Best Bluetooth Earbuds Of 2017
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Do you want to buy a pair of top rated Bluetooth earbuds that work well and are affordable? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. A breakdown of which headphones consumers liked the most is below. These are not the super expensive, recording-studio quality professional headphones. These are the favorites of ordinary people based on sound quality, design, and price.

When examining wireless earphones, I will look at them from a sports perspective. The most common reason to invest in Bluetooth earphones is for working out. Cords become tangled with excessive movement. We will look at their ability to keep up with your active lifestyle. Will they be destroyed by sweat? Can I drop them in the locker room? Will they stay in my ears while I'm running? These are the most common ways wireless earphones meet their demise, so that is what we will look at.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2017

1. Youmoon YM8 V4.1 - Our Pick for the Best Bluetooth Earbuds of 2017


Youmoon is a relatively obscure brand here in the US. It is China-based, and offers a wide range of audio electronics. With the YM8s, Youmoon skimps on none of the basics. A built-in microphone with noise cancellation allows for answering the phone on the go. The flexible design is comfortable in the ear, allowing for long workouts. Two different sized ear hooks keep the earbuds stable in your ear. Meanwhile, one of the three earbud options is sure to fit in your ear. The cable between the two earbuds is medium-length, falling to about the middle of the neck. A secure zippered pouch keeps all your accessories together neatly.

The Youmoon’s can only pair with one device at a time, while others can pair with two. They also don’t have a neckband or magnets, so you have to be careful when they’re not in your ears. However, they are sweat-proof and have a lengthy battery life of six hours. They also have a long standby time of 250 hours, so you won’t have to charge them after they sit around on your day off. The YM8s come in black, yellow, pink or blue to match your lifestyle. They have the typical 30-foot operating distance. The Bluetooth connection is very strong, rarely cutting out due to obstruction or distance.

Current Price: $

2. Tribe 4.1 Fitness Headphones

Tribe TRB Wireless Bluetooth 4.1

The best part of the Tribe TRB earphones is their lifetime warranty. They come at the same price as the others on this list but are guaranteed to last forever. The TRB’s also have a beautiful design. They look sleek and professional. They offer possibly the best sound quality of all comparable products. They are sweat-proof and shockproof, so you can drop them and sweat all over them and they won’t even feel it. The cable connecting the two pieces is long, falling to the shoulder blades on most people. The TRBs have a long battery life of about eight hours.

As with the Youmoons, the TRBs can only connect to one device at a time. They are not connected to a neckband and don’t have magnets. They can be prone to falling from your neck if they are not in your ears. Be sure to store them in a pocket when not in use. They come with two different sizes of padded in-ear stabilizers. Many people find stabilizers uncomfortable, but Tribe seems to have a better design. It allows more people to use the stabilizers comfortably. Three earbud sizes are also included. There is no carrying case, so you’ll have to rely on your own pockets to keep everything together.

Current Price: $

3. LeadTry Music Bluetooth Headphones

LeadTry Music Bluetooth Headphones

These LeadTrys are the first on the list with a neckband. The neckband is lightweight and comfortable. However, it can be a little tight-fitting for those with a slightly thicker neck. The neckband has magnets that pull the earbuds to a secure position when not in use, so the cords are protected. They come in black, blue, gold, pink or white. The gold doesn’t look at all cheap or tacky. the LeadTrys can also connect with two devices at once. That way you can listen to music on your music player, and still not miss calls on your cell phone. Having the microphone around your neck instead of up by your face can be problematic. LeadTry installed noise cancellation and echo suppression technology to ensure the highest quality calls.

The Bluetooth for the LeadTrys is not as strong as the Tribes. The LeadTrys are affected by obstructions. Be sure that the phone is at least tilted towards the earphones. This will help your connection stays strong. Their battery life is also a little shorter than some of the others, at only three hours. However, that should be sufficient for a good workout. Be sure to charge them up before you go!

Current Price: $

4. Bacron Bluetooth 4.0 Sport Wireless Earbuds

Bacron Bluetooth 4.0

The Bacron earbuds are great quality. They have a sleek design in two different shades of blue. Tiny in-ear stabilizers similar to the Tribe stabilizers are comfortable and unobtrusive. The connecting cable is very long, definitely reaching past the neck to the back. Strong noise cancellation helps your music and calls stay clear in the noisiest gyms. The earbuds connect to two devices with Bluetooth, so you won’t miss any calls. The battery life is a little short at four hours, but it should still do the trick.

The Bacrons are sweat-proof to withstand your workouts. The earphones are designed to give you booming bass. Air vents support the air flow needed for rattle-free bass. The design is ultra-lightweight for maximum comfort. A nice touch is the sleep mode that Bacron included. The headphones will automatically switch to deep sleep mode when they are unpaired. I know that I always forget to turn my headphones off, so it’s great that these do it for you. It saves your precious battery life. In this deep sleep mode, the earbuds will keep their charge for 24 hours.

Current Price: $

5. Vomach Bluetooth Earphones

Vomach Bluetooth Earphones

Vomach has created a wonderful all-around device with their Bluetooth earbuds. They pair quickly and easily with multiple devices. Two can be paired to begin with, but if you pair a third, it simply unpairs with the first one, saving you lots of hassle. Five hours of playtime are available on a single charge. An hour and a half brings your headphones from dead to full charge. The strap is a little shorter than some of the other ones, fitting across the back of the head, or maybe the upper neck. How long you want your cord to be is a matter of preference, but this one won’t be getting tangled in anything.

