Freshetech: Company Spotlight

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FRESHeTECH is an American company located in Orlando, Florida. Their headquarters are actually right near NASA. They specialize in developing consumer electronics; especially audio devices such as speakers and earbuds. FRESHeTECH is creating new and interesting products. Some of these are more upmarket, such as the Freshbar, whilst some are a bit less upmarket. But they are all of a good quality.

Having originally been started by a couple of college friends, the company is still relatively new and the brand hasn’t had much time to become mainstream yet. Like many start-up companies, they are trying to get a leg-up in a very competitive market. They do this by making sure that their products are able to set themselves apart from others available. Their company’s culture of youth and innovation can be seen in their logo, embodied by the image of an astronaut.

Follow me into the small, but interesting, world of FRESHeTECH speakers, where I’ll uncover some of the best speakers you can get your hands on from them.

Splash Tunes

The Splash Tunes is your basic FRESHeTECH shower speaker. It comes with an attachment so you can fix it to the wall and is waterproof. It’s a very simple design, with simple specifications. 15 hours of battery life and full Bluetooth functionality. At a low price, this is going to be a great choice if you are looking for a budget shower speaker. If you want something a little bit more upgraded, then you can take a look at the…

Splash Tunes Pro

Is a more advanced version of the Splash Tunes and so marks a more advanced FRESHeTECH shower speaker. On the outside, it seems to be more or less the same as the Splash Tunes, but underneath the hood, you’re going to be surprised to find a bigger battery and so a louder speaker. The battery is three times the size of the Splash Tunes, making it 1200 MaH. This is a great option if you want a shower speaker and keep forgetting to charge it.


The FRESHeTECH FRESHeBAR is a premium when it comes to FRESHeTECH speakers. The FRESHeBAR will cost you a lot more than the Splash Tunes above, but it also comes equipped with a much more premium looking design and superior sound quality. The FRESHeBAR is described by FRESHeTECH as a “powerhouse” solution when it comes to speakers. With 90 watts of sound, this speaker has to be plugged into the mains, but it’s going to give you a much louder volume than the alternatives. Moreover, this can still be connected to via Bluetooth.


The FRESHeTECH ALL-Terrain was designed with one thing in mind; durability. The durable design has been manufactured to withstand drops from over ten feet and, of course, this guy is waterproof. Just looking at the design itself you can see the rugged surround and metal inner casing used to protect it. The FRESHeTECH ALL-Terrain also comes with an industrial strength clip and an attachable suction cup to help keep it in one place. Overall, a great speaker to use if you’re looking for durability.


The FRESHeTECH FRESHeCOLOR doesn’t have the most appealing design in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion. This speaker is really designed to appeal to a certain market. The handle, in my opinion, makes it look like a portable lunchbox or something I would have dragged to school when I was a child. This doesn’t mean the speaker is designed for children, but maybe it is being marketed to those who are looking for a more nostalgic device.

I will admit that the color changing ability is quite interesting and could look really cool, especially if the lights in the room are turned off, but it doesn’t quite manage to save this model for me.

The specifications also highlight its age, especially with only 8 hours of battery life and a 15-watt speaker. If you are looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker, it’s probably just as good to go with the ALL-Terrain. Of course, this might be the exact kind of design which you really want, in which case… go ahead and buy this one.

FRESHeTECH offers a pretty big range of products. They also have headphones available in their online store. They are a relatively new company, but barring the FRESHeTECH FRESHeCOLOR, they have really managed to design and bring to market some premium and quality products. I am especially impressed by the FRESHeTECH FRESHeBAR. I personally prefer to play music from one place; usually when I’m working or writing these reviews. This speaker is perfect for that. If you’re looking for the same thing I can definitely recommend the FRESHeBAR as one of the best options.

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