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Best 4 Channel Amps Of 2020 - Buyer's Guide And Review

Many people feel like they just don’t get quite enough power for out of their car’s speakers. If you are one of those people, you should look into buying a car amplifier. Before you begin shopping for an amplifier, you first need to decide which kind you need.

If you want an amplifier to use for all four speakers in your car, you will want to buy a 4-channel amplifier. Four channel amplifiers are a popular choice to use for car door speakers. You can also use the amp to power a pair of full-range speakers in the front of the car and then bridge the output of the other two channels to power a subwoofer. This will give you powerful lows as well as clean highs.

To help you decide which 4-channel amp to buy, check out our list of the top five 4-channel amplifiers below.

Best 4 Channel Amps Of 2020

1. Alpine KTP-445U Power Pack - Best 4 Channel Amp of 2020

Coming in at number one is the Alpine KTP-445U 4-Channel Power Pack Amplifier. The compact size of this Power Pack makes it easy to install without taking up too much space. It can easily fit behind the head unit in the dash.

When you crank up your music, you definitely don’t want to hear any distortion. The Alpine KTP-445U amplifier is designed to deliver the clearest and cleanest signal at higher frequencies. You can use it to amplify an aftermarket or factory installed head power unit output. Don’t let its small size fool you- this compact amplifier will increase the power up to 150 percent over the head unit’s built-in amplifier.

The great thing about this amplifier is that you can use it to run your entire system. Use the front channels for full-range or component speakers. Then on the rear you can use for your subwoofers running in the bridged/mono mode.

The Rockford R300X4 4-Channel Amplifier features a cast aluminum heat sink with top mount controls. It has class A/B circuit technology which is the best combination to provide excellent sound quality while also delivering great power in the output stages. It also features power supply thermal sensing and real-time output.

This full-range 4-channel amplifier is designed for use in compact systems such as-ATVs, motorcycles, and hybrid-electric vehicles. Even though it is small in size, it really does pack a punch and is able to generate up 300 watts of power!

In order to combat the problems associated with some heat sinks, Rockford Fosgate has come up with a cooling design called DTM (dynamic thermal management). This design combined with the MEHSA (maximum efficiency heat application) technology efficiently dissipates heat, lowers distortion, and increases durability.

This 4/3/2 channel amplifier can handle a whopping 720 Watts of max output power. The die-cast aluminum heat sink, together with the built-in cooling fan, helps keep the amp cool and running efficiently.

The Kenwood Kac-8405 amplifier features built-in high and low-pass filters with a range of 50-200Hz at 12dB per octave. The variable bass boost has a range of 0-18dB at 40 Hz so that you can really get that bass booming.

The controls are protected by an aluminum cover plate. The blue illumination light gives this amplifier a cool, sleek look.

If you want to take your tunes to the next level out on the water, the JBL MA6004 Marine Amplifier is definitely for you. It has been built to withstand the brutal environment that being out on the water brings- crashing waves and threats of corrosion from saltwater. The speaker cone is made of polymer-coated cellulose fiber for increased durability against the elements.

With a low-profile heat sink, it is easy to install in tight spaces. The JBL MA6004 has a built-in 12dB variable electronic crossover to make it easy for you to tune it based on the location of the speakers.

Best 4 Channel Amp Conclusion

If you are looking to upgrade your car’s sound system, investing in a good amplifier is a great way to go. Four channel amplifiers are an excellent option since you can use them to power two sets of speakers in your car with the option of connecting a subwoofer to enjoy a powerful bass sound as well as clear highs.

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