The Vomach have strong HD sound quality. They can handle the deepest bass to the highest treble with ease. Noise cancellation ensures that quality is not dissipated by a noisy environment. The ear buds are small and comfortable. Vomach put care into their “ergonomic design.” A precise 27-degree angle fits into ears. Three different sizes of earbud tips guarantee you a comfortable fit. However, no carrying case is included, so you’ll have to keep track of the pieces yourself. There are also no magnets in the buds, so they won’t be able to stay on your neck by themselves while not in use.

Current Price: $

TaoTronics Wireless 4.1

6. TaoTronics Wireless 4.1

Current Price: $


7. PLAY X STORE Sports Headphone

Current Price: $

Mpow Jaws

8. Mpow Jaws Wireless Neckband

Current Price: $

TAIR  Sports Headphone

9. TAIR Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphone

Current Price: $

TAIR Stereo Headphone

10. TAIR Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

Current Price: $

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Buying Guide

Different Types Of Bluetooth Earbuds

The best wireless earbuds will have several standard features. They all have a microphone for hands-free calling and rechargeable batteries. However, there are variations in the way the earphones stay on the head. One way is not better than the other, it’s all about your personal preference which one you choose.


Some of the wireless earbuds have a solid band that rests around the neck. The little earbuds emerge from the band to fit in the ears. They return to the band when not in use. Other wireless earphones simply have a flexible strap connecting the two earbuds. The neckband has both advantages and disadvantages. Some people like it because the earbuds are more likely to stay put. There is less falling out of the ear. There is also more surface area for buttons and controls, making them easier to navigate. They also are easy to keep track of when not in use and won’t tangle.

However, the neckband can appear bulky to some. It also tends to house the microphone a bit far from the mouth. This calls for a more powerful microphone, which can drive up the price if you want one that really works.


Another option for keeping track of your headphones is magnetic technology. It’s a really simple concept. Both earbuds have magnets. You can attach them together around your neck like a necklace when you’re not using them. Without this, you will have to put your headphones in your pocket every time you are not listening. Or you run the risk of them falling off of your neck and getting stomped on or lost.

There are not a lot of downsides to magnets. They don’t make any visible difference, and just make life more convenient. However, without a neckband, earphones can be a bit more likely to fall out of your ears with heavy activity. Most wireless earphones these days come with ear stabilizers. These help to secure the earphones in the ear.

Brands of Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earphones are becoming so popular that there are many brands currently producing them. There is one stand-out brand that really dials-up the quality.


Tribe is a small company with a limited number of products. They specialize in creating audio accessories for exercise. Everything they create is detail-oriented towards an active lifestyle. They make their products waterproof and shockproof, so they will survive anything you do. They only currently offer one set of earphones, the TRB, but they are wonderful. The design is sleek, and their sound quality is exceptional.

Tribe knows that they supply great products. They are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime warranty on everything. But I really don’t think you’ll need it. Their headphones are built to last.

How to Pick Bluetooth Earbuds

When purchasing wireless Bluetooth earbuds, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost is the battery life. These can vary widely, from three hours to twelve. If you plan on using yours for an hour-long workout only, then sacrificing battery life for other features might be the best choice for you. But if you will be using them for a large chunk of the day, be sure to get one with six or more hours of battery life.

Another thing to consider is the connection between the two ear pieces. Some people prefer the neckband, while others find it cumbersome. The neckband will keep your buds protected and a bit less likely to fall out of your ears. Without a band, if your earbuds are knocked out, they will most likely both fall to the ground. However, the band can be annoying if you’re working out and sweating. Also, if you have a muscular neck, it could feel constricting. With a flexible cable, the length makes a difference, too. I prefer a short cord that goes right behind my head, but many are much longer. Some girls like to tie the cable up in their hair, while others just like the freedom afforded by a long cable.

The Bluetooth quality is a very important factor. The connection length of 30 feet is standard for all Bluetooth signals. But some will be better than others. Some will transmit across the house. Others need a completely unobstructed space between the headphones and phone. Some can connect to two devices, while some can only connect to one. If you stream from a device other than your phone, this will make sure you don’t miss important calls. Many have difficulties with pairing. They struggle to keep the connection or take a while to connect. Make sure your device has the Bluetooth quality that you need for your purposes.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2017 Conclusion

Bluetooth wireless earbuds are a must-have item for anyone with an active lifestyle. There are so many available, and they are so affordable. There is no excuse to be tethered to wires and cords now that it’s 2017. However, wireless devices need their own battery power. So keep an eye on the battery life. Also be sure to get a unit with a strong Bluetooth connection. If you listen to music and take calls on separate devices, some headphones can pair with two phones at once.

If you’ll be using your earphones at the gym or running out in public, be sure they are noise-canceling. They should also have a microphone. Make sure that the cord connecting the two earbuds is a comfortable fit for you. The neckband should have magnets to keep the buds secure. The flexible cords vary in length, and you should find one that suits your needs. Lastly, your ears are sensitive, so make sure you buy a pair that is comfortable. Then you can keep them in your ears, pain-free, for hours at a time.

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