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Drown the Sound of Your Bike with the Loudest Motorcycle Speakers

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Motorcycles emit a louder sound compared to cars. This is because the engine is between your leg and much closer to you when compared to a car. So, if you are listening to music, chances are you might not have a musical ride. Even some of the most powerful earphones fade into the background of the noise made by bikes. Not to mention, if you are riding a bullet-like Royal Enfield, there is no way an ordinary pair of earphones will hold.


If you are going on a road trip on your bike, you do need the loudest earphones to listen to music without being distracted by the sound of your bike’s engine. But if earphones are hurting your ears, then it is not a great to use while you are riding. Therefore, what you need is a pair of the best and loudest motorcycle speakers that can keep you company on your road trip.


You can attach motorcycle speakers to your machines. Unlike regular speakers, motorcycle speakers have more power so they can pump music out on the open road braving the wind. This way instead of listening to your machine’s engine for the whole journey you can listen to some of your favorite tracks.


Here are some of the loudest motorcycle speakers that are powerful enough to evade the sound of your bike and wind.


Loudest Motorcycle Speakers – Comparative Table

Product Features Latest Price
1. JBL Wind Bike Portable Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B074JHPR2X” value=”thumb”]
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Loud

[amazon fields=”B074JHPR2X” value=”button”]
2.GoHawk TJ4-Q

[amazon fields=”B07B7QMN2F” value=”thumb”]
  • Booming bass
  • 1000 watts
  • Four speaker system

[amazon fields=”B07B7QMN2F” value=”button”]
3.Kuryakyn MTX 

[amazon fields=”B07JKM5937″ value=”thumb”]
  • 300 watts
  • Powerful amplification
  • User friendly


[amazon fields=”B07JKM5937″ value=”button”]
4.Pyle motorcycle two 3 inch speakers

[amazon fields=”B002UL7YII” value=”thumb”]
  • 800 watts
  • Greater control
  • Crossover switch

[amazon fields=”B002UL7YII” value=”button”]
5.Polk Audio DB522 k

[amazon fields=”B01EZWFNKA” value=”thumb”]


  • 300 watts
  • Dynamic balance technology
  • Well balanced sound 

[amazon fields=”B01EZWFNKA” value=”button”]


Loudest Motorcycle Speakers – Our Reviews and Comparisons:


1. JBL Wind Bike Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Wind Bike Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Product Highlights

A portable and compact speaker, the JBL Wind Bike is a quality motorcycle speaker with powerful audio performance. Highlighting an easily rechargeable battery, this device is equipped with 10 hours of continuous playtime. The speaker provides a strong and steady attachment when mounted on a motorbike’s handlebar.


Best Features

JBL Wind is Bluetooth enabled with a range of 30 feet. If you are riding on a rainy day, this speaker could be your savior. It is equipped with an IP45 waterproof rating. It has a built-in Lithium-ion battery that can last up to 10 hours of music playback. It accompanies a microphone to facilitate hands-free calling.


The speaker has a carabiner adapter that is easy to install. The device features built-in FM Radio (20 stations), a microSD card slot (up to 32GB) for MP3 playback and Aux-In for cable audio connectivity.



What We Like About JBL Wind Bike Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Good Bluetooth range and connectivity.


What We Don’t Like About JBL Wind Bike Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker has disappointing bass and midrange frequency. Also, the antenna of the FM radio receiver is not strong enough as the signal keeps fluctuating.

        Pros         Cons
Good battery life

Loud sound

Poor bass and -mid-range frequency


2. GoHawk TJ4-Q

GoHawk TJ4-Q


Product Highlights

Considered as one of the best overall speakers, the GoHawk TJ4-Q is a great choice if you are a bass enthusiast. The mids and highs are clear and crisp with great booming bass. The enclosure of the amplifier is crafted out of aluminum and possesses rugged build quality.


Best Features

This is a versatile motorcycle speaker and accompanies four separate four-inch chrome speakers and a separate amplifier.  The GoHawk speakers have a maximum power output of 1000 watts. Being one of the most powerful motorcycle speakers in the market, the speakers are clear and loud even if your bike is running at 90 kmph. It is compatible with almost any Bluetooth device and also gets FM radio.


The speakers come with an LCD display that makes adjusting controls quite easy and intuitive. The package includes a full-function remote that can control everything from changing volume, switching tracks, and changing modes. There is also a power switch if you want to switch on/off the device.


What We Like About GoHawk TJ4-Q

The GoHawk TJ4-Q is powerful as it is fitted with a 1000 watt amplifier. It is one of the best loudest motorcycle speakers.


What We Don’t Like About GoHawk TJ4-Q

The amplifier enclosure is large and hence it can be difficult to mount on the handlebar.


        Pros         Cons
1000 watt amplifier

Four speaker system

Difficult to mount


3. Kuryakyn MTX

Kuryakyn MTX


Product Highlights

Kuryakyn MTX is neither a Bluetooth speaker nor a stereo speaker. It is a soundbar that has to be connected via a wire to your device. However, it has a cylindrical shape and is to be installed between the handlebars of the motorcycle. This makes it stand out from the rest of the motorcycle speakers.


Best Features

The Kuryakyn speaker system is equipped with 300 watts of peak power which can handle a 50kmph ride without any problem. Complete with a 4-channel amp, it powers up to 2″ x 3″ full-range speakers giving way for powerful amplification.


The speaker houses two voice coils. It has 1-inch silk dome tweeters that work in tandem with the N-42. This helps concentrate sound in a single direction. Since the installing position is directly in front of the rider, there won’t be much distortion in the audio. The position of the speaker and the concentration of the sound together make it a good quality speaker that can brave the wind.


