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Top 5 Best Camping Speakers of 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Camping is a beloved activity for friends and families to enjoy together. Surrounded by the sights and experiences that nature has to offer, camping is a wonderful way to have fun and make memories with loved ones all year round. Caught up in remembering basic camping essentials like tents and sleeping bags, many people wouldn’t think to include a set of camping speakers with the rest of their gear.

A great camping speaker will enhance your camping experience and create a vibrant atmosphere to make any campsite feel like home. Before tossing whichever speaker you have on hand into your camping bag, however, there are some facts to consider. Not just any speaker is equipped for outdoor use. Speakers need to be able to withstand rough outdoor conditions in order to survive a camping trip. To avoid breaking your speakers and having to purchase a replacement, make sure you buy the best camping speakers for your needs.

This article will outline everything you need to know before purchasing this type of outdoor gadget, and provide some helpful tips to remember while the speakers are in use. Read on to learn how to take your next camping trip to the next level with the best camping speaker.

Here are the top 5 camping speakers of 2024:

Model Battery LIfe IPX Rating
Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 12hr IPX5  
OUCOMI Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 10hr IPX6 View Price on Amazon
Kisreal Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker 10hr IPX7 View Price on Amazon
HaMi IP66 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 15hr IPX6 View Price on Amazon
AYL SoundFit 12hr IPX5 View Price on Amazon

1. Oontz Angle 3 – Best Camping Speaker 2024

Best Camping Speaker 2024

[amazon fields=”B010OYASRG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Oontz Angle 3″ image_align=”center”]

Oontz Angle 3

Great sound and a small form factor great for a hiking backpack or daypack, the Angle 3 is a perfect match for camping.

As the number one bestselling product in the “Wireless & Streaming Audio Systems” on, it’s no surprise that the Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has made it onto this top product list. With a sleek black design to match its array of modern features, this wireless speaker is built to please even the most discerning customer. Plus, this speaker is one of the most affordable options around, beating many of its competitors in both price and quality.

Portable wireless speakers aren’t always capable of delivering as high-quality sound as larger, more powerful speakers. The Cambridge Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker defies that conception with impressive clarity of sound. With this 10-watt speaker, you get to enjoy distinct mids and highs that are achieved from two ultra-precise acoustic drivers. Cambridge has included their proprietary passive bass radiator design for enhanced base and a well-rounded stereo sound. Plus, even at maximum volume, this speaker operates distortion free. You don’t have to sacrifice excellent sound on the campsite with this incredible wireless speaker.

The Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that can support up to 12 hours of continuous playback at ⅔ volume–great for long stretches out on the trails without electricity. The speaker weighs under 10 ounces and measures 2.76” x 5.24” x 2.52”, making it super easy to pack and carry along with you. The design features rounded edges and clear, simple button controls for heightened convenience.

This outdoor speaker is water resistant with a rating of IPX5, meaning it can withstand moderate water spray and splash but should not be fully or partially submerged in water. The IPX5 rating is one of the highest ratings a product can be before being considered waterproof. This speaker is also dustproof and sandproof, making it an ideal choice for rough outdoor camping conditions.

The Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Speaker features Bluetooth technology that can connect within seconds to any Bluetooth enabled iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, smartphone, Tablet, or Windows 10 device. It has a standard connection range of up to 33 feet. The built in AUX-IN jack and 3.5 mm audio cable allow use with Chromebooks, Windows 7-8 systems, TVs, and any other non-Bluetooth device. This speaker also gives you the option to make hands-free calls from your smartphone with the built-in speakerphone-enabled microphone.

With over 19,590 customer reviews on, it is safe to say that the Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Speaker is the most popular product on this list. As previously mentioned, this Cambridge product is also one of the most affordable options available. Quality, innovation, and affordability–this wireless Bluetooth speaker delivers on all fronts.

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2. OUCOMI Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Runner Up

[amazon fields=”B0739SPF9T” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”OUCOMI” image_align=”center”]


Packed with an extremely durable structure and bluetooth to hook up to your phone (even if you aren’t in cell phone reception).

The Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from OUCOMI has been designed with a combination of advanced features, all housed in a durable, army green structure. This outdoor speaker is constructed for complete reliability, no matter what nature throws your way on your next camping trip.

A speaker that can deliver sound at high definition in outdoor conditions may seem too good to be true. This outdoor speaker from OUCOMI proves that top-quality sound on the trails is completely possible. With a water resistant rating of IPX6, one of the highest on this list, you can expose these speakers to intense levels of water and humidity without having to worry about damage. It is also shockproof to survive accidental bumps and drops, which are bound to happen during outdoor activities.

