Bose Solo 5 Review: Is It Really Worth Buying?

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The sound system market, today, has a plethora of options. Whatever may be your budget or audio needs, you’ll definitely find a suitable pick. However, the conflict arises about the quality and performance. On that note, we have a soundbar that dwindles with some mixed views regarding its performance- Bose Solo 5

Created by the popular audio system brand Bose, the Solo 5 soundbar is a great pick for on-budget audiophiles. Let’s delve further to closely view Bose Solo 5 soundbar. 

Bose Solo 5- A Review 

Bose Solo 5


A small, compact soundbar that is perfect for home entertainment. And with a sleek design, Bose Solo 5 can fit under almost any TV. This lightweight material isn’t flimsy as you might think. It has a strong casing of tough plastic and a metal grid. And measuring just 21 inches, it can actually fit into even the smallest place on your TV unit. So, unlike other large and stylish soundbars, Bose Solo 5’s minimalistic design is definitely appealing. And it even appears quite cool and blends in well with any type of interior décor. 

Audio Quality 

Known for its high-caliber sounds, Bose sound systems are generally favorite picks for many people. Coming to Bose Solo 5 soundbar, it’s quite perfectly right to mention the immersive quality that beats other TV speakers. 

Besides, it has a frequency range of 61Hz to 19kHz. And this means Bose Solo 5 is capable of producing a dynamic range of audio that can completely transform the TV viewing experience. Besides, you’ll love its external subwoofer that’s capable of producing deep and thunderous sounds. Further, we love Bose Solo 5’s precise and accurate soundbars that produce the right tones for an enhanced listening experience. 

Despite such a great audio experience, Bose Solo 5 falls short of bass and is a dedicated sub. However, it does compensate for this through customization of bass levels using a universal remote. Moving on to the power of Bose Solo 5’s audio, trust us, you won’t be disappointed. It can produce 87 dB of volume, which is quite powerful considering the compactness of Solo 5. Well, the harmonic distortion is quite minimal but its sound quality at high volumes is still crystal clear. This clarity is due to its dialogue mode. That means you can enjoy your favorite action-packed or thriller movies without any audio distortions.

Bose Solo 5

Sub-Woofers and Channels 

Unlike other soundbars, Bose Solo 5 comes with an embedded subwoofer. And it’s this subwoofer that produces deep and rich bass even without external subwoofers. Moving on to the channels, Bose Solo 5 has just 2. That means it has 2 loudspeakers. However, these are towards the center, which means it lacks stereo separation. So, this 2.0 soundbar is absolutely perfect for TVs. 

Bluetooth Compatibility and Controls

Today, most soundbars have wireless connections that make playing music super easy. Likewise, Bose Solo 5 with Bluetooth compatibility delivers exceptionally great sounds. And you can stream your favorite music and podcasts through your phone with Bluetooth.  

 Besides Bluetooth compatibility, Bose Solo 5’s controls include just a universal remote. It’s just perfect for controlling your TV, player, and soundbar. So, no more confusion with multiple remotes lying on your couch, just one is enough. 

With this impeccable set of features and budget-friendly price tag, we presume Bose Solo 5 is a great pick for home entertainment. Easy to set up and convenient at every step of its usage, we’re sure you’ll love this soundbar. So, if your favorite spot in the house is your entertainment unit, then you must give Bose Solo 5 a shot. Trust us, you’ll love it. Despite its few shortcomings, Bose Solo 5 soundbar will be a great addition to your living room. Check it out today and enjoy your favorite shows/movies with great audio. 

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