amazon fields=”B00008MN45″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Cyber Acousitcs CA-2014″” image_align=”center”]

Cyber Acousitcs CA-2014

Cheap and good value for the money. Not much more to say in this price-point.

Next up on the catalogue of the finest budget speakers is CA-2014 speaker set from Cyber Acoustics. These guys have quite a few high-quality models in their selection, and this particular one is among the best in their low-end sphere.

Let’s start off with the design of these speakers. They were made small so as to save up desk space, and their overall design is pretty much average. There’s a volume knob, a power switch, and the headphone output onboard, so it’s safe to say that this plain speaker set is fairly easy to use and accessible to people who don’t know squat about speakers in general.

These speakers, however, aren’t really powerful or loud per se. They’re cheap, they look quite nice, and they boast a good value for the buck, but that’s pretty much it.


  • Exceptionally low price
  • Great value for the cash
  • Look a bit plain, but nice
  • They perform well by budget-speaker standards


  • Small wattage and low power

4. Creative Labs IN-T10-R3

[amazon fields=”B00113PUJQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Creative Labs IN-T10-R3″” image_align=”center”]

Creative Labs IN-T10-R3

Budget speakers that are compact and have built-in subwoofers. Keep them in mind if you need something small that can get the job done.

Here’s yet another solid speaker set from Creative Labs, but this time we’re reviewing a model from the budget price point category.

The IN-T10-R3 (shortly called “T3”) is one of the few speakers within the price range that has a neat set of subwoofers. The bass response is quite deep and pronounced, the mids are somewhat chirpy, and the highs are adequate, to say the least. Now, the overall soundstage might not be as balanced as the one of a high-quality speaker system, but it’s great if you consider the price.

As for the aesthetics, the T3 speaker system looks ravishing. These speakers are very small (and feature the space-saver design), adorned with a beautiful black finish.

Sadly, there’s little room for sound customization. The only adjustable settings are volume and tone, which is still better than no customization at all. Frankly, these speakers are among the best budget speakers out there, despite the small flaws they come with.


  • Beautiful black finish
  • Excel in aesthetics
  • Superb bass response & subwoofers
  • Great soundstage, although not well-balanced
  • Good bang for the buck
  • Space saver design


  • Low power
  • Poor sound customization potential

Best Laptop Speakers

Laptops usually come with built-in speakers, so it’s safe to say that having a pair of external ones isn’t exactly necessary. However, these onboard speakers are incredibly poor in quality, and they won’t leave you much room for enjoyment.

That’s just one of the prime reasons why people look for special “laptop” speakers. In this section we are going to review a couple of premium-quality speaker sets, so let’s have a quick rundown:

1. Logitech 3.5mm Jack Compact

Best Laptop Speakers 2024

[amazon fields=”B07FDZC81H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Logitech 2.5mm Jack” image_align=”center”]

Logitech 2.5mm Jack

Decent price and high-quality, the 3.5mm jack option from Logitech is perfect for getting better sound than your built-in speakers of your laptop.

In a nutshell, the model we’re looking at here is a decently priced, high-quality speaker set with easy connectivity and access to all notable features.

Let’s start with the price. Logitech’s Laptop speaker set belongs to the “affordable” price point category, and don’t think it will be a coincidence if you find this exact model in other “budget speaker” reviews.

Performance-wise, this set is quite formidable – it allows you to benefit from a rich sound output and highly accurate audio emissions, but it lacks the punch of PC speakers as it only features 5W of power.

There’s only one knob onboard which can be used to toggle the volume, sitting right next to the headphone jack and 3.5mm input for DVDs or MP3s.

Lastly, the low-profile design is just another name for the “space saver” which we accentuated over and over – these speakers are particularly small, and it’s safe to say that you won’t have any issues with storage.

Now, if you happened to like the original set, Logitech offers you an option to utilize the Bluetooth integration with a special adapter, alas at a slightly larger price. Overall, this speaker set works like a charm when we consider the fact that it’s a budget speaker before it’s a laptop speaker set.


  • Comes at a fair price
  • Compact design
  • Convenient onboard controls & dual inputs
  • Easy setup and connectivity
  • Decently versatile speaker set


  • Low wattage power
  • Bluetooth integration adapter comes separately

2. Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Runner Up (Laptop Category)

[amazon fields=”B016XTADG2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Anker Classic” image_align=”center”]

Anker Classic

Compact design and aesthetically pleasing design make this a great option to compliment your MacBook or Windows Laptop.

