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Outdoor garden speakers are a necessity for summertime. There’s nothing better than blasting your music outside on a hot summer’s day. However, it’s not always easy to know what the best quality garden speakers are, and quite often you end up disappointed. When choosing garden speakers, one of the most important things to consider, besides sound quality, is its durability. It has to be able to last through different outdoor conditions. Here are 5 of the best quality outdoor garden speakers that will be long lasting and worth your money:

Best Outdoor Garden Speakers 2018


Dimension (inches)

Weight (lb)

TIC GS3 8" Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Speaker

12.7 x 12.7 x 12.8


FUGOO Tough - Portable, Waterproof, Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Go Anywhere Speaker

4 x 7 x 9


Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - Granite (Each)

11 x 15 x 17


Niles RS6 Shale Brown 6.5-inch 2-Way High Performance Rock Loudspeaker (Each)

12 X 14 X 11


Omaker M4 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12 Hour Playtime,Waterproof Wireless Shower Speaker for Outdoor(Army Green)

3.2 x 3.2 x 1.8


1. TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker - Winner of the best garden speakers of 2018

Used in Universal Studios and worldwide theme parks, TIC in-ground speakers are a brand you can’t go wrong with. TIC is a respected and leading brand in outdoor garden speakers. These in-ground speakers offer a powerful, 360-degree omnidirectional sound with a full range 200 watts. Not only is the sound top notch, but it also has a unique look and design. Its attractive green color will blend into the colors of your garden, and your guests won’t even realize where the sound is coming from. They are an affordable alternative to the Bose model, and the sound is really just as good.

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2. FUGOO Tough Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Fugoo speakers have a great reputation for its high-quality sound, rugged design, and durability of its speakers. This Fugoo Tough speaker is one of the best wireless speakers you can buy. It is so tough and bulky that it suits any outdoor condition. It can last through storms, snow or even get covered in mud without getting damaged. You can leave it in your garden for months on end or take it with you on any adventure. Its small size allows you to conveniently bring it anywhere without hassle. It has 360 degree sound with clean, clear audio output. It also has fantastic battery life, lasting for up to 40 hours.

3. Klipsch AWR-650-SM All Weather 2-Way Speaker

Outdoor garden speakers that blend into your garden’s surroundings have become very popular on the market, but not all of them deliver on quality. Klipsch is a well respected brand that doesn’t have this issue. Its dual tweeter design gives off a crisp, clear sound that can handle up to 200 watts. Is UV resistant and very last lasting, so definitely worth the money. It will blend into your backyard perfectly, as it has a shape, texture and granite color that makes it look like a real rock.

If you were to look at this speaker from a distance in your garden, you would never know it wasn’t actually a rock. This sandstone speaker has a very realistic, rock-like design that will go nicely with the rest of your garden decor. It has a high quality, clear audio output with a frequency range of 60-21000 Hz. It can handle any weather conditions, so you can leave it in the pouring rain knowing that it won’t get damaged or have any effect on the quality of the sound.

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5. Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Don’t be fooled by its small size - the clear, high definition sound coming out of this little speaker will surprise you. This is a great choice if you are looking for Bluetooth garden speakers with a wide connection range - your device can stay connected to the speaker from up to 33 feet. It has a rugged design that makes it suitable for any outdoor setting. You don’t need to worry about getting it dusty, dirty or wet. The strong battery life is a bonus, lasting for up to 12 hours.

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Best Outdoor Garden Speakers 2018 Wrap Up

All of the outdoor garden speakers on this list are sure to make your days outside more enjoyable. No matter the size or the design, they each provide sound of the highest quality and clarity. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something you aren’t happy with, but the speakers on this list have a proven track record. They have all received consistent positive feedback from customers over the years. Whether you want speakers that will blend into your backyard or a more traditional design, any of these speakers would be a great pick. They will last you a long time and prove to be of great value for your money.

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