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Outdoor speakers are an integral part of every outdoor entertainment and they can make your living space look perfect and add greater charm to pool parties or barbecue during summers. But choosing the right outdoor speakers is not an easy task with plenty of different brands that exist in the market. It’s important that you look at several factors, before investing in the best quality powered outdoor speakers for your patio or backyard.

You might have to compare their prices, features, quality, durability and consider different technical specifications to fit into your specific home requirements.

Here are some of my top picks for outdoor powered speakers based on their unique features and customer ratings:

Best Powered Outdoor Speakers 2018


Power (W)


Yamaha NS-AW150WH 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Pair, White)



Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers (Pair, White)



Klipsch AW-650  Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - Black (Pair)



Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speaker (Single, White)





1. Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way Outdoor Speakers - Best Powered Outdoor Speaker of 2018

The Yamaha NS-AW150 W is a versatile 2 way powered indoor outdoor speaker that has some decent features within an affordable price range. They come with an acoustic suspension design that offers good sound quality with controlled bass response which is great. These speakers are durable, water resistant but are not weather proof so you need to be careful with them and not keep them close in the way of falling water. The power capacity is 120 watts and the speakers look cool and compact at 5 inches height and it’s a good, practical and convenient way for those who want to enjoy their music both indoors and outdoors.

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The Polk Audio Atrium 6 is among one of the popular choices when it comes to powered outdoor speakers that combine high performance and engineered to withstand tough weather conditions. The sleek and lightweight design along with speed lock mounting systems makes it quick and easy to install them in your backyard. The speakers comprise of an aluminum bracket with grille and brass and stainless hardware lend a sophisticated look and they are built to last a lifetime. Their clear and excellent quality of sound is the most impressive feature and they look visually appealing as well and come with a 5-year limited warranty.

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3. Klipsch AW 650 6.5 Inch Reference Outdoor Speakers

These powered outdoor speakers offer clear, crisp and superb quality sound performance with their 6.5-inch IMG woofer that is capable of delivering up to 340 watts of power. They come with a durable, UV resistant and non-corrosive grill that can withstand tough and harsh weather conditions of rain, snow and extreme humidity. Klipsch is a trusted and renowned brand that offers a lifetime warranty and it’s one of the top of the range products in the offerings. The only downside is the bulky design of these speakers, but it still promises to provide you with a superior and powerful bass quality to enjoy a rewarding music experience.

Definitive Technology AW 500 is truly one of the most popular choices among buyers that offers an impressive and powerful sound performance. It is designed to be highly durable and withstand all weather conditions but can be a bit bulky with its aluminum grilles. It comes with a fully sealed design and offers a 360-degree rotation that provides an awesome listening experience. It combines all the essential elements of an indoor speaker along with delivering an exceptional bass performance. They can be definitely heavier than the other modern and sleek powered outdoor speakers but provide a superior output than the rest.

5. Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Speakers

This is one of the most attractive and appealing outdoor speakers that is available within an affordable price range. The Klipsch KHO-7 has a sleek and compact design and offers a decent sound performance and comes with a UV resistant ABS covering along with stainless steel grille. It is long lasting, durable, weather resistant and above all easy to install as compared to many other outdoor speakers. With a life time warranty and a good bass performance, it is one of the budget friendly options offered through reputed brands. They can make a great choice for mid-sized outdoor areas to provide an optimal sound performance.

Best Powered Outdoor Speakers 2018 Wrap-Up

There are many different options available while buying outdoor powered speakers. If you are looking for a budget and economical outdoor speaker with good performance, then both Yamaha and the Klipsch KHO-7 can be a great choice. But if you want top quality performance and are willing to shell some extra bucks-Polk Audio Atruim 6, Definitive Technology AW 500 and the Klipsch AW 650 can provide overall excellent performance and good value for your money.

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