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The Top 10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereos of 2021

CDs are a thing of the past. In our homes, we have Bluetooth televisions and surround sound. Our systems are hooked up to Pandora and Netflix and all other sorts of media apps. But in our cars, we so often are still juggling mix CDs and boring AM/FM radio. There is really no need for that. These days, Bluetooth touch screen car stereos are affordable and plentiful.

The best touch screen radios have it all. They can stream music straight from your USB drive. They can run all your apps from your phone through Bluetooth. They should have hands-free calling, and many will be completely hands-free. With a great car stereo, you should be able to listen to whatever you want whenever you want.

Here are the top 10 best touch screen car stereos of 2021:

1. Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver - Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Of 2021

Pioneer is probably the best brand for car stereos around today. They offer dozens of different models with different features. Pioneer units are more expensive than comparable brands, but the investment is worth it. They can play any file format. They offer five on-screen languages and are feature-packed for your ultimate experience.

The Pioneer AVH-280BT has a large 6.2-inch WVGA Touchscreen that is LED backlit. You will be able to see this screen in any lighting conditions. It has a double din chassis, and should fit any car that is double din capable. A USB connection in the front can stream your music and charge your devices.  It is a little cheaper than some other Pioneers with more features, but it has everything you could need.

2. Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS 7” Double-DIN DVD Receiver

The AVH-X5700BHS brings all the awesome basic Pioneer features plus a lot of extras. The biggest benefit to the AVH-X5700BHS over the AVH-280BT is the hands-free capabilities. The compatibility with Siri Voice allows you navigate your Apple devices while driving hands-free.

The AVH-X5700BHS is feature-packed for maximum capabilities. It has a built-in HD Radio and has Pandora, so you can control your stations straight from your dashboard. A microphone allows you to take your calls through the stereo. The microphone is much better than the one on your phone for crisper calls.

3. Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver

The AVH-X2800BS is a mid-range Pioneer. It comes in a little between the AVH-280BT and the AVH-X5700BHS. The AVH-X2800 does have hands-free, and it also has a lot of extra add-ins for boosted sound quality. It has a complex 13-bar equalizer for ultimate audio control. It is backup camera compatible and has a great resolution screen for putting on DVDs for the kids.

The AVH-X2800BS is fitted with Pandora and SiriusXM capabilities. It is also one of the few units on the market that can play FLAC files. Your Apple products can’t even do that! The stereo is even Spotify-ready. The AVH-X2800BS is jam-packed with features, without extras that will drive the price up.

4. Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/AM/FM Receiver

This Kenwood unit offers everything you could need, without any frills. It keeps the price friendly. With 21 languages available, it is accessible for nearly anyone. It has Siri Hands-Free for your iPhone, and Bluetooth hands-free for Android users. It can even display the navigation from your phone on the screen with some phones!

This Kenwood stereo can play nearly as many file formats as the Pioneers. However, a few file formats are not supported on the Kenwood. For those of you who download your media, be careful of unsupported formats. It does, however, support Pandora and Sirius XM for radio convenience. A special equalizer is built-in to counter effect the sounds of the road without you having to do it. 

5. Jensen VX3022 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver

This Jensen stereo is the unit to go for if the price is your primary concern. It has bare bones features, while still allowing you the luxury of a touch screen stereo. It still has the basic hands-free calling for Apple, Blackberry and Android devices. It does not allow for app navigation through hands-free, however. It still can play CDs and DVDs, with excellent screen resolution for movies.

The Jensen brand can be a little bit limited in the file formats it supports. It only supports CDs and DVDs in standard formats, so most downloaded files will not play. However, it is Pandora, SXM, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SXM, TuneIn, and Slacker-ready. There will be no shortage of music for you to listen to. You can even purchase a steering-wheel control center, for control right at your fingertips.

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Conclusion

If you want a touch screen car stereo, there are plenty within your price range. For you downloaders, a Pioneer will play all your media, regardless of format. A Jensen will give you value for your money, especially if you plan on streaming your music in the car. A Kenwood is a nice middle-ground, with an average number of features at an average price.

The best touch screen car stereos will offer you clear sound, hands-free calling and all the features you want. Any of the brands mentioned above are sure to bring the sound you need. You just have to determine with one has the features you need, and you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

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