Anker is one of those brands that earned much fame through quality work, but they’re yet to see the big stage for some reason. Frankly, everything they have in store is great for the price, and some of their flagship models from the SoundCore generation can easily go toe to toe with some of the best boutique speakers.

Speaking of which, the price is just one of the reason these guys are doing such a phenomenal job. Namely, most of their products belong to either “affordable” or “moderate” price point category, which is not so common with quality speakers..

First of all, this speaker set excels in aesthetics like no other. It features a beautifully plain box-shaped design which looks cool and saves you the much-needed space. Its compactness comes in handy if you intend to listen to some music while on the road, as you could pack it and put it nearly everywhere, anytime.

Its power leaves a lot to be desired, though. It features a 2” driver which can juice up to 4W of strength at peak power. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s certainly not enough if your needs go beyond the ordinary.

What’s great about this speaker set is the exceptional connection range of 33 feet, as well as its ability to connect to the last connected device as soon as you turn it on. Needless to say, this model features a quality, reliable Bluetooth integration.

Furthermore, you can use this speaker for up to twenty hours within a single charge. It’s powered by Li-Ion batteries which are fully and easily rechargeable.

The full package includes a micro-USB cable, a 3.5 millimetre audio cable, a complementary travel pouch, an instruction manual, and 18-month warranty. In all fairness, you’d have to leave no stone unturned in your search for a better speaker for the buck.


  • Comes laden with free goodies
  • Remarkable 33-feet connection range
  • Built-in microphone (pickup range of 2-feet)
  • Decent sound quality
  • Up to 20 hours of total playtime
  • Auto-connects to the last paired device upon turning on


  • Only 4W of power

3. Earise AL-101 3.5mm Mini Computer Speakers

[amazon fields=”B00LMV67LW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Earise AL-101″ image_align=”center”]

Earise AL-101

Another option that uses the 3.5mm jack, the Earise are small and a pleasure to look at.

Earise is an Asian tech company which boasts quite a catalogue of quality speakers, headphones, and other electronic gadgets. Even though most of them are budget-level products, they have a certain ring to it which will grow on you with time.

The AL-101 computer speakers are basically compact laptop speakers. They feature an incredibly small design which the brand characterized as “miniature”, implying that they’ll save up your space and still be convenient for travels and trips.

These speakers don’t particularly excel in aesthetics, but they don’t look dull for that matter. Though plain, the AL-101 speaker set can be characterized as beautifully plain.

The acoustic stereo sound promises an immersive audio experience, although that’s yet to be tested – these speakers are clear and audible, the soundstage is decently balanced (for a budget speaker set), but they’re very, very weak.

The universal compatibility of these speakers is, perhaps, one of the best things about it. It can be used with virtually every tech device, ranging from plain smartphones, over laptops, to PCs.

Now, the only bad thing about this speaker set is that you need to use two cables simultaneously if you want it to work. Both USB and the 3.5 millimetre cable are required.

On the brighter side, these speakers come shamefully cheap, so a flaw as small as that is not enough to undermine its overall value for the buck.


  • High-quality well-balanced soundstage
  • Portable speaker set
  • Easy connectivity via 55” cables
  • Very inexpensive


  • You need to use two cables simultaneously if you want it to work. Both USB and the 3.5 millimeter cable are required

4. KCOOL Computer Speakers

[amazon fields=”B076LHNMC3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”KCOOL” image_align=”center”]


KCool isn’t a brand that many people of heard about, but their laptop speakers are a great addition to our lineup. Check them out if they fit your style and budget.

The last laptop speakers in this review come from KCool – an underdog brand which has a lot or proving ahead of them, but hopefully, this model will represent what’s needed.

These are plain speakers in nature – a pair of two beautiful orbs with a neat little subwoofer in the middle, but aesthetics aren’t the only field where these excel. There’s plenty of bass due to a highly-balanced soundstage and the addition of subwoofers, the mids are pronounced and crispy while the highs are crystal clear. Of course, everything as per budget speaker standards, they’re nothing special if compared to the big guns.

The access to controls is pretty convenient. Everything is governed by a simple knob which can be found at the back of the speaker. Combined with USB connection, these speakers are remarkably easy to use.

Their compact design is great for laptop users, but they won’t make a problem for you if you want them with on your travels, roadtrips, and such.

Now, there are a couple of things you should know about, as these speakers aren’t exactly “perfect”, or so to speak.

First of all, these speakers are corded, and the ones that come with the set are rather short. That shouldn’t be too much of an issue for a laptop user, but it doesn’t do any good for that part.

Secondly, the notably low power might be a problem for people who live in noisy environments (near train tracks, in crowded areas, etc.). Again, this isn’t too much of a problem, especially if you don’t intend to party with them, but it’s still a flaw.