These wireless speakers are equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0 technology for use with any Bluetooth-compatible device. It has a maximum playback distance of 33 feet, which is standard for this type of device. For a quick startup, the speaker connects within seconds to the most recently used Bluetooth device, saving you time and hassle. There is even an included microphone so that you can make phone calls completely hands-free. The control button is sensitive and easy to operate, allowing you to control the volume, skip, rewind, play and pause tracks with ease.

The OUCOMI Wireless Speakers feature a rechargeable battery that can fully charge in just 3-4 hours. Depending on the volume you choose, the battery can provide up to 10 hours of continuous playtime. So, you can spend more time listening to music and less time waiting for a charge. Weighing just 11.6 ounces, this speaker is one of the most lightweight options available. The dimensions measure 5.89” x 1.85” x 2.7” for convenience and portability.

This exceptional reputation is well-deserved; customers love its clarity of sound and compact design. This product is the most expensive on this list by only a small margin. When compared to all other speakers of its kind, this OUCOMI model is one of the best values for money around.

3. Kisreal Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Honorable Mention

[amazon fields=”B01DKHKQMQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Kisreal Mini” image_align=”center”]

Kisreal Mini

Weighing less than a pound and 10 hours of continuous playback, the Kisreal is great for those short trips where you can recharge between.

The Kisreal Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker takes convenience to a whole new level. Ultra-portable and reliable, this stereo speaker is the perfect companion for even your most intense camping adventures. With extreme outdoor conditions in mind, this Kisreal original is up for whatever challenges your next excursion brings.

Weighing approximately 1 pound and with dimensions of 2.2” x 3.6” x 7.5”, this Bluetooth speaker from Kisreal is lightweight and exceptionally portable. The compact design is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone, PC, tablet, PSP or MP3. So, you can easily and conveniently enjoy music wirelessly from whichever device you have on hand. If your device isn’t Bluetooth enabled, there’s no reason to pass up this great speaker. It has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input for wired connectivity; a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable is even included with the purchase of this product.

There is an impressive amount of sound power behind this mini speaker. The speaker features 10-watt power for exceptional strength of sound despite its compact size. So, even out on a remote camping site you will be able to appreciate a high quality of sound.

The Kisreal Bluetooth Speaker includes a lithium-polymer battery that can be fully charged in just three hours. The battery can deliver up to 10 hours of continuous playtime–perfect for when you are out on the trails without access to electricity. The noise-cancelling speakerphone built into this speaker is one of its most unique features. With a handy auto switch, you can go back and forth between phone calls and music mode with ease.

Built with silicon rubber to withstand the elements, this Kisreal speaker boasts a waterproof rating of IPX7. Although it shouldn’t be fully immersed in water, this model is more capable of withstanding exposure to water than any other option on this list. In addition, this speaker is advertised as shockproof and dustproof, making it well-suited to tough camping conditions.

The Kisreal Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker has earned an excellent rating among its customers. Customers love that this speaker delivers a great quality of sound from a space-efficient structure. This speaker from Kisreal is an outstanding value considering its many advanced features. With top-caliber technology and an ultra-compact design, this Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker delivers on a multitude of levels for campers of all kinds.

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4. HaMi IP66 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Honorable Mention

[amazon fields=”B06XMXPLB6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”HaMi IP66″ image_align=”center”]

HaMi IP66

Weighing under a pound and completely waterproof, make sure to take a look at the HaMi to see if it fits your budget.

The HaMi IP66 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker stands apart from its competitors because of unique, innovative features which are tailored to the needs of the modern camper. With an all-black, geometric exterior and large, easy to use buttons, this speaker from HaMi combines aesthetic accents with functional design features to create an advanced and user-friendly product.

The HaMi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a 2*3-watt device with dual high-geared drivers and a cutting-edge bass radiator design for exceptional sound. This speaker also includes noise reduction technology for improved clarity of sound. Weighing just under 0.7 pounds and measuring 1.89” x 5.31” x 2.76”, this speaker is lightweight and compact, making it a perfect choice to bring along in your camping bag.

One of the most impressive features of this HaMi original speaker is its exceptional battery life. The battery will last for up to 24 hours of continuous use at medium volume and up to 15 hours at maximum volume. This super long battery life beats out just about every other product in its category by a significant margin. The battery charges fully in just 3-5 hours. Plus, this speaker has a standby time of over 3,000 hours while Bluetooth is connected, ideal for extended camping trips. The speaker’s battery life is displayed in the upper right corner of your chosen Bluetooth device after it is connected–a highly convenient feature, especially when you are busy out on the campsite and need to be informed of when to recharge.

