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Most people can’t work out without music. For swimmers, you have to learn to live without your tunes while you exercise. That is a thing of the past! These days, technology can bring you waterproof earbuds. So you never have to swim in silence again.

You must be careful when purchasing waterproof earbuds because many cannot actually go underwater. Some are simply made for outdoor sports or to withstand a sweaty workout. Like all earbuds, the waterproof variety comes in a range of different shapes and sizes. Some are Bluetooth capable, while others need to connect to a device. Varying cord lengths give you a range of freedom.

When buying waterproof earphones there are a lot of factors to consider. There is no need to fear because with this guide, you can be confident that the ones you buy will be a set you love.

Best Waterproof Headphones 2019


Dimensions (in)

Weight (oz)

Swimbuds 100% Waterproof Headphones Designed for Flip Turns! *** Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Promotion Available - (See Details Below)

1 x 4.8 x 8.2​


AELEC BTE268 Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic Wireless Earbuds Waterproof Sweatproof Earphones and In-Ear Sport headsets with Mic,8hrs Playtime,V4.1 for Running,Workout,Gym

6.2 x 6.1 x 1.5


HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones (Wired 3.5 mm Jack) with 11 Earbuds in 4 Styles

9.7 x 5 x 3.5


Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones (Wired 3.5 mm Jack) - See below under and Product on this Headphone

6.1 x 6 x 2.6


SHARKK Flex 2o Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Workout Headphones IP67 Sweatproof Waterproof Sport Earbuds Headphone with Mic

5.4 x 4.1 x 1.7


6.8 x 1.9 x 2.9


mifo U5 Plus Sports Bluetooth Headphones in Ear, Magnetic Aluminum Design IPX7 Waterproof apt-X Earphone, 8 Hours Playtime Noise Canceling NFC Stereo Headset with Mic for Sports Gym etc.(Black)

6.7 x 4 x 1.8


Bluetooth Earphones 4.1 Earhook Sport Headphones for Running Music Cell phones Keywords Waterproof Sweatproof Dropproof Wireless Earbuds-Black

4.5 x 4.5 x 1.7



1 x 0.3 x 0.5


mifo U5 Plus Sports Bluetooth Headphones in Ear, Magnetic Aluminum Design IPX7 Waterproof apt-X Earphone, 8 Hours Playtime Noise Canceling NFC Stereo Headset with Mic for Sports Gym etc.(Yellow)

6.8 x 2.9 x 1.9


1. Swimbuds - The Best Waterproof Headphones of 2019

Swimbuds are the creation of Underwater Audio. They are the answer to swimmers’ prayers. Swimbuds offer impeccable sound quality. They are safe to use underwater for an indefinite amount of time. They come with four different interchangeable tips. Three of the flanged tips plug your ear to protect the ear canal from water. The fourth tip is standard for land use. The flanged tip also keeps the buds in your ear during intense movement such as flip turns.

They also come with a short cord, only 10 inches. This prevents you from having to stuff a bunch of cord in your swim cap. It will also save you from getting tangled up in your cord. Swimbuds come with a cord extension included, so you can use these anywhere. The extended cord is 39 inches long.

For safety purposes, Swimbuds should not be used below ten feet underwater. They also are not Bluetooth capable. Underwater Audio offers a waterproof iPod you can use it with. You can also buy a waterproof bag or Bluetooth receiver if you don’t want to purchase a whole new music player.

2. Bluetooth Headphones, aelec AC-BTE268 Magnetic Earbuds​

These splash-proof headphones from Aelec use Bluetooth to bring you wireless tunes. They can’t function underwater while swimming. They will, however, repel sweat and handle snow, rain and other liquids. They can even fall in water and recover. They will power down, but they will be fine after they dry out for a day or so. Aelec is so confident in this, they promise they will replace your earbuds if they are damaged due to sweat. With wireless technology, they need battery power. They come with a rechargeable dual120mAh dual battery. It lasts for up to ten hours and only needs two hours to fully charge.