Lastly, the price of Kcool’s compact laptop speakers is pretty great. These speakers belong to the bottom bracket of the “affordable” price point category, and it’s safe to say that they boast a massive value for the cash. All things considered, these are among the better laptop speakers we’ve come across.


  • Compact design comes in handy if you want to save up some space
  • Superb soundstage with pronounced bass
  • Compatible with all modern tech devices
  • Easy one-knob control


  • The cords are rather too short for comfort
  • Low power might be an issue for people who live in noisy environments

Best Computer Speakers with Subwoofer

We’ve already introduced you to some speakers which feature subwoofer (or a pair of subwoofers, depending on the model), but here we’re going to talk about the best speakers with quality woofers – there’s a world of differences between a budget model with a very basic woofer and the one with premium-quality features outfit.

In order to be a bit more clear on the matter, a subwoofer is usually located at the very centre of the speaker. It’s a component which is used to reproduce the lowest of the bass frequencies, significantly increasing the response, depth, and clarity. Let’s get back to the reviews:

1. DOSS SoundBox XL

Best Computer Speakers with Subwoofer

[amazon fields=”B071JN4FW6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”DOSS SoundBox XL” image_align=”center”]

DOSS SoundBox XL

Leading the pack with it’s 1-piece design and 20W driver, the SoundBox is THE speaker to get if you need an all-in-one solution.

Doss’s Soundbox XL is, basically, a box of pure quality. It’s a large 1-piece speaker with a built-in 12W subwoofer, a set of two passive radiators, as well as the integrated DSP technology which significantly enhances the quality of audio emissions.

This powerhouse is led with a massive 20W driver, allowing you to party hard while resting assured that the sound will be spot on. The audio emissions coming from this extraordinary speaker are characterized with unparalleled strength, pitch-perfect clarity, leaving you with an immersive, exquisite experience without fail.

The onboard controls are aplenty, but they’re very easy to use. There are numerous controls, including the play, volume up/down, forward, and pause, each coming with a corresponding, easy to read button.

Furthermore, you’ll gain access to a Wireless library due to premium-quality Bluetooth integration. You can simply copy your tracks to any TF card and use this speaker to reproduce it.

Best of all, the Doss Soundbox features up to ten hours of total playtime (when playing at half volume capacity, though), which is more than enough to keep the party lit throughout the entire night.

It comes rather cheap, given that this is, after all, a quality speaker, and it belongs to the medium bracket of the “moderate” price point category. All things considered, the Soundbox carries a substantial value for the buck.


  • High-power speaker
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Impeccable audio quality
  • 12W subwoofer
  • Simple controls
  • Wireless library
  • Superb total playtime


  • No remote controls or apps
  • You won’t be able to use AAC or aptX integrations

2. Genius Gaming Speaker SW-G2

Runner Up (Subwoofer Category)

[amazon fields=”B075JD6GML” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Genius Gaming SW-G2″ image_align=”center”]

Genius Gaming SW-G2

Genius’s first venture into the speaker category comes in at #2. Although, they are mostly known for their other tech items, the SW-G2 is worth taking a look at if you need a set of speakers with an included subwoofer.

Genius is a serious name in the tech industry – these guys boast a thick catalogue of premium-quality goods which numbers premium-quality cameras, web-cams, speakers, and gaming gadgets. This particular speaker set is labelled as “Gaming speaker”, and the reason why we’ve decided to include it in our “best speaker with subwoofer” category is quite simple, actually.

Gamers demand pristine clear sound – whether it’s for their offline RPGs and shooters or for competitive multiplayer sessions, one thing is certain, and that’s the obvious need for nothing short of perfect-quality audio.

This remarkable speaker set looks quite edgy and cool – Genius’ trademark scorpion is on the main woofer, as well as on both speakers, but that’s not all. The entire concept changes as you switch through the color variations – there are four of them, including the plain black, black & red, black & yellow, and black & blue.

In regards to its power, this speaker set boasts 15 watts of rocking strength. Sure, there are stronger speakers, but fifteen watts is just about enough. The wooden subwoofer provides exceptionally deep, heavily pronounced bass, but the rest of the soundstage elements are equally good.

Acoustics are pretty brilliant too – the wooden casing of the speakers traps the “desirable” sounds while filtering the static and buzz away. What’s more, the dynamic crossover technology substantially enhances the overall sound clarity.

There are two control knobs onboard – the volume controls and bass are completely separate, which provides a massive boost to the sound customization potential. Further on that note, this speaker unit features a built-in amplifier that enforces and further boosts how the bass sounds.

