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Jabra’s Offerings
Their Full Lineup Uncovered

Jabra are one of the biggest competitors when it comes to the personal audio market. Having been founded in Utah in 1983, Jabra focused on ear-based audio solutions. Jabra can actually be credited with having created one of the first in-ear integrated microphones and speaker – what you might now know as being referred to as a headset. This puts Jabra ahead of a lot of the competition, based on chronology alone.

Jabra now design and market sleek and performance focused headphones, headsets and speakers. They tend to have a more professional aesthetic than a lot of the alternatives and are known for their build quality. Because of this, they are able to ask for more money than a lot of other suppliers. In this brief look at some of the products Jabra offer, I am going to look at a selection of Jabra Bluetooth earbuds and headsets and provide you with some short Jabra Bluetooth reviews.

Jabra Talk​

The Jabra Talk is the most basic Jabra headset you can purchase; it comes with the basic features you would expect from a Bluetooth headset. The ability to stream sound from mobile or Bluetooth devices works nearly flawlessly with the use of Bluetooth version 4.0. The build quality is brilliant, and if you are in the market for a device which is solidly built and will last you a long time, then this is one of your better budget options.

Jabra Easy Go​

The Jabra Easy Go is an upgrade to the Jabra Talk. It manages to maintain the style of the Jabra Talk, whilst improving the noise reduction and call quality. The design is slightly different than the Jabra talk, and amongst the total range of Jabra Bluetooth earbuds, they might be seen as a little bit shiny.

Jabra Wave​

Unlike the previous options, the Jabra Wave has a behind the ear style. It’s designed to offer comfort and be discreet at the same time. If you want to make sure no one can see your Jabra Bluetooth earbuds or headset, this is probably one of the better choices. The design might put you off because the part which goes behind your ear is quite thick. If you have small ears, then this is probably not the best option. The 8 hours of battery life is nice as well, but not as good as the…

Jabra Stone 3​

The Jabra Stone 3 is the bigger, overall, better headset, at least based on design specifications. The battery doesn’t last only six hours, but ten, and comes with a portable charger in case you do happen to run out of battery. This headset is not for the average user, but for a professional who needs to make sure they have a reliable and usable device, which isn’t going to cut out on them. Because this is a hybrid design, featuring both over and behind ear features, it is quite large, and so might be a little uncomfortable if you are more used to the smaller version. This seems to be a source of criticism in several Jabra Bluetooth reviews, so make sure to watch out for this.

Jabra Stealth​

The Jabra stealth is the most expensive of the choices on this list. This choice doesn’t come with the longest battery life, but it does have one of the sleekest designs. The noise cancellation on the Stealth is also better than the other models shown here, and it comes with a button for you to connect with Siri or Google Now. In addition to this, the Stealth comes with extra adapters for fitting the headset into your ear, giving you more chances to find that perfect fit and comfort. The main feature of this option is its noise cancellation. The Jabra Stealth is a good option if you are a busy professional and are constantly having to talk on the phone when you are in crowded places. If you are only going to be using your headset in the car, it is probably better to settle for a cheaper option.

Wrap Up on Jabra

Jabra have a great range of products for the professional. The aesthetic and design appeal to more mature consumers and their quality will ensue that you do not have to keep purchasing a new headset every time you drop it. The range of styles can appeal to a large number of people and ear shapes. If you want to make sure that your headset is ahead of the crowd, you should purchase Jabra.​

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