Best Saxophones Brands for 2021 [Our Reviews & Comparisons]

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Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or a professional saxophones level player, brands with credible functionality and the affordable price tag are what you should look for.

It is always better to invest in top brands for the best quality saxophone. Since the market is flooded with several, narrowing down on one can be difficult. To help you figure out the most suitable ones, we have listed down five best saxophone brands in this article.

We are sure that one of these brands will definitely match your expectations and price limit.

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Comparison Table

Product Features Latest Price
1. Selmer
[amazon fields=”B001VNYXOE” value=”thumb”]
  • Exceptional intonation
  • Smooth sounds
  • Great for beginners

[amazon fields=”B001VNYXOE” value=”button”]
2. Yamaha
[amazon fields=”B007G3T79E” value=”thumb”]
  • Beginner-friendly mouthpiece
  • Ergonomic keys
  • Includes backpack-style case

[amazon fields=”B007G3T79E” value=”button”]
3. Jupiter
[amazon fields=”B00JLY6NGQ” value=”thumb”]
  • Impressive playability
  • Tilting Bb rocker
  • Dark and vintage tones

[amazon fields=”B00JLY6NGQ” value=”button”]
4. Mendini by Cecilio
[amazon fields=”B00501ISJ4″ value=”thumb”]
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stainless steel tone boosters
  • Low B flat spatula keys

[amazon fields=”B00501ISJ4″ value=”button”]
5. Jean Paul
[amazon fields=”B006WAVQKA” value=”thumb”]
  • High-end construction
  • Intricate design
  • Value for money

[amazon fields=”B006WAVQKA” value=”button”]

Our Best Saxophones Brands and Comparisons

1. Selmer

About Selmer

Selmer dates back to 1844 when the collaboration of a French clarinet maker Louis Auguste Buffet and Hyacinthe Eleonore Klose resulted in a new instrument. Louis worked along with the renowned clarinet virtuoso and Paris conservatory instructor Klose to build an instrument with 17 keys and five of Theobald Boehm’s brille rings.

Years later with many developments in its instruments and design, Selmer established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of percussion instruments and saxophones. For a century Henri Selmer worked to develop the world’s best saxophone brand for modern-day players.

The saxophones of Selmer bring out the perfect synthesis for multiple sound possibilities. Along with this, they offer a variety of timber to construct their saxophones. With high-quality construction and intricate design, Henri Selmer reaffirms its mastery in the creation of this exceptional instrument.

Signature Model – The Selmer SAS280RB

[amazon box=”B001VNYXOE”]
With several models of Selmer saxophones on the market, SAS280RB stands out from other brands. Built with a variety of features, Selmer SAS280RB is an instrument with exceptional intonation and smooth sounds. A great saxophone for beginners, it can be used to create various musical renditions.

This excellent instrument is known for its fluid keys, which make it more comfortable to use. Plus, it can control its tone and blend the sounds with diverse musical aspects because of its traditional-sized bell.

Moreover, the best thing about this saxophone is the professional key styling, which ensures accurate finger usage. The hefty price tag of the saxophones does not deter players from buying it as it is extremely easy to play and comes with high-end functionalities.

2. Yamaha

About Yamaha

A brand founded by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887 when he repaired a broken reed organ. Over the past 130 years, Yamaha gradually grew as one of the leading manufacturers of musical instruments.

It is quite a well-known brand when it comes to saxophones. Although it is considered a new brand compared to Selmer and Conn, yet its saxophone’s keywork and intonation are considered to be top-notch. Plus, these saxophones are reputed for the production of bright and clear sounds.

Yamaha has been ranked as one of the best saxophone brands on the market and is quite popular amongst top sax players – Phil Woods, Bobby Watson, and Jeff Coffin. Besides, with the launch of 62 line alto and tenor saxophone, Yamaha is notable for its excellent craftsmanship.

Signature Model – The Yamaha YAS-280

[amazon box=”B007G3T79E”]
YamahaYAS-280, a student alto saxophone is in-built with impressive features. Its elegant and attractive appearance is due to its gold lacquer finish.

Another notable feature of this saxophone is its neck strap, which ensures easy control of the instrument. The package of this sax includes a backpack-style carrying case, a cleaning cloth, Rico reed of 2.5 strength, a 4C mouthpiece, and cork grease. The incredible F# and the Front F auxiliary keys allow different musical renditions.

Lastly, the beginner-friendly mouthpiece and the ergonomic keys for effortless use, makes it suitable for new learners. Yamaha YAS-280 is also a model that even advanced level sax players love because of its high-end functionalities.