Genius Gaming speaker set is AC powered, which means that it’s wired (hence no Bluetooth integration), but it’s compatible with most conventional tech devices.

Lastly, let’s talk about its price. Genius SW-G speaker set belongs to the upper bracket of the “Affordable” price point category, but it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best speakers with a subwoofer for the buck.


  • Comes in four color variations
  • Phenomenally deep, accentuated bass emission
  • Pinpoint sound accuracy
  • Highly durable wooden casing
  • High compatibility with all conventional tech devices (Smart TVs, smartphones, Apple roducts, DVDs, etc)
  • Great for the buck


  • Certain aspects of the soundstage are too bright
  • Wired speakers (no Bluetooth integration)

3. Photive M90

[amazon fields=”B07TFZZF95″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Photive M90″ image_align=”center”]

Photive M90

You may recognize this from our portable speaker list, but it is too good not to talk about here again. This thing is indestructible and perfect if you need a 1-piece design that can stand up to the elements.

Photive’s M90 portable speaker resembles the “SoundBox” we reviewed earlier on. The name of the brand might not ring a bell, but you can rest assured that these guys are pretty serious. Their flagship speakers such as Hydra, Cyren, and Cyren2 are widely accepted as some of the best quality speakers for the buck.

Let’s get back to the M90. It’s also among the sturdiest, most durable models on the market.

First of all, let’s begin with its construction. This outstanding speaker is both waterproof and shock-proof (IPX5 certified), which means that it will survive pounding and submersion with great ease. What’s more, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so good for pool and beach parties.

This extraordinary speaker features 20W of strength and a strong passive subwoofer – both high and low-end frequencies are caught and amplified prior to becoming sound.

What’s more, the battery lifespan of M90 is awesome. It can run u to 10 hours on a single charge, regardless of the capacity – certain speakers can work full time only if volume is at 50% or less, but this is not such a case.

Even though this speaker is quite large, the one thing that’s so awesome about it is the convenient carry handle on it. You can literally carry it as if it was a briefcase of sorts, as it’s not even that heavy.

Lastly, the price of Photive’s M90 speaker is more than fair. This speaker belongs to the “moderate” price point category, but it easily goes toe to toe with more expensive models, as it excels in nearly all fields of performance.

The only bad thing is that it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. This, however, shouldn’t be treated as a fatal flaw or a deal breaker, as these items barely cost $5.

All things considered, Photive’s M90 speaker is definitely one of the best speakers with a subwoofer – it’s as durable as can be, it’s very powerful, versatile, water-resistant, and it’s easy to carry around anywhere.

4. CMP S8 Portable HiFi Bluetooth Speakers

[amazon fields=”B07B8FCMXQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”CMP S8″ image_align=”center”]


CMP’s S8 is a stylish 1-piece speaker. It features a beautiful outward appearance, but sadly comes in “gray” alone. 

The last model in this category comes from CMP – a versatile brand that deals with just about everything, ranging from snow boots, over plain outdoor shirts, to high-quality tech pieces. That might not sound too reassuring, but wait until you see what S8 can do before you jump to conclusions.

First of all, CMP’s S8 is a stylish 1-piece speaker. It features a beautiful outward appearance, but sadly comes in “gray” alone. Nevertheless, it’s a speaker that excels in aesthetics like no other.

You’ll certainly like to hear that S8 is a Bluetooth speaker – it boasts reliable, high level of connectivity and boasts 20 rated watts of pure, raw power. The brand accentuated the fact that this speaker excels in emitting unmatched bass – as can be seen on the control board (“S8 Nothing but amazing bass”).

It’s pretty durable, featuring the exact same material Apple uses to produce their phones – adorned with a thick metal shell, you can rest assured that your S8 will be able to survive quite a punishment.

This speaker runs on batteries – 4000mAh Li-Ion ones, to be more precise. The total runtime is up to eight hours, which is pretty decent, although far from perfect.

Furthermore, it supports TF cards, as well as USB playback, but what’s best about it is the fact that you can connect your S8 to another S8 via Bluetooth. You can make a wall of pure bass with one alone, so do you even dare to imagine what two can do, let alone three or more?

Concerning the price, this remarkable woofer is not too expensive, but it certainly doesn’t come cheap. Namely, it belongs to the upper bracket of the “medium” price point category, but it does hold a huge value for the cash, to be frank.