This camping speaker from HaMi is the only option on this list that features Bluetooth version 4.2. Using this recent Bluetooth update, you’ll enjoy faster operating speeds and more privacy protection. You can use this speaker with any Bluetooth enabled device, including an iPhone, iPad, Samsung device, tablet, PDA, laptop, PC, MP3 player, and more. There is also an included 3.5 mm audio line so that you can use the speaker with non-Bluetooth devices. The connection range of this speaker is incredible; in an open area, the speaker can be anywhere from 33-66 feet away while maintaining clear audio. This impressive range grants you the freedom to move around more and project music to a larger area.

The HaMi Bluetooth Speaker includes an innovative feature that its competitors simply do not have: a selfie stick function. After connecting to your camera phone via Bluetooth, open the camera and press the speaker’s pause/play button for 3 seconds. From there you can take pictures and use a self-timer to capture every moment on your next camping adventure with ease. You don’t even have to pause the music to use the selfie feature. This speaker also has a built-in microphone to be used as a speakerphone for hands-free calling and additional convenience.

This outdoor speaker has a water and dust resistance rating of IP66. Able to withstand pressurized jets and waves of water, this speaker is resilient and durable, as well as shock-absorbent. Constructed of TPU material, this speaker has been built to resist scratching and is tested to survive falls of 1 meter or less. While this speaker is designed for use under extreme conditions, there are a few precautions to keep in mind to ensure a long lifespan for the product. Prior to water exposure, close the charging port lid tightly. Also, don’t allow the speaker to get fully immersed in water, and never sink the speaker in hot water, as doing so will cause the interior to melt. With proper care, this speaker will serve you for years to come.

The HaMi Bluetooth Speaker is a top pick among consumers. This wireless speaker from HaMi will bring advanced technology, enhanced convenience, and a whole lot of fun to your next camping trip.

5. AYL SoundFit

Honorable Mention

[amazon fields=”B014VJD6PQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”AYL SoundFit” image_align=”center”]

AYL SoundFit

The most space efficient item on our list, the SoundFit  is great if you need a speaker, but don’t have any room.

Don’t be fooled by the super compact design of this outdoor speaker by AYL. With dimensions measuring 2” x 3.6” x 3.9”, this product is the most space-efficient choice featured in this article. It may be small, but it delivers powerful 5-watt audio and an assortment of industry-leading features. When packing space is limited, there are few better choices than this popular AYL speaker.

The portable outdoor speaker from AYL features Bluetooth version 4.1 technology for advanced functionality. By using one of the latest Bluetooth versions, this speaker is able to connect with portable devices faster than other Bluetooth speakers on the market. It is compatible with any device that is Bluetooth-enabled, whether that be an iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet, iPod, or computer. This speaker has a wireless connection range of 33 feet, similarly to many of the other products on this list. So, you can enjoy high-quality sound when even the speaker and your chosen Bluetooth device are a wide distance apart.

The AYL SoundFit outdoor speaker includes a high-capacity rechargeable battery. Fully charged in just 3 hours, this battery gets the speaker powered up quickly so that you can spend more time having fun. The battery supports up to 12 hours of continuous use, even at 80% volume, so you can go for longer without having to stop and recharge.

The Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker by AYL is highly water resistant with an IPX5 level design. Although this speaker shouldn’t be submersed in water, it can withstand rain, low pressure water stream from all angles, and even an accidental drop into water. If water gets into the speaker, make sure it completely dries out before use.

This wireless speaker by AYL is the most affordable option on this list. Customers rave that this speaker delivers excellent sound quality with strong bass and crisp highs and lows. Reviewers also love that it is truly water resistant, as advertised. For such a small speaker, the Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker by AYL SoundFit certainly exceeds expectations.

Camping Speaker Buying Guide

Camping speakers must be carefully designed to function well in outdoor conditions. Campers have to take into account the challenges that the outdoors present, including dirt, dust, and the possibility of rain. However, everything one looks for in a traditional sound speaker, including sound clarity, battery life, and wattage should also be considered when buying a speaker for camping purposes. Read on for the main factors to look for before choosing the best camping speakers for you.

Camping speakers operate wirelessly. This allows campers the flexibility to use the device without the restrictions of a cord. To achieve this, Bluetooth compatibility is a requirement. So long as you have a Bluetooth enabled device such as a phone, tablet, MP3 player, or laptop, you can transmit music direct to the speaker without worrying about cord length or placement. However, for those who don’t have a Bluetooth device, many speakers include an audio jack and cord, allowing for multiple connection options. Most of the outdoor speakers currently available operate with Bluetooth version 4.0, although some options feature version 4.1 or even version 4.2. Version 4.0 includes LE, or Low Energy protocol. This system enhances energy efficiency by enabling devices to be connected for longer without battery drainage. Version 4.1 features improved LE functionality, powering the connected device on or off automatically according to a power plan. This version is also designed to eliminate 4G LTE interference, which was an issue with past versions. Bluetooth version 4.2 is designed to operate over twice as fast as the previous two versions for more efficient operation. This upgrade also includes new privacy guidelines to eradicate unwanted tracking.