3. Jupiter

About Jupiter

Founded in 1980 by a Taiwanese company KHS Musical Instruments, Jupiter is known to be one of the few best saxophone brands. It produces a wide array of brass and woodwind instruments.

Quite popular in the school music programs and in marching bands, Jupiter is a brand that produces reliable beginner and intermediate level saxophones.

Jupiter has manufactured a series of saxophones according to the different expertise of the sax players. One such series is the CXL, which is designed specifically for new learners keeping in mind their fast skill development. Other notable series are the Academic series, Concert series, and Xo series designed for distinctive usage and as per the player’s ability to use it.

The reputation of Jupiter is quite widespread as several renowned sax players have endorsed it. And to name a few, these artists are Kevin Harris, Roger Lewis, and Dale Fielder among all the famous jazz musicians.

Signature Model – The Jupiter JAS1100SG

[amazon box=”B00JLY6NGQ”]
One sax that stands out as the best saxophone for advanced level players is the JAS1100SG. This instrument is also perfectly suitable for beginners and intermediate level learners, who have the capability of producing exceptional jazz tones.

Besides, Jupiter JAS1100SG alto sax has a silver-plated Sona Pure neck, which is designed with artisan tooling and annealing to bring out the dark and vintage tones. Added to this appealing design is its brass body, which is also silver-coated.

Apart from its exterior, the sax has impressive playability with contoured left-hand table keys and a tilting Bb rocker arm to provide comfort. This even adds agility to the instrument for better playability.

4. Mendini by Cecilio

About Mendini by Cecelio

Mendini by Cecilio Musical Instruments was founded in 2004 and established itself as a brand with products popular for its suitability for varied levels of players. Whether one is a beginner or an advanced level professional, Mendini by Cecilio’s instruments are quite worthy.

In the beginning, the company Cecilio claimed that there was a shortage of quality saxophones at reasonable prices in the market. And since then, they delved into making quality horns at an inexpensive price.

Cecilio ensures that the instruments manufactured by it can withstand any sort of wear and tear. So, to ensure its ruthless quality, every saxophone is thoroughly tested twice in their overseas factories before it arrives in the U.S.

Signature Model – The Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L Flat Alto Saxophone

[amazon box=”B00501ISJ4″]
Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L Flat Alto Saxophone is an ideal instrument with a complete set of accessories. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, it comes with a highly durable shell case, 10 x 2.5 inches reeds, neck strap, a cleaning cloth, a pair of gloves, and a rod for essential cleaning purposes.

Along with its top-notch construct, this sax is pitched at E flat with a high F sharp. Its ribbed design and high-quality stainless steel tone boosters make it a saxophone capable of great performance. It is easy to play instrument due to its low B flat spatula keys specially designed in a titled way.

The bonus feature of this saxophone is that it comes with a 1-year warranty to cover for all manufacturing defects. Plus, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

5. Jean Paul

About Jean Paul

At present, Jean-Paul USA is a reputed brand known for its high-quality musical instruments. A specialist in manufacturing saxophones, Jean-Paul produces instruments suitable for beginners and intermediate level players.

One highlight of Jean-Paul is that it builds its products combining affordability with reliability. This allows players to go for the best quality premium saxophone at a reasonable price.

Jean-Paul USA, known for its wind instruments, builds them to ensure great performance and makes them durable enough to last for a lifetime.

Signature Model – The Jean Paul AS-400

[amazon box=”B006WAVQKA”]
Jean-Paul AS-400 is one model that is regarded as the best alto saxophone for new learners and intermediate players. In a traditional design of brass color with a gold lacquer finish or silver, this saxophone has a beautifully designed neck, which is constructed with an elegant horn. It also includes exemplary body etchings and mother of pearl keys.

The other features are its solid bell brace and the pivot keys, which are tapered to ensure better playability. In addition to this, the range and intonation of this model are incredible, as it is able to produce warmer and subtler tones. Also, it is able to produce raw and gritty alto sax sounds.
This light-weight and reliable instrument with easy playability make it an alto saxophone worth considering.

Manufacturers of the saxophone have taken their craftsmanship to the next level since their establishment. The evolution of these brands is due to its impressive quality and functionality that attracts saxophonists of all levels.

These 5 best saxophone brands with their signature models have got all high-end functions which makes them the most preferred choice of most players.

Well, to suggest one best saxophone brand, we would pick Selmer. Its high-end construction and intricate design along with the perfect synthesis of multiple sounds make it the best choice.

Nevertheless, whichever saxophone you opt for, ensure that it is from a trusted brand that delivers value for money, and meets your expectations.

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