  • Extremely powerful speaker with a subwoofer
  • Exquisite bass response and level
  • Durable and stylish design
  • High compatibility
  • Runs on Li-Ion batteries


  • Mediocre total runtime

Best Gaming Speakers

Gaming speakers are pretty much synonymous to “high-quality” speakers. As we’ve mentioned earlier, gamers are types of people who rely on audio more than others, so it’s only normal that you won’t find a budget model in the setup of a hard core gamer. Let’s see which speakers are best for gaming:

1. Logitech G560

Best Gaming Speakers

[amazon fields=”B07B2WLS17″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Logitech G560″ image_align=”center”]

Logitech G560

These 240W speakers are an absolute beast if you want superior sound from a reputable brand. These don’t come cheap, but are well worth the money.

The first gaming speaker set comes from Logitech and bears the name of G560 LightSync. Basically, this is more than a simple speaker setup, as it features a vivid lightshow, an incredible amount of wattage power, a set of exquisite drivers, and more.

First things first – this is a boutique speaker which means that it doesn’t exactly come cheap. The G560 LightSync belongs to the medium bracket of the “high” price point category, and it’s one of the priciest speakers in this review. Be it as it may, it holds a superb value for the money, as it comes outfitted with some of the finest technologies and features the market has to offer.

LightSync features a Built-in RGB which emits lightning colors, as well as certain visual effects which are activated by in-game audio. This is not an incredibly useful feature, but gamers tend to love it, as it significantly helps the realization of the promised “immersive experience”.

What’s so great about Logitech’s G560 LightSync speaker set is the incredible amount of strength it boasts. Namely, this powerhouse features 240 rated watts at peak power. It’s safe to say that you’ll hear every single enemy crawling up and skulking about, you’ll be able to determine the angle of your shooters, and enjoy the in-game music on a totally different level.

The exquisite driver that powers these speakers brings about a ton of exquisiteness and uniqueness to the soundscape – Logitech’s G560 LightSync speaker set simply sounds better than most standard speakers.

DTS:X surround sound, or simply 3D sound integration is another perfect feature that gamers need. It expands the sound waves and frequencies straight from their origin and loops them from the exact position where the sound actually came from.

For example, if you’re facing a battlefield, you’ll hear every single noise that the developers wanted, such as battle cries, dying throes, arrows flinging above, shields shattering, and such.

On the other hand, facing the other direction will muffle the sound down a bit, leaving you with obvious hints regarding where the real action is taking place.

Furthermore, Logitech offers you their “Family Software” which allow you to easily customize the lightshows and sparkles. The projections will be at your whim, and millions of colors at your disposal.

All things considered, this is a pricy speaker, that much is certain, but it certainly holds a superb value for the buck. We highly recommend that you try it out if you hadn’t already.


  • Built-in RGB lightning and software to customize it
  • Staggering amount of wattage power
  • Integrated 3D-positional audio
  • Easy sound customization
  • Amazingly great soundstage


  • Slightly muddied sound clarity at times

2. Bose Companion 2 Series III

Runner Up (Gaming)

[amazon fields=”B00CD1PTF0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Bose Companion 2″ image_align=”center”]

Bose Companion 2

Recognize the name? Bose has recently ventured into the smaller (and luckily cheaper) speaker realm and the Companion 2 speakers are a great choice when streaming games or movies that need superior quality.

Bose is the name you’ve probably seen in nearly every “best speakers” review you’ve come across so far, and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. This brand is among the most renowned world-class leaders in the electronics department, and their speakers are powerful, versatile, and exemplary in every possible way.

Their Companion 2 from the Series III is a true representative of their quality. At first glance, this is a plain speaker set with the only mark of quality being the Bose™ name at the floor of each speaker. Even though this speaker set features a straightforward, plain design, you’ll be amazed – the gamers simply love it.

One of the trade secrets Bose use while making every speaker set is their technology. They implement the most exquisite drivers to their models which make the soundstage rich and clear, regardless of the volume level.

There’s only one knob which governs the volume – you can’t miss it, as the loudspeaker icon printed above it is clearly visible and easy to notice. Just below this knob is the aux input which allows you to pair up these speakers with other audio sources – smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and such.

The only issue a gamer could have with these speakers is the bass. It’s there, it’s deep and pronounced alright, but it sounds somewhat thumped when compared to the bass emission from a speaker with a proper subwoofer. Regardless, the rest of the soundstage is pretty rich, and it’s safe to say that you’ll be more than satisfied if you’re able to overlook this small flaw.

Let’s sum things up – Bose’s Companion II won’t distort the sound even at maxed out volume (regardless of the music type). Furthermore, you won’t experience static or feedback in this situation as well. The highs (which are often a problem to gamers) aren’t too sharp, and the bass emphasis isn’t too heavy on attack.