With wireless devices, connection range is a factor you should always consider. The longer the connection range, the further the speaker can operate from the connected Bluetooth device while still delivering a clear audio transmission. A connection range of approximately 30 feet is standard, but think about your individual needs and preferences to determine the minimum range for you.

The strength and quality of the sound projected by a speaker is determined in part by wattage. Outdoor speakers are usually either 5 or 10-watt, although portable products can range anywhere from 3-watt up to 20-watt and above. Wattage is the value that describes the highest volume that the device can be set to without creating sound distortion. To project audio for large areas, you’ll need a speaker that can deliver sound at a high volume. Depending on the size of your campsite or the size of your camping party, it is wise to select a speaker with the highest wattage in your price range.

The Different Types of Camping Speakers

When it comes to the best speakers for camping, there are countless variations. From wireless range to battery duration, there are several qualities to compare between different models. While there are many divisions to consider amongst available products, camping speakers can be split into two main groups: those that are water resistant and those that are waterproof. If you are unsure about the distinction between these two types, you aren’t alone. Many consumers may see these classifications as synonymous, but this is a misconception. The following section will describe the contrasting features of water resistant and waterproof speakers.


Waterproof speakers are some of the most advanced, and expensive, gadgets of their kind. Fully waterproof speakers are designed to withstand some degree of water submersion without damage. This means that you can bring along your speakers for a swim in a pool or lake without causing any damage to the device. In addition, waterproof speakers can handle heavy rainstorms, sprinklers, and extreme humidity. To put it simply, you don’t have to worry about exposure to water with this type of speaker. This has obvious benefits, especially on a camping trip when rain, snow, and humidity are completely out of your control. Waterproof speakers will give you the freedom to enjoy music in extreme weather conditions and during fun water activities.

Even if a set of speakers is advertised as waterproof, read through the user manual and online information before submerging it in water. Some products that are said to be waterproof are truly only water resistant, and a full plunge into water will cause damage to the device. To be sure of what the speakers can handle, look at its IPX standard. This rating system is a way to measure water resistance in electronics. Speakers must have a rating of IPX7 or IPX8 to be considered truly waterproof. Speakers with a rating of IPX7 can withstand a drop into water up to 3 feet, and devices with an IPX8 rating are able to function in water over 3 feet. However, it is unusual to find a speaker with this high of a rating, as it’s unlikely that you’ll need such a high level of waterproof protection when listening to music.

Water Resistant

Water resistant speakers aren’t as resilient as their waterproof counterparts. But, that doesn’t mean you should disregard this type of product. Water resistant speakers tend to be more affordable and are much easier to come by than waterproof options. Plus, several models still offer a high degree of protection against water damage, allowing you greater peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure. While water resistant speakers shouldn’t be submerged in water, they can often withstand steam, rain, water splashes, and humidity, depending on the model. A high-quality water resistant speaker can be a great choice for campers, unless being able to swim with your speaker is a high priority for you, or if extreme rainstorms are common during your camping trips.

As mentioned earlier, check your device’s waterproof rating prior to use to prevent damage. Speakers come at all different degrees of water resistance–one product may be able to withstand heavy rainfall, but another may only be built to survive a light splash of water or mist. To be sure that your speaker will be protected against accidental exposure to water, look for a product with a rating no lower than IPX4. The IPX4 rating ensures that your device is safe from water splashed from any direction. An IPX5 rating means that the speaker can withstand water jets coming from any direction. A rating of IPX6, the highest rating before a device is considered waterproof, denotes that your speaker is protected against powerful jets of water. When it comes to your camping or backpacking speaker, stay on the safe side and double check your model’s capabilities.

Camping Speaker Wrap Up

All year round, people across the country set off on camping adventures, seeking out exciting experiences that the whole family can enjoy. The next time you go for a camping trip, add speakers to your packing list in addition to the obvious necessities. A great set of camping speakers will allow you to bring music along on your excursion, creating a more vibrant and fun camping atmosphere. Listening to music amidst the natural sights and sounds that your camping site has to offer is a unique experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. Whether played as you get ready for the day, hit the trails, or unwind in the evening, music will be a wonderful addition to each activity at the campsite. Plus, with the advanced technology that the best camping speakers now include, you’ll be able to make hands-free phone calls and even enjoy water resistant features for an affordable price. With outdoor speakers in tow, your camping experience will be one to remember for years to come.

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