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Best Mixtapes App for Listening and Downloading Your Favorite Mixtapes

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Mixtapes are still regarded as a thoughtful gift for your partner. While mixtapes were created on and recorded on cassettes now, the best mixtapes apps help you listen to mixtapes of famous artists. Decades ago mixtapes were created as a way to showcase your musical skill. Rappers would rap to the instrumental of other hip-hop artists. You might remember the mixtapes of Lil Wayne. Even Chance the Rapper got his big break after the Acid Rap mixtape of 2013. Self-released for free download in April, the mixtape featured Twista, Action Bronson, and Childish Gambino. Chance’s portrayal of his druggy teenage life in Chicago became an instant hit. It even got him in the studio with Justin Bieber. Since this was solely for fans not much money went into making these tapes.

The exact definition of a mixtape has shifted as hip hop evolved. DJ-mixed compilations of hot tracks that matched radio and club play have mutated to artists playing hot bars to beats. Today mixtapes are a compilation of songs that can be mixed without a noticeable difference in feel. Some artists even go on tours with mixtapes. 

Mixtapes are a great way to show your skillset cost-effectively. If you are a budding musician you might be thinking about releasing an album. While albums do gain popularity, it requires a huge amount of investment and has higher chances of success if you have an existing fan base. People might not buy an album from a budding musician because they haven’t heard his/her music yet. But a mixtape is a great way to showcase your music skill without spending much money. 

But a music mixtape app is not only for musicians, they are for audiophiles and music lovers as well. A combination of songs from your favorite artists is something that everybody will appreciate and enjoy. You can share your mixtape with others as well. 

Here are a few best mixtape apps that will help you create your music with ease.

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1. Audiomack

Audiomack hosts numerous mixtapes mainly from the hip-hop, reggae, and electronic genres. It offers trending music videos and singles you can download with just a tap on your phone. The app allows you to use the built-in music player to stream and listen to all your favorite mixtapes. Some of the mixtapes may be copyrighted and therefore, cannot be downloaded. 

You can host your mixtapes on the app for free. Upload your music and submit it for trending consideration, this is the easiest way you can market your songs and build a new fan base. Your account includes an Artist Dashboard which indicates advanced stats to help you measure the engagement and build your fanbase. You can analyze how the content is being consumed and make music that gets the most listeners. 

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2. Pandora

Pandora offers a highly personalized listening experience to its customers. There are millions of songs on the platform and feature mainly well-known artists who have a public influence. You can also follow the latest news and read interesting publications of your favorite artists. The service is known for its cloud features as songs can be downloaded to the cloud, which is synchronized with the phone. Therefore, music will be available offline. 

This program allows you to select the sound quality at the boot. If your phone lacks certain system requirements, then this option can help. If you clear the cache by going to the application settings, you can improve its performance. The navigation menu is easy to understand and the app is user-friendly. 

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3. Spinrilla

The moment you open Spinrilla you can see a giant collection of music mainly hip hop. This is one of the best mixtape apps with no built-in ads and a large catalog of mixtapes. There are millions of tracks of excellent quality from a selection of genres and individual artists. You can synchronize tracks for offline listening as well. The navigation menu will let you explore, watch videos, listen to singles among others. 

The application is user-friendly and lets you easily navigate through each functionality without clutter. The app is equipped with an algorithm that tracks your search activity to provide you with interesting recommendations and entertaining selections. 

Download Mixtape Promotion Service - Datpiff Logo Transparent - Full Size PNG Image - PNGkit

4. DatPiff

Datpiff is one of the best mixtape apps with a large selection of tracks and albums from the best performers. It is a music mixtape app that allows users to interact with each other. It has an easy to interface with a responsive search engine which can fetch you results in a fraction of a second.

One noteworthy feature of Datpiff is it selects tracks based on your interests and search activity. If you don’t like the music offered you can click the “No longer offer” button and the app will never show you that track again. You can download your favorite tracks to the application library to listen to music offline. 


5. My Mixtapez Music

My Mixtapez is a user-friendly mixtape app that lets you listen to music offline. You can download your favorite content and save it on your phone’s memory. It offers trending mixtapes from DJs, artists, live performers. It also features a collection of mixtapes from music lovers, music composers, etc. You can simply explore all the available mixtapes and download what you like on your Android phone. 

My Mixtapez Music lets you download as many mixtapes as you want without a subscription. It lets you stream and listen to the mixtapes right on the app. You can leave a like or comment for mixtapes on other accounts. Moreover, any audio recording that you make can be sent to your friends via email or any social network. 

LiveMixtapes.com Online Store – LiveMixtapes Merch

6. LiveMixtapes 

LiveMixtapes is a free mixtape download app for finding and downloading mixtapes. You can showcase your mixtapes and also search for the works of famous artists as well. The collection of mixtapes includes almost all the genres such as R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and blues. It lets you easily download all these mixtapes but you will have to register to the app first. A laudable feature of the app is that it offers exclusive mixtape premieres with high-quality audio. It also accompanies a News Feed section where you will be able to browse some of the trending mixtapes from different websites.



7. DaMixhub Mixtape & Music Downloader

This application allows you to enjoy songs with various genres, from hip-hop, reggae, electronic, and R&B. All the content you play is ad-free so you can enjoy your tracks without any interruptions. You can create playlists from the songs and enjoy them offline. The songs feature high quality and the app can work as a regular music app. It has a refined layout with an easy-to-use interface. If you want to put your music out there to build a fan base, then you can subscribe to one of their gold, silver, and bronze subscription plans. 

Final Verdict

The best mixtape app according to our ranking is Audiomack. The app allows you to use the built-in music player to stream and listen to all your favorite mixtapes. It has a vast collection of songs from a variety of genres and it features songs of famous artists. It is a free app that lets you host your songs and check if the users consume your music. 

If you want to create a mixtape, try some of the best mixtape maker apps If you are a budding musician trying to create a fan base, mixtapes can be one stop away from album production. Just like Chance the Rapper, a mixtape could land you in the frontline of the music industry and even get you on the billboard!

Hope our review helps you find the best mixtape app for you.

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