Aelec has included lots of other great feature for active use in addition to the water resistance. They come with three different size sturdy stabilizers to stay anchored in your ears. They also have noise cancellation to drown out the loudest gym noises. Little magnets are implanted on the backs of both the buds. This means you can wear them around your neck without them falling off. A microphone lets you answer calls on the go. These won’t let you down.

3. ​HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

HydroActive are another amazing product from Underwater Audio. They are full waterproof and safe to swim with. With behind-the-head stabilizers, these will stay put while you surf, swim, or dive. They have four different amazing earbud caps, each with a special purpose. The tree connections seal the ear from water and fit deep inside the ear, blocking out all sound. The Fin also form a watertight seal without going as deep into the ear. The Ergos stay outside the ear canal and do not seal. Four different sizes of Ergos earbuds are provided. The standard mushrooms are what you’ll find on ordinary headphones.

As with the Swimbuds, the Hydroactive features a short cord, only about 10 inches. This will not interfere with your freedom of movement underwater. A 3.25-foot cable extends the cord. This is great if you want to use these earphones for activities other than swimming. A nifty zippered carrying case keeps all the accessories together. You won’t lose anything. If you are a competitive swimmer, these are the headphones for you.

The only downsides of the HydroActive are the lack of Bluetooth and the price. They do need to be plugged into another waterproof device. They are also a bit of an investment, but they are worth every penny. They are well-constructed and come with a one-year warranty.​

4. ​Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds SPORT are another great product from Underwater Audio. (I cannot recommend this company enough!) In basic design, they are the same as the basic Swimbuds. However, they come with all the earbud tips you get with the HydroActive. The Swimbuds SPORT come with Underwater Audio’s custom short-cord design. The ten-inch cord won’t get tangled while you swim, and you won't have to wrap it up when you’re done. A three-foot extension cable in included, for when you need a longer reach.

The Swimbuds SPORT have four different types of interchangeable earbuds. You will have one for every situation. The Tree tips form a waterproof seal and extend into the ear canal, for sound cancellation. They are especially good for small ears. The Fin tips also form a watertight and soundproof seal in the ear but don’t extend as far into the ear. These are likely to fit all ear sizes. The Ergos tips fit just outside the ear. They do not have a waterproof seal. There are four different sizes of Ergos tips included. They also include the traditional Mushroom tips for an old-school fit. A small, soft, zippered bag keeps all the pieces together.

As with other Underwater Audio product, these earbuds are not Bluetooth. They have a midrange price tag, pricing between the traditional Swimbuds and the HydroActive. They also include Underwater Audio’s one-year warranty.

5. ​SHARKK Flex 2o Bluetooth Headphones

The SHARKK Flex are The most waterproof Bluetooth headphones available. They are fully submersible, but the Bluetooth signal does not travel well underwater. However, they are safe for showers, rain and any amount of water you throw at them. The Bluetooth is responsive up to thirty feet. Their wireless design requires battery power. A rechargeable 85mAh built-in battery keeps its charge for 6-8 hours. A full charge requires about two hours. They also include a microphone for taking calls on the go.

SHARKK puts a strong emphasis on sound quality. Sound is crisp and clear. These earbuds are also sound-cancelling. You will be able to focus even while running past a construction site. An over-the-ear design is perfect for workouts and stays firm in your ear. SHARKK also includes a one-year warranty for any reason, no questions asked. Their flexible behind-the-head design brings comfort and a snug fit on any sized head.

Waterproof Headphones Buying Guide​

If you’re buying waterproof headphones, there is a lot to consider. There are a lot of products that claim to be waterproof. That does not mean they're all suitable for swimmers. There are also many that are cheap knock-offs just waiting to break down. Before you invest, make sure you know what you need. If you plan on swimming, know that Bluetooth is not an option. Bluetooth signals cannot transmit well through water. If you swim with them, they will need a cord. Too long of a cord will tangle while swimming, so make sure they have a short cord.

If you just want them to be sweat and rain safe, you can take the Bluetooth route. Those will need to be charged. Look out for battery life and charging time. You want them to last the length of your workouts without having to be charged every day.

