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Best Double Din Head Unit ​2024
Buyer's Guide

Upgrading the audio system in a car is a complex series of different steps. There is a lot of equipment which your sound system relies on. Making sure you’re buying the right part for your desired results is an important part of the process. If you want more bass, you are going to want to upgrade the speakers, if you want louder sounds, you are going to need to upgrade the wattage or amplifier. If you want to see noticeable gains in all areas, upgrading the head unit is probably one of your best, and fastest, options.

A head unit is basically the device in your dashboard. You use it to control the multimedia options in your car. Most stock head units are only single din devices. A double din head unit is usually twice the size, meaning it gives you more options for control and potentially more input methods. Moreover, the more space available in the front, the more space it’s going to have behind to pack more advanced features; some of them even include navigation control. Audio-wise, this can include more input methods, or simply better technology for handling sound.

Here is a list of five of the better double din head units currently available.

Best Double Din Head Unit 2024

1. BOSS AUDIO 870DBI (Best Double Din Head Unit 2024)

The first double din head unit we will look at is the BOSS AUDIO 870DBI. This unit is designed to focus primarily on audio. The lack of a graphical user interface means that you are not going to be distracted by anything else. This is a great unit if you’re looking for just audio in your car. You are also given a range of input options, including USB, SD, Aux and Bluetooth.

Moreover, the unit even comes with a wireless remote, in case people in the back seats want to change the audio. Overall, a good and reliable unit and well worth the money.

2. Pyle PLDNAND621 (Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation)

Pyle is known for making great quality, yet budget, speakers for in-car audio systems. They have also been making head units to match up with their speakers as well. The Pyle PLDNAND621 is a great head unit and comes with a 6-inch graphical display capable of running music, video (with full HD 1080p Support) and connecting to the internet.

The Pyle PLDNAND621 also stands out for its ability to run navigation apps, and its GPS capabilities have led to this being known as one of the best double din head units with navigation capabilities.

3. Pyle PLDN74BT (Best Double Din Head Unit For The Average User)

The Pyle PLDN74BT is not quite as good as the previous entry, but It also doesn’t cost as much (this one is more than half the price). The Pyle PLDN74BT is a good option is you’re looking for a standard upgrade to your head unit. It’s not going to blow anyone’s minds, but it comes equipped with enough features to make it worth your effort. The Pyle PLDN74BT will easily pair with any Bluetooth devices you have, and is also capable of micro USB input.

One slight negative on this model is that the graphical user interface is not the nicest, and does look rather cheap when compared with the PLDNAND621. However, if you’re not looking for a good looking piece of kit then it’s not a problem.

4. Kenwood DPX501BT (Best Double Din Head Unit For The Budget Buyer)

Kenwood is not one of the most well-known players when it comes to the in-car audio system market. Compared to more established players such as Pyle, BOSS, or even the more specialized Pumpkin, they have not managed to earn quite the reputation. However, the Kenwood DPX500BT does manage to hold its own when it comes to double din head units. It lacks a graphical interface, so it is similar to the BOSS AUDIO 870DBI. Audio is the focus here, and it manages to pull this off spectacularly.

Similar input options to the alternatives, including USB and Bluetooth.

5. Pumpkin 6.95" (Best Double Din Head Unit For Android)

Pumpkin specializes in a range of different head units for a range of different car models. This unit is compatible with most conventional dashboards, so fitting it shouldn’t be a problem. This unit is definitely the best double din head unit for android. This is because it has one of the latest android versions available and more capabilities than most of the alternatives. This includes Steering Wheel Control and Mirror-link technologies.

Consequently, this is more for the car enthusiast and less for the audiophile. It is also the most expensive of those listed here as well. Nevertheless, a great option if you’re looking to get the most you possibly can into your car dashboard.

Best Double Din Head Unit 2024 Wrap Up

As I said before, buying a new double din head unit is only one step in upgrading the stock audio system your car came with. The double din units are great because of their size and so their capabilities, but this does mean that you need more space to fit them. You should always make sure that you can fit the double din head unit inside your car before you buy it, otherwise you are going to have a lot of exposed wires, making your audio set-up look rather ugly.

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