What We Like About Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder

Highlighting rugged built quality the device is durable.


 What We Don’t Like About Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder

It has limited connectivity options.

        Pros         Cons
Sealed completely to prevent dust from entering the device


4. Pyle Motorcycle Two 3 Inch Speakers


Pyle Motorcycle Two 3 Inch Speakers



Product Highlights

The Pyle motorcycle two 3 inch speakers feature an impressive power output and sleek and simple design. The Pyle motorcycle speakers include easy mounting brackets and accessories to make installation a quick process. The speaker is housed in a four-inch rugged chrome bullet-style designed housing.  This unit is suitable for 12 Volts motorcycles, scooters, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and wave runners.


Best Features

The Pyle speakers offer a maximum power of 800 watts which is good enough sound quality for a road trip. This speaker is fitted with an amplifier that will let you control volume, treble, and bass to tailor the music according to your liking. This machine comes with an array of controls and features low-pass and high-pass crossover switches.


This mini amplifier has a power switch and indicator on the speaker which showcases a digital LCD dot matrix display with a clock. The frequency response for the device ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz.  


What We Like About Pyle Motorcycle Two 3 Inch Speakers

It has a wired remote control with greater controls.


What We Don’t Like About Pyle Motorcycle Two 3 Inch Speakers

This unit is expensive compared to other motorcycle speakers.


        Pros         Cons
800-watt power output
Greater control over the sound rt


5. Polk Audio DB522

Polk Audio DB522


Product Highlights

This is a great speaker system for a road trip on a rainy day. It has marine certification and therefore, can hold up well in water. Equipped with an IP55 rating for water and dirt resistance, it can withstand salt, fog, UV rays, and humidity making it the perfect speaker for an unplanned or no-destination motorcycle ride since you don’t know the weather of the places you will visit.


Best Features

The speaker highlights dynamic balance technology for rich, clean, and full-range sound.  The dynamic balance technology cancels out unwanted frequencies, so distortion is absent with this speaker. The unit is powerful enough to deliver a loud sound without compromising on quality for your motorcycle trip.


The Polk Audio DB522 is significantly louder than OEM speakers.  With a peak power of 300 watts and an RMS of 100 watts, this motorcycle speaker can get loud. The frequency range is between 55 Hz to 2200 Hz. It can easily be mounted on your bike and is also a great choice for other kinds of vehicles including travel trailers and boats.


What We Like About Polk Audio DB522

It is fitted with dynamic balance technology for eliminating distortions and providing well-balanced sound.


What We Don’t Like About Polk Audio DB522

The speakers produce poor bass sometimes the mids are also disappointing.


        Pros         Cons
Loud and clear sound
 The installation might be a little tricky


Final Verdict

According to our review, the loudest motorcycle speaker is the GoHawk TJ4-Q. These speakers have a peak power of 1000W and are loud enough even while riding a bullet. The speakers are clear and loud even if your bike is running at 90 kmph. Equipped with a four-speaker system, this unit can successfully produce sound over and above the sound of your engine.


Motorcycle speakers are necessary if you are a rider and a music enthusiast. It also adds to the fun of your road trip. It takes away the irritation of having earphones jammed in your ears while riding. Also, unlike earphones, you will be aware of the sound from your surrounding preventing you from accidents. Make sure you choose a model with high wattage and one that is easily mountable. There are plenty of budget-friendly motorcycle speakers in the market that promise good sound quality


Buyer’s Guide


  1. Sound quality

Since these are motorcycle speakers sound quality is the first feature you should look at while scrolling through your options. Check for user reviews about the bass, mids, and highs of the device. Brands like Pyle, Boss, JBL often have the best options when it comes to musical accessories. Choose a device that will give your clear and crisp sound quality that can guarantee loud sound as well.


  1. Mounting options

You should choose a speaker depending on your bike and the place that you want to mount the device. If it is on the handlebar, you can choose a handlebar motorcycle speaker like Kuryakyn MT4. The position of the speaker matters as the right position will help the speakers produce music in the direction you want.


  1. Wattage

Speaker wattage or RMS power is the maximum volume a speaker can produce. The higher the speaker’s wattage, the louder is the volume. Any device that has wattage above 400 watts can sound fine on your motorcycle rides. Judge the noise that your bike’s engine makes first. If it produces much noise a 250- 300 watt speaker would do.


  1. Type of speakers

When buying a motorcycle speaker, it is important to select the type of speaker that will suit your motorcycle and sound needs. There are two main types of motorcycles speakers; motorcycle handlebar-mounted speakers and helmet speakers. The level of comfort and safety you prefer while riding should lead you to your choice.


  • Handlebar speakers

As the name suggests, these speakers are mounted on the handlebars of the motorcycles. Most of these units will come with mounts that can help you to easily install them on your bike and adjust their position. Since these are situated right in front of you, these speakers are loud and clear.


  • Helmet motorcycle speakers

Helmet motorcycle speakers are devices that are attached to the helmet. They are easy to set up and are more comfortable than earplugs. These speakers are Bluetooth enabled and are louder than a handlebar speaker as they are near your ears.


  1. Input sources

Most speakers in the market feature AUX input, Bluetooth connectivity, flash drive, and SD card play. Make sure your mobile phone is compatible with the motorcycle speaker of your choice.


  1. Waterproof design

Motorcycle speakers sold on the market these days tend to be waterproof. However, it is safer to check the waterproof rating of the device before buying it. Not all speakers can withstand dust, snow, storm, and rain. In case you plan to ride in harsh weather conditions go for a device with a good IP rating. High-priced speakers tend to have better IP ratings compared to reasonable ones.


We hope our review on the loudest motorcycle speakers helped you choose the best one according to your requirements and budget.


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