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Wpond Electric Skateboard with A Remote Controller: A Complete Review 2021

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Skating is much loved by kids and adults alike these days. It isn’t very easy but practices over time can turn you into a pro. But to ace your skating game, you need a good skating board and the market is filled with many for you to choose from. Today, even Wpond’s electric skateboard. are on high demand and the ones that come with remote controls make it much easier for you.

So, if you are looking for an electric skateboard with remote control, then you must own Wpond’s electric skateboard.

Wpond’s electric skateboard.

A Review of Wpond’s Electric Skateboard with Remote Control:

Overview of Features:

Wpond’s electric skateboard.


Wpond’s Starry Standard Electric Skateboard with remote control is a perfect example of innovation and quality. Launched in the U.S recently, this electric skateboard ensures that you have everything under control with its incredible remote. Designed to give you a starry feel, this amazingly equipped skateboard uses polypropylene for the hoverboard and polyurethane for its wheel. Besides, it weighs not more than 6 kgs, which makes it quite lightweight to carry along for outings, picnics, etc.


This electric skateboard with remote control is built to support maximum load up to 180 lbs. So be it, kids or adults, Wpond Electric Skateboard is perfect for all. Coming to its specifications, this electric skateboard is a fully equipped technology-driven product that you’ll totally enjoy. Stylish with a built-in battery and smart LED breathing lamp, this skateboard is even safe to ride at night.

Wpond’s electric skateboard.


Besides, with a 2.4G wireless remote control, you can operate the skateboard easily. You just need to be careful when you step on the hoverboard. It’s best and safe to press the brake button when you mount on the hoverboard to keep your balance and prevent the skate from sliding away. Plus, it has 3 modes of speed for you to choose the pace at which you want to ride it. Once you connect the remote to the board manually, you don’t need to do it all over again.

What We Like About Wpond’s Electric Skateboard with Remote Control:

Wpond’s electric skateboard.


Another impressive feature of this skateboard is its superior waterproof performance; all credit goes to its IP64 Professional Waterproof wheels. The whole weight balances on the wheels of this skateboard, which is crafted incredibly to suit every type of road and even weather.

Wpond’s electric skateboard.


By adopting highly elastic PU wheels, Wpond Electric Skateboard with Remote Control offers great elasticity and wear-tear resistance along with a special textured design. So, now you can get this uber-cool stylish skateboard to enjoy your leisure time riding, even on a rainy day.

Point to Note:

Wpond Electric Skateboard is great for kids above 10; however, you must ensure full safety with kids. Be sure to give kids helmets, safety gear before they start riding. The same goes for adults too!


Wpond’s electric skateboard.So, do check out the Wpond Electric Skateboard now, and don’t forget to read through the user manual before you start skating on it. Not to mention, you can choose the LED light color to ensure your skateboard looks trendy.

Wpond’s electric skateboard.Do not wait anymore, and own this electric skateboard with remote control today and ace up your skating skills flawlessly!

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