Best Music Ideas for the Beach

Music Ideas for the Beach

You’ve packed the car, filled up a picnic bag, remembered some towels and are ready to go to the beach. But oh… you need some music.

Music is all about setting the mood and going to the beach means you’re going to want a certain mood. A mood which is relaxed, but still open to dancing around. This means you’re probably going to want to focus on a certain type of music; upbeat, fast tempo and it would also be nice to have some lyrics which feel as though they fit the scene. Songs about sun, sand and happiness are going to help to paint even more of a beach time scene.

It’s also good to make sure that songs don’t last for longer than four minutes. Longer than four minutes and the pace of the party is going to slow down. Sure, going to the beach is for relaxing, but you don’t want it to be so relaxing that everyone goes to sleep.

Here are six song choices which are a must for any beach playlist. From classic pop to modern rock, they will make sure that you beach getaway is as fun and upbeat as possible.

Zac Brown Band – Toes

Zac Brown

So you’ve packed the car and everyone’s inside and you’re on your way to the beach. What you need is a song to get everyone in the mood; a song which will lift up people’s spirits and have them opening up to the fun ahead. Toes by Zac Brown Band is a great choice for this. This modern piece of music keeps a fast tempo and will have everyone grooving and laughing before you even arrive. A great starter song for any beach playlist.

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

Beach Boys

What list of beach music couldn’t include this song? Good Vibrations is a classic. The upbeat tempo and the relaxed lyrics manage to bring together some real ‘good vibrations’. Good vibrations can get even the most dance-resistant person up on their feet and grooving into the night. This song is brilliant for once you’ve arrived at the beach and are getting ready to start partying.

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine


Everyone’s out in full swing. The party has kicked off and everyone’s having a lot of fun. What better way to keep the mood high than this classic? The fast paced music and sounds of clapping as a beat, will keep people dancing and happy right the way through. Feel-good music doesn’t really get much better than this, and the lyrics themselves will make you feel that the beach is the perfect place to go ‘walking on sunshine’.

Bob Marley – One Love

Bob Marley

The parties starting to die down as the sun ebbs its way behind the horizon. Bob Marley’s song recalls a timeless idea in a rhythmic and relaxed way. The bouncy undertones of this song make for a groovy party tune capable of being danced and chilled to for hours on end. Just try to not bob your hips side to side as this music catches you in its feel-good grip. It brings everyone together and is great for putting on in the background when you’re having a beach barbecue.

Jack Johnson - Better Together

Jack Johnson

The sun is starting to set and people have grouped off; they’re chatting and laughing and the loud, faster-paced music you played earlier in the day doesn’t seem to belong here. You want something quieter, more discreet and lazier. Enter Jack Johnson’s Better together. This indie tune maintains a steady, slow-paced beat. Even Johnson’s singing manages to mirror how the day is slowly winding down.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin

Finally, you’re going to want to finish the day with something even slower. A song for saying goodbye. As you start to get yourselves ready for the trip home, Don’t worry, be happy can make sure you stay in high spirits. This is a great song for making sure that those ‘beach day vibes’ hang around for a little longer until you get home.

This list is in no way exhaustible. There is an endless list of music capable of being played at the beach. Online streaming services such as Spotify can actually provide you with pre-made lists which last for hours; just make sure you have a good speaker to pump that music through when you’re out there. Depending on the number of people you’re with, a stock phone speaker probably isn’t going to have enough power so everyone can hear it. Investing in a good, rugged speaker for the beach is probably your best option.

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