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Best 15 Inch Subwoofers Of ​2021
Our Pick And Reviews

If you want more bass, you have to go bigger. There is no way around it. The bigger your speakers, the better quality and richer sounds they are going to make. Of course, the size means more money and more space. A lot of audio enthusiasts can be limited to buying smaller speakers because of the size of their car or wallet. Make sure that you can actually fit the speaker in your car before you buy it. This space requirement also means you have to consider the size of the amplifier and enclosure you are going to buy as well.

Secondly, you need to remember that larger subwoofers, especially the best 15 inch subs, are going to mean your car will weigh more. This means you’re going to have to stop to refill more. You need to consider not only the startup costs, but also the running costs.

As I have said before, there are a lot of very average speakers in the 15 inch class. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can purchase something which isn’t going to be able to compete with some of the smaller speakers out there. Here is a list of five options you are going to be confronted by when looking for the best 15 inch sub.

Best 15 Inch Subwoofers Of 2021

1. Orion HCCA154 - Best 15-inch Subwoofer Of 2021

Orion specializes in making sure that they are producing the best 15 inch subwoofers out there. The Orion HCCA154 is no exception. A power handling rating of 4,000 watts should not be scoffed at. This unit is going to be handling a lot of power and producing a lot of sound.

The associated price tag is only the tip of the iceberg though. This unit is incredibly heavy and is going to mean you’re going to be spending a lot of money keeping this running. Nevertheless, when it comes down to raw power and ability, this is the best 15 inch sub you can buy on this list.

If you’re looking for a budget unit, this is your best bet. At a lower price point, this isn’t going to be able to compare with the likes of Orion, but it is going to surpass smaller speakers. If you’re not looking for huge gains in volume or bass, and only want to increase the speakers in your car, then this is probably the best bet. It’s cheap and it’s reliable.

I must admit that I have a weak spot for Kicker. Their in-car audio equipment usually appeals to my rather frugal side. However, as their speakers get bigger, so too does the cost. The Kicker S15L7 is actually pretty expensive for this price range. It’s not the most expensive, but it’s going to leave you with a fairly large hold in your pocket.

What I will say is that you don’t get the same level of power handling as, for instance, the Orion HCCA152. What you do get is a unique (square) design and some brilliant components, which add up to produce great quality sound. It may be because this speaker is by Kicker, but in my opinion this is definitely one of the best 15 inch subs you can buy, if not the best.

If you’ve got a bit of extra cash, then the Rockford Fosgate P3D2 is probably one of the best mid-market speakers in this class. The design is unique and interesting, and the quality is pretty good for how much you’re going to spend. It is easy to see that the decibel sensitivity and power handling is lower than the competition. However, this shouldn’t put you off. It’s still a solid subwoofer and probably the best 15 inch sub on this list if you’re looking to save some money.

The Alpine SWS-15D4 is a good entry-level contender for this speaker size. It’s capable of producing good quality sound, yet has a lower power handling rating (1,500 watts) than a lot of the competition. It also has a low rating when it comes to decibel sensitivity (88.7). This being said, when it comes to buying on a budget, the Alpine SWS-15D4 is probably one of your better options. Nevertheless, if you have a little more money spare, I would definitely recommend the…

Best 15 Inch Subwoofers of 2021 Wrap Up

So there is a rundown of the best 15 inch subwoofers you can currently purchase. This list is not exhaustive and there are many more options if you look hard enough. What I will say is that some of the speakers in this class are quite expensive. If you’re looking for the best balance then you should probably go with the Kicker S15L7, but if money is no concern for you, then you might as well put your foot to the floor and go full pelt and buy the Orion HCCA154.

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