Lastly, the price of Bose’s Companion II can be characterized as affordable, if we’re to take into account that these are top-tier speakers, after all. They have some small flaws, that’s true, but the plethora of benefits are more than enough to compensate for them.


  • Very plain and straightforward design
  • Durable casing
  • Easy connectivity
  • Superb sound quality
  • Exceptional drivers and tech hardware


  • Deepest, lowest bass frequencies may appear muffled at times

3. AVerMedia Ballista Trinity Gaming PC Speakers

[amazon fields=”B014JWMQNS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”AverMedia Ballista Trinity” image_align=”center”]

AverMedia Ballista Trinity

These things look great and have the sound quality to back it up. With 77W at peak rating, the Ballista Trinity is a must-have if you like having speakers match your gaming desktop’s design.

If you’re a gamer with a savage setup, you’ll want AVerMedia’s Ballista Trinity to be a part of it. As the brand claims, this particular speaker set was specifically designed for top-notch gaming audio emissions. You can expect outstanding wattage, pristine clear audio, outstanding bass response, and easy access to the most important controls.

Let’s start from the very beginning. This is a moderately-priced boutique-level gaming speaker set. It’s not expensive, but it’s hard to label it as “cheap”. Nevertheless, its value highly surpasses everyone’s first impressions.

The Ballista Trinity is indeed a powerhouse – it features 77 rated watts at peak power which might appear humble when compared to Logitech’s LightSync, but it’s certainly more than most gaming setups need. The best things about its wattage power is that it doesn’t impede upon the sound clarity – regardless of how much you crank the volume up, the sound remains as clear as ever.

This is a more complex 3-way speaker setup – it features twin dual-channel drivers and a 1” tweeter dome which all combined provide a stunning, exquisite audio experience.

The front-facing subwoofer boasts dynamic bass qualities – the ground will tremble and the window glass might shatter if you’re not careful.

Furthermore, the control box is fully independent – you’ll gain access to power, volume, bass & treble control, as well as to the headphone jack which can be used to pair these speakers to other external audio sources.

What makes this speaker set so unique is the Assassin mode – you can get the most from your speakers, the qualities that are somewhat reserved for high-gain high-volume frequencies, but you don’t actually need to crank it up when this mode is active.

All things considered, AVerMedia’s Ballista Trinity is one of the best gaming speaker configurations for the buck.


  • Ultimate gaming speaker configuration
  • 77 watts at peak power
  • Pristine clear sound
  • No distortion or feedback, regardless of the volume
  • 3-way premium-quality satellite speaker set
  • Dynamic bass subwoofer
  • Independent controls
  • Assassin mode


  • The subwoofer can easily overpower the rest of the soundstage if bass is not adjusted properly

4. Trust Gaming GXT 628

[amazon fields=”B01EFVAT5A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”GXT 628″ image_align=”center”]

GXT 628

Great speakers if you want the flexibility to connect them to your PS5, Wii, or XBOX.

The last gaming speaker configuration in this segment of our review comes from Trust. The name itself speaks volumes about their reliability – Trust are, well, trustworthy, as their products face rigorous performance tests and checks before arriving fresh on the market.

These guys are proud makers of numerous gaming gadgets, such as GXT 155 RGB mouse, the GXT Ultrathin pad, GXT 363 surround sound system, and others. Here we’ve taken a gander at their GXT 628 2.1 speaker system and, suffice to say, we liked what we’ve seen.

First of all, Trust GXT 628 2.1 speaker belongs to the “moderate” price point category. You’d expect this model to be one of those boutique speakers, but for some reason, the brand wanted to retain a low profile.

The best words to characterize the outward appearance of these speakers would be “plain” and “stylish”. The speakers should be put at each side of the LED-illuminated woofer – all of them combined provide a staggering amount of 120 rated watts. It’s safe to say that your gaming experience will forever change once you get accustomed to GXT 628.

Even though these aren’t Bluetooth speakers, their connectivity allows for easy wired control over the basic controls and paired devices. This configuration is compatible with Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PCs.

The sound quality, as well as clarity is impeccable, but the best thing about this speaker set is the quality of bass. The subwoofer is so strong that you’ll need to be extra careful when playing games with ultra low frequencies.

What’s more, GXT 628 2.1 speaker system is “smart” when it comes to power saving. The system will simply “go to sleep” when you’re not using it, saving your precious energy in the meantime.

