SoundCloud Promotion: How to Promote on SoundCloud

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The biggest pain of a musician, like any other artist, is to fade away unnoticed. All musicians want their work to be a chartbuster. They want to be discovered on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and now SoundCloud. But for the less marketing savvy musicians, promotions can be difficult, especially for SoundCloud. 

Perhaps, every musician online has thought of “how to Promote on SoundCloud?” at least once. A combination of SoundCloud tools, social media strategies, and a basic marketing plan can ensure your success as a musician. If you want to rank immediately, using every trick we share is essential, so let’s get into the tactics:

Interact, Collaborate, and Remixing Others

The simplest trick to getting noticed in any industry is to network. Produce music, interact with other musicians and fans, and get on the map. Collaborate with other musicians to draw their audience to your profile. Join music genre groups that are specific to the type of music that you are producing. Engage with the people in those groups to attract them to your work. 

Collaboration with other individuals through networking is another way to sell your music by marketing to the audience of another artist. A flip form of this strategy is also remixing fellow artists with a fan base similar to yours. Therefore, when their audience searches for their name, the likelihood of your profile coming up for them to explore is a neat little strategy.

Leveraging Social Media 

Leveraging Social Media 

YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are social media platforms where people spend hundreds of hours every month. Using a marketing funnel, you can easily create awareness for your work. But what’s a marketing funnel? And how to promote a song on SoundCloud through a funnel? It’s simple. Talk about your music, post small snippets of your full song, and interact with other musicians and different social platforms. These musicians and their audience get to know about you. 

Once they know who you are and what kind of music you produce, they visit your profile. After these eyeballs see your profile, you will need a clear call to action button through a clear link to your SoundCloud collection. This process of getting in front of people through social media and making them click on your profile is the process of a marketing funnel. It creates awareness, interest, and a desire to listen more and then take action to visit your SoundCloud to connect with you. 

Google clarifies what SEO is and what is this activity for

Google SEO and Tagging

To know how to blow up on SoundCloud, you must take advantage of the largest search engine available. Google favors professional terms, good tags, and upload dates. Therefore, having an easy-to-search name can be the first step toward ranking on Google. Renaming your SoundCloud from “musichead93” to “Music Head” can be the first step towards becoming discoverable.

Using tags ranks you on Google and makes you discoverable on SoundCloud itself. Pick the tags that match the work according to the instrument, mood, and genre you set with your music. Using hashtags such as #Guitar #Happy #R&B are some examples of what you can use to label your music correctly. The more concise you are, the more discoverable you become.

Make Analytics Your Friend

Once you implement every organic strategy discussed, you need to use SoundCloud’s analytics to understand which method works. Analyze which songs are being replayed, what type of album art is drawing in the eyes, and from which platforms are audiences funneled the most. An insight into the listeners’ demographics helps you better understand your audience to optimize the marketing campaign. In addition, you can reproduce similar tracks performing well on the platform to give the audience what they want from you.

The Paid Route

The paid way is for you if you’re not a person who wants to grind it out. One quick method to establish yourself is the Viral SoundCloud Promotion Package. This package helps music artists to meet their goals within 90 days with a guarantee. It features your songs on “Juss Russ Radio” and guarantees play(s) from real people in the US. The ratings of your songs are shared on social media to create credibility. Your work is also featured on SoundCloud’s “Artist Sounds music blog.” In addition, SoundCloud Repost is also given to you through which automatic upstream opportunities are provided on multiple platforms like Amazon Music, Tik Tok, and Spotify.

SoundCloud promotion becomes easier when you are implementing every strategy available. The more consistently you show up everywhere, network effectively, and use the data listeners give you, the more you can strategize how to move forward. Competition is becoming fierce as more artists from around the globe are jumping onto SoundCloud. However, you can make your mark easily if you have a specific genre, style, and music that people have not heard before. But before that, you must present yourself to a larger crowd for them to listen, and that should be your first step!

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