Best Outdoor Rock Speakers 2018 - Buying Guide

Technological integration into the home is a growing trend. Rock speakers bring this trend into the outdoor environment, adding a layer of dynamism to your home audio system. The most important qualities of a rock speaker are sound capability (both quality and volume, given that we’re outside), durability, as we wouldn’t want our newest garden editions unable to perform due to rain or the evening’s condensation, now would we, and finally camouflage: the rock speaker must live up to its namesake: to look as a rock would and blend into your home.

If you’re reading this review, chances are you’ve dismissed the options of portable speakers, bringing your indoor speakers outdoors and so on. What you’re looking for is a loudspeaker able to perform at your outside barbecue with no maintenance, and perhaps provide introductory entertainment when your guests start looking for the source of Miles Davis. Outdoor rock speakers should work as simply as your indoor speakers, outdoors, and ranging from $500 to $50, we have sought to bring you the very best options out there.

Best Rock Speakers 2018


Frequency (Hz)

Weight (lb)

Earthquake Sound Granite-52 Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

50 - 21K


Niles RS6Si Shale Brown Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeakers

60 - 21K


Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker (Grey Slate) - Stereo pair by Sound Appeal

35 - 20K


Innovative Technology 3-Watt Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers with Built In Rechargable 2600mAh Battery, Pair, Charcoal

20 -16K


Theater Solutions 2R4G Outdoor Rock Speakers (Granite Grey)

80 - 20K


1. Theatre Solutions 2R4G Outdoor Rock Speakers - Winner of the Best Rock Speakers of 2018

First off is the Theatre Solutions 2R4G Outdoor Rock Speakers (they come as a pair). These are the budget end of the rock speaker spectrum. They are rated at 94dB sensitivity, 80Hz – 20KHz, 125 RMS watts and 8-ohm drivers. Searching for outdoor rock speaker reviews, these were given high ratings with respect to sound quality and weather resistance. However, these do not have wireless or Bluetooth capability. For the price, you get a solid pair of speakers fit for their outdoors purpose, the addition of Bluetooth capability here would likely have eaten into the sound quality budget, so for the price, these are purpose-fit and straight to the point.

Next up is battery powered, Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker from Innovative Technology. The battery powered nature of these seems to contradict the purpose of an outdoor rock speaker, as you could just as easily bring your mini portable Bluetooth speaker outdoors with you. But, this is purpose-built for the elements, so you needn’t worry about splashes by the pool, placing the speaker on damp ground or overheating by the sun, whereas your mini Beats portable speaker may fare less well. This is a perfect outdoor fix if you want to be able to move your music capability around your property. The 2,600 mAh battery and charger mean no wasted time changing batteries and no need to worry about playback longevity: these speakers are good for two full days of music and have received high acclaim from reviews for their sound quality and connectivity. Pretty much all you’re looking for in a Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker.

Or if you’re looking for a wireless version as opposed to battery powered, try Sound Appeal’s outdoor Bluetooth rock speakers They come with a 40W High Efficiency Class D amplifier. The mains connects to one speaker and then this speaker connects to its partner. However, they come with 20 feet of waterproof cable to connect one speaker to the other, so you needn’t be worried about spacing. A more permanent installation than the battery powered Innovative Technology speaker with the mains connection, this speaker provides perfect ease of access with your phone and does not require the consideration of setting up an amplifier also.

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Toward the upper end of our spectrum, we have the Niles RS6Si Pro speaker (one per package). The emphasis here is on durability, and they open with stating “Weatherproof design surpasses Military Standard 883 for Corrosion Resistance”. They take the “rock” in “Outdoor rock speakers” very seriously. A 4-layer fibre glass construction assures the speaker is according to them, “acoustically inert and completely weatherproof”. For security, it has metal stakes that can be secured to the ground as part of the integrated security package. A three-foot burial-rated connection cable tops off the indestructible aspiration that characterizes these speakers. 89dB for 2.83V pink noise, 70Hz to 21KHz frequency and 8-ohm impedance are the figures.

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Finally, our winner, the Earthquake outdoor rock speaker series. It comes at a solid price but for those of you looking for the ultimate outdoor audio theater experience, this is where X marks the spot. Unlike the other rock speakers on the market (you may purchase the rock speakers without the subwoofer), Earthquake has designed their left and right speakers and subwoofer to work as a set, the subwoofer lending an extraordinary hand to bass capability. The Granite-52s and 10D subwoofer really do bring your living room audio experience into the great outdoors. Here are the stats. The speakers have 93dB sensitivity combined with an RMS power rating of 40 – 200 watts. Frequency response is 50Hz – 20KHz, the subwoofer takes care of the remaining lower end of the human frequency. Quadrupled with the right amplifier and your home audio theater is good to go. Earthquake recommends wiring the speakers six inches underground, and while not as portable or playful as a Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker, this Earthquake solution is more for the permanent outdoor entertainment commitment than selecting playlists on your smartphone.

Final Thoughts on the Best Outdoor Rock Speakers of 2018

There are many outdoor rock speakers to choose from, and many factors to dictate your choosing. Placement plays a key role in deciding the type of rock speaker you go for as does the purpose of the speaker. For those more serious about an entertainment system rather than a speaker, the wired and buried cable options will best suit your needs. For pool side tunes, Bluetooth. Ultimately a rock speaker is supposed to be just that: to look like a rock and to maintain solid performance. The list of 5 above represent the best versions of these camouflaged outdoor speakers. Happy hunting.

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