Get to Know the Best Car Stereo Brands in the World for 2020

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The average American spends about an hour and 40 minutes driving every day. That means we spend way too much time listening to our car stereos to be listening to bad music. With the technology available, you can have any song you want playing at any time if you have the right car stereo.

There are dozens of brands making car stereos. But what is the best car stereo brand? It can be hard to discover which ones will give you the best quality for your price tag. Good thing we’ve done it for you. Here are the five best car stereo brands:


Pioneer is a little more expensive than some of the other brands out there, but it is one of the best brands for car stereos. This Japanese company goes the extra mile with quality and features. Whatever you want to hook up, Pioneer has a unit for you. They sell basic CD receivers as well as Bluetooth units that wirelessly connect to your phone. Some sync with all your apps. That means you can check your calendar, send emails, or view pictures straight from your dashboard.

Pioneer is set apart from the rest by their high resolution, wide displays. This allows for flexibility in use. It also gives maximum ease of use so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Their AVH line is especially popular. It offers the freedom of streaming audio or video and Siri Eyes Free technology. With dozens of different units, the AVH line is sure to have a stereo that will fit with your car and your lifestyle.

2. JVC

Do you remember the Betamax/VCR battle of the ‘70s? In case you don’t, the only thing that matters is that the VCR won. The VCR was the creation of 80-year-old Japanese company JVC. With JVC, you know you have the backing of one of the most trusted and beloved brands of the technological age.

JVC’s car stereos don’t have the large displays that the Pioneer’s do. But they can certainly stream your music. JVC has traditional CD stereos, but they also can provide Bluetooth receivers. Most of their units have USB ports, so you can play music straight from your flash drive.

They also provide a variety of different features with their units. Many even come with remote controls for backseat drivers. You should be able to find one in their collection that suits your needs.

3. Alpine

Alpine manages to provide some of the best audio quality paired with excellent usability. They offer a variety of different stereos with different features on each. Alpine’s stereos feature Bluetooth for simple connectivity with your devices.

One of the best aspects of Alpine is their attention to detail with how their products will be used. They keep their interfaces simple and to-the-point, so you can focus on driving. It’s never a good idea to get caught up fiddling with your stereo when you should be paying attention to the road!

Alpine does not have as extensive of a product line as JVC and Pioneer. However, the units that they do have are reasonably priced and give you great sound quality.


Sony is one of the most respected names in home electronics, and for good reason. The Japanese company is one of the largest and most successful in the world. They know how to build good electronics. Their car stereos are no exception.

Sony’s stereos standout with their design. Sony’s stereos are sleek, minimalistic, and modern. Their products also come in a much broader range of prices, from under $100 up to $1,500. Many of their stereos are touchscreen, and most have Bluetooth.

Sony’s stereos offer fast connections to your devices and crisp, clear sound quality.  They have an extensive collection of stereos for you to choose from.


Of all the brands on this list, Clarion is the only one that actually specializes in car audio. The result of this expertise is a truly delightful product. Clarion offers products that can play a variety of file formats, including WMA and MP3. Their prices are competitive, with their priciest units ringing in at $500.

Clarion offers great sound quality. However, you get less control over your equalizer than many people would like. Clarion gives a set number. Most other companies offer equalizer options through your phone or manual adjustments. The number of satellite radio channels available can also be bit limited. The Bluetooth connection is strong, and the audio quality is smooth and unbroken. The touch screens are strong and responsive, so you can focus on the road.


It’s not as easy to buy a car stereo as it once was. Today it’s not so simple as making sure it played CDs and the radio. Today there is Bluetooth, touch screen, app compatibility, and many other factors to consider. Some car stereos even offer the ability to play DVDs for the kids while you drive.

Before buying a stereo, be sure to know which features you are looking for. Know what apps you use and what format your music files are in before buying. Make sure that your unit has hands-free capabilities for safety. While you can still buy CD stereos, you will probably regret your decision to buy one in a matter of months. Bluetooth offers the freedom of hands-free calling and not digging around for CDs. With Bluetooth, you can play anything you want at any time you want.

Most importantly, be sure to buy from the best brands of car stereos. With any of the units from the five companies listed above, you are sure to be happy.

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