Sport earbuds are more likely to fall out of your ears while active. Many sports earbuds have special designs to keep them anchored in your ear. Make sure you buy ones with options for different ear sizes. The wrong size will irritate, especially when they mix with sweat. Noise cancellation is another feature that is nice. It is helpful to drown out gym sounds.

The only company that can provide earbuds for swimmers is Underwater Audio. If someone else is promising waterproof capabilities, they most likely mean sweat proof. They could also be selling a scam. Waterproof earphones are one of those products that you get what you pay for. If you want a pair of nice sport headphones, be prepared to dish out the extra dough. It will be worth it.

Many other sport headphone brands are great, but they cannot be used for swimming. They are, however, safe for running in the rain and sweating while playing sports. For these you’ll want Bluetooth capability. Without it, you’ll be burdened by wires that can tangle, yanking them out of your ears constantly.

Different Types Of Waterproof Headphones


Bluetooth technology is a way of connecting two devices without a cable. With Bluetooth, you can send a signal from your phone across the room and pick it up on your earphones. It can send files, stream music, and even take a phone call.

With earbuds, the only thing you’ll use them for is streaming music. Your earbuds will be able to play any music your phone is playing. You can play music you have stored on your phone. You can also stream Pandora, SoundCloud or Spotify. Bluetooth connects to any modern device. It is not exclusive to an operating system. It will work on your Apple, Android or Blackberry phone. It can stream from your tablet or your television, as long as it is Bluetooth capable.

No Bluetooth​

Without Bluetooth, your earphones will have to connect through an auxiliary cable. If you’re planning on swimming with your music, you’ll have to find a place to store your device. With a skimpy swimsuit, that can be problematic. If the device isn’t waterproof, you will have to buy a waterproof case.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth device, or are planning on swimming, there are wired earbuds. If you don’t want to swim with your phone, you can buy a small Bluetooth receiver to hook up to your earbuds. However, Bluetooth signals don't travel well underwater. The signal will be choppy.

Waterproof Headphones Brands​

Water proof earbuds are new technology. Not all technology companies are making them yet. However, there are a lot of brands offering waterproof options. Here are a few stand-out companies for the best waterproof earbuds. There are many other great products, but these two companies are especially strong.

Underwater Audio​

Underwater Audio was founded for swimmers, by swimmers. Their products are fully immersible. They offer the best waterproof earphones for swimming. They work while swimming, surfing, or water skiing. They offer a wide range of products for swimmers from earbuds to hair protecting cream. They created the first underwater earphones. They still are the only brand I would trust to deliver music underwater.

Underwater Audio is concerned with making their products the best on the market. They do this by listening to their customers. They alter their product specs on recommendations from their customers. Sometimes they create whole new products based on customer demand. Their products come with warranties. A robust customer service department is available to address all your concerns.

Aelec Audio​

Aelec’s headphones are not completely waterproof, but they are completely awesome. They are an American-based company that only makes earbuds. They are dedicated to sound quality. They stand by all their products with an 18-month warranty for quality-related issues. You are also entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee for any reason. This is only an option when buying straight from their website. A committed customer service team serves your needs.

Their products have a sleek design and are designed with athletes in mind. They are sweat-proof and have lots of cool little upgrades added with athletes in mind. Their innovative designs keep the earbuds in your ear and fit in any ear.

Best Waterproof Headphones 2019 Conclusion

Before buying waterproof headphones, be sure you check if they’re fully submersible underwater. If you don’t plan on swimming with them, they don’t need to be submersible, but they should be sweat proof. Those should also have Bluetooth to free you from wires. Bluetooth headphones run on batteries, so check the battery life and charging time. Sport earbuds need to be anchored into your ears, so they don’t fall out. Your earbuds should have a special shape to keep them in your ear. They should also offer a variety of size options.

Underwater Audio is your one-stop shop for all things swimming. If you’re a swimmer, pay the extra money for Underwater Audio's submersible products. They are guaranteed to last, and are backed-up with a one-year warranty.​

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