Overall, the GXT 628 2.1 speaker configuration is more than just worth the cash – it holds a value well beyond the models in the price range.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • LED-illuminated high-bass subwoofer
  • Smart power consumption
  • Easy access to all controls
  • Remarkable value for the cash
  • Great price


  • Slight, barely audible sound distortion at max volume levels

Best Wireless Computer Speakers

Wireless speakers are sometimes called “Bluetooth” speakers – they offer a solution for people who hate tangy cables. We’ve compiled a list of the best wireless computer speakers, so let’s check it out:

1. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Wireless Computer Speakers

[amazon fields=”B0145EOFDO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”JBL Flip 3″ image_align=”center”]

JBL Flip 3

Loved by audiophiles and amateurs alike, the JBL Flip 3 won’t let you down. If you need something wireless that punches above it’s weight, be sure to check it out.

The first wireless speaker in this review is JBL’s Flip 3. It’s held in high regard among audiophiles, and it just might be the most renowned wireless speaker of all time. In a nutshell – it doesn’t cost much, it offers superb sound clarity and quality, and it boasts splash-proof properties, making it ideal for outdoor parties.

Despite its petite build, JBL’s Flip 3 is made of rugged, sturdy fabric materials and durable rubber housing. Needless to say, this combined with the aforementioned splash-proof qualities makes it extremely tough.

This little speaker allows you to pair up to three Bluetooth-active devices simultaneously, so even though it’s not too strong on its own, its connectivity allows it to accumulate power via external sources.

The Flip 3 works on 3000mAh Li-ion batteries which are fully rechargeable – a single charge can juice up to ten hours of total playtime, which is, suffice to say, more than enough for a party.

Furthermore, there’s a noise-cancelling speakerphone onboard which allows you take calls directly from the speaker, free of interference and static.

Maybe the best thing about JBL’s Flip 3 is that it doesn’t cost a fortune – it belongs to the upper bracket of the “medium” price point category, and it holds quite a value for the price.


  • High-quality sound emission
  • Durable housing
  • Seamlessly connects to up to three smart devices
  • Runs on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
  • Built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone
  • Splash-proof properties
  • Available at a decent price


  • The charging port isn’t so good

2. Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker

Runner Up (Wireless Category)

[amazon fields=”B01MUG56CD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Sony XB10″ image_align=”center”]

Sony XB10

The great bass and bluetooth connection is the highlight of the XB10. It is water-resistant and can follow you wherever you go.

Next up on the list of the best wireless speakers is Sony’s XB10. This is a compact, high-performance speaker which boasts a superb bass output, seamless Bluetooth connection, a water-resistant design, and a superb battery runtime.

First things first, the XB10 is one of the handful quality budget speakers on the market. It belongs to the “affordable” category, but don’t be fooled – it casts a long shadow above the models in the same price range.

This remarkable speaker features a powerful driver which emits a deep, clear bass sound. The latest versions of Bluetooth are also there, allowing you to easily stream your music and other audio files.

As for the battery runtime, you’ll get to enjoy your XB10 for up to sixteen full hours. Suffice to say, that’s more than most high-end speakers can afford you.

Even though it’s really small and compact, this beautiful wireless speaker comes in four vivid color variations – you can choose between black, gray, red, and blue. All things considered, this is an amazing, quality wireless speaker which surely deserves more recognition and fame.


  • Remarkable sound
  • Deep, clear bass
  • Easy stream via Bluetooth or NFC
  • Water-resistant design
  • Can be paired with similar speakers for quality stereo sound
  • Battery lasts up to sixteen full hours
  • Best companion for travellers due to its lightweight construction


  • Some devices might be hard to pair (potential, not actual flaw)

3. Bose SoundLink Color

BOSE SoundLink Color

[amazon fields=”B01HETFQKS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”BOSE SoundLink Color” image_align=”center”]

BOSE SoundLink Color

Coming in a variety of colors in the mid-price range, the SoundLink gives you exactly what you would expect from a company like BOSE.

Bose’s SoundLink II is, basically, one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the medium price point category. It features a beautiful outward appearance, comes in four colour variations, a rugged housing, and an outstandingly powerful onboard microphone. Now that we’ve described it in a nutshell, let’s see what it can offer you.

First of all, you’re free to choose between the black, blue, red, and white color variations, all of which help this remarkable model excel in aesthetics like no other Bluetooth speaker. The design isn’t just for show though – it boasts water-resistant properties and it’s pretty compact, making it a proper travel companion, regardless of where you’re going.

The exterior features all-silicone construction which is both sleek and rugged – Bose’s SoundLink II was most certainly built to last, and it’s safe to say it could withstand quite a punishment.

This remarkable Bluetooth speaker is powered by Li-Ion batteries that allow you to use it for up to eight straight hours – once it runs out of juices, simply plug it back via USB and get the party back up on the feet.

Lastly, there’s a convenient little onboard microphone that allows you to “talk” to Siri and “Google Now” – there are no notable connection issues, and in fact, it’s easier than ever to wire up your little buddy to all forms of online platforms.


  • Exceptionally beautiful outward appearance
  • Comes in four colour variations
  • Rugged silicone design
  • Li-Ion batteries with up to eight hours of charge
  • Onboard microphone for easy access to Siri and Google Now


  • Incoming calls might sound a bit thumpy or pitched down

Computer Speaker Buying Guide

Speakers are, basically, hardware pieces scrambled up together – the craftsmanship of each brand is determined by their technology and expertise, and the end product is what usually interests us, not the smallest of details. However, these “annoying, boring” details could make a difference, especially if you know what they do.

Before you get to the point of purchasing your set of speakers, there are several things you should consider, such as:


Simply put, computer speakers are thoughtful contraptions that can, and will be broken if not sturdy enough when faced with a physical obstacle or force. Breaking your speaker’s casing won’t necessarily mean that it will malfunction, but the same can be said in reverse – you don’t need to “physically break” your speaker for it to malfunction.

That’s why it’s so important that you find a durable speaker. Some are made of plastic materials, others from wood, and there are even models which come in solid metal casings.

Our recommendation to you is that you find a good balance of weight and durability. If you are travelling a lot, you’ll want a durable, yet compact speaker. These can be tough to find, but nearly all models which can pass the aforementioned criteria are within the “Wireless speaker” department – this should narrow down your search.

Wireless or Corded?

In modern times, most people opt for wireless speakers as they completely eliminate the problems you’d otherwise have with tangy cables. That’s not completely true, however – corded speakers are usually more reliable. Wireless speakers rely on external connections which can simply vanish for a mere second, and you could have connection problems.

There’s not a “safe” answer we could give you. People who want to save up some space on their computer desk could achieve this by purchasing a cordless (wireless) set of speakers, whereas party people often opt for more reliable options – corded speaker systems.

Soundstage – how to determine the performance level of your speakers

A speaker’s soundstage is comprised of various hardware pieces – tweeters, drivers, and other. These are needed to capture low, medium, and high frequencies which are often labelled as lows, mids, and highs respectively.

The lowest frequencies represent the thumping vibrations, highs are high-pitched sounds, and the medium-strength frequencies are somewhere in between the first two. If you want a speaker which will reliably and accurately translate the entirety of the soundwaves into quality sounds, you’ll need to find a speaker configuration with a well-balanced soundstage.

The soundstages are different with each model, and it’s often best to read a full review to get better insight about it in order to get a clear picture about its soundwave conversion properties (sound quality).

How can I choose a speaker with a good bass response?

Every speaker can “catch” the low frequencies we refer to as “bass”, but only those equipped with a subwoofer can reproduce the lowest ones.

Simply put, the larger the subwoofer is, the heavier the accentuation of the lowest frequencies is. Check out our “best speaker with subwoofer” review section for a complete list of the speakers you should take into consideration.

Bonus features – are they worth it?

Some speaker systems come in “bundles” which are laden with bonus, complementary features. Essentially, these are free goodies which you’d otherwise have to pay for.

The “bonus features” often include a carry bag, power cables, AC adaptors, replacement batteries, battery power charge stations, and such.

Usually, speakers that come with gratis features are called “value bundles” because their price isn’t exactly “true” to the core. This is often the result of sales, actions, or advertisement tactics, so you shouldn’t expect world-class leaders to pack their valuable accessories for free, whereas underdog brands do it from time to time.

Wireless speakers & battery lifespan

There’s just one thing you should know about wireless speakers (apart from the reliable connection, which is only logical) – their “battery lifespan” determines the length of your musical enjoyment.

Some wireless speakers feature rechargeable batteries – for as long as they’re on the power station, they won’t run out of juice. On the other hand, there are speakers which batteries need to be replaced once they run out of gas.

In these cases, you should make sure that your speaker could last for hours if it’s to be of any use. An average battery lifespan is 6 hours, so anything that tops that is better than good.

Final Words

Choosing a speaker can be a tough job with the market being so vast and all, but we hope that we’ve somewhat made the job easier for you. Check out our buying guide for detailed information regarding “how to choose” your speaker, and if you’re completely out of ideas, feel free to check out our reviews. We wish you all the luck and a happy search!

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