Best Ion Bluetooth Speakers to Upgrade Your Music System 

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Ion speakers are the ultimate party gadgets. Ion Audio is a provider of app accessories and portable audio solutions. The company offers everything from speaker systems with built-in light shows to gaming accessories. Many audiophiles prefer Ion speakers for their powerful features and high fidelity audio. The best Ion Bluetooth speakers possess RGB lighting that is used as exclusive party speakers. 

Let’s look at some of the best Ion Bluetooth speakers.

Best Ion Bluetooth Speakers – Comparison Table

Product Features Latest Price
1.Ion Audio Party Boom
[amazon fields=”B07CSDNZ9N” value=”thumb”]
  • 100-watt dynamic amplifier
  • Battery Life- 50 hours
  • 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter

[amazon fields=”B07CSDNZ9N” value=”button”]
2.Ion Pathfinder 4
[amazon fields=”B088LT46CR” value=”thumb”]
  • 120-watt dynamic sound system
  • 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter
  • IPX5 rating

[amazon fields=”B088LT46CR” value=”button”]
3.Ion Audio iPA95
[amazon fields=”B07C52MS5S” value=”thumb”]
  • 20-watt power output
  • IPX4 rating
  • Durable

[amazon fields=”B07C52MS5S” value=”button”]
4.Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus
[amazon fields=”B07C32XSH1″ value=”thumb”]
  • 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter
  • Power output- 100 watt
  • Battery life – 35 hours 

[amazon fields=”B07C32XSH1″ value=”button”]
5.Ion Audio Raptor
[amazon fields=”B0761MMMP2″ value=”thumb”]
  • 3-inch tweeter, 8-inch speaker
  • Power output- 100 watt
  • !PX4 rating

[amazon fields=”B0761MMMP2″ value=”button”]
6.Ion Audio Road Warrior
[amazon fields=”B00MVPP44E” value=”thumb”]
  • Loud sound 
  • Deep bass
  • Power output- 500 watt

[amazon fields=”B00MVPP44E” value=”button”]
7.Ion Sound Lounge
[amazon fields=”B00K1GV8MM” value=”thumb”]
  • Portable 
  • Ported subwoofer
  • Bass controls

[amazon fields=”B00K1GV8MM” value=”button”]

Best Ion Bluetooth Speakers – Our Reviews and Comparisons

1.  Ion Audio Party Boom

Ion Audio Party Boom


Product Highlights

As the name suggests, this party speaker is perfect for an event/party that you host. Not only does it provide high fidelity audio, but it also has built-in lights to match the ambiance of your party. The gadget ensures window-rattling effects indoors and loud bassy music outdoors. 


  • With an 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter, this speaker can instantly connect to your Bluetooth device.
  • If you feel like boosting the bass, you can do so with just the press of a button. 
  • This 100-watt gadget has powerful battery life that can last you up to 50 hours of playing. 
  • This is not a light unit but it has wheels and a retractable handle which makes it easy to move it around even outside. 

What We Like About Ion Audio Party Boom

The Bluetooth transmission range is 100 ft.

What We Don’t Like About Ion Audio Party Boom

Adjusting the bass on the machine can be tough. 


        Pros         Cons
100-watt audio
Bass adjustment is difficult

2. Ion Pathfinder 4

Ion Pathfinder 4


Product Highlights

This is one of the best Ion Bluetooth speakers that can be a great companion while traveling outdoors. If you are a traveling musician or an audiophile who wants the best music system loaded with features, the Pathfinder 4 is your best bet. 


  • The Pathfinder 4 is a rugged water-resistant gadget with an IPX5 rating. 
  • This rechargeable speaker can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Equipped with a powerful 120-watt dynamic sound system, an 8-inch woofer, and a 3-inch tweeter, the Pathfinder 4 is built for producing loud heart-thumping music.
  • It has built-in multi-color lights that pulse to the music for exciting visual effects. 
  • You can download the ION Sound XP app to control the audio and lighting functions.

What We Like About Ion Pathfinder 4

There are separate bass and treble controls for tonal adjustments.

 What We Don’t Like About Ion Pathfinder 4

The machine could have a larger woofer.

        Pros         Cons
Separate bass and treble controls
Sound quality could be improved.

3. Ion Audio iPA95 

Ion Audio iPA95 

Product Highlights

The iPA95 Survival Scout is built like a tank, rugged enough to survive tough weather conditions. It can even receive NOAA alerts for emergency weather conditions. This music gadget can dish out loud bassy music that is enough for audiobook readings and bedroom music. 


  • The integral solar panel and dynamo crank makes the iPA95 Survival Scout truly portable.
  • IPX4 water-resistance rating to survive water and moisture conditions.
  • Equipped with 2300 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Loud enough for playing music in your bedroom. 

What We Like About Ion Audio iPA95 

The machine is rugged and water-resistant.

What We Don’t Like About Ion Audio iPA95 

It has a poor battery life

        Pros         Cons
Weatherproof casing
Solar panel
Maximum output is only 20 watts

4. Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus

Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus


Product Highlights

The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is a multi-functional tailgate speaker which according to the company is a karaoke machine. This is a high-powered, wireless, rechargeable speaker system with wheels to help make this as portable as possible. Weighing 20 pounds, this rectangular-shaped gadget can bring vibrant music to the table. 


  • This music system packs a powerful 100-watt dynamic amplifier.
  • It runs an 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter for wide dispersion of sound. 
  • The 2-way speaker can deliver a crisp and vibrant sound.
  • The Block Rocker Plus features a wireless Bluetooth function and an Easy Pair function which links any NFC-enabled smartphone to the soundbox with just one tap. This makes music streaming easy.
  • It can run up to 35 hours on a full charge. 

What We Like About Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus

There is a microphone included with the package, making it an excellent karaoke machine. 

What We Don’t Like About Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus

It is heavy to carry around. 

        Pros         Cons
100W of loud power
Bluetooth track controls

5. Ion Audio Raptor

Ion Audio Raptor

 Product Highlights

The Ion Raptor is designed around the FORD Raptor pick-up truck featuring the same orange color scheme and the Ford logo boldly exhibited across the front speaker panel. The Bluetooth speaker measures 21” x 14” x 21” and weighs 22 lbs. Even though it is not heavy, it does have wheels and an extendable handle to make it easily portable.


  • The amplifier is billed at 100 watts peak power. 
  • Multi-color light bar can pulse to music, stay on steadily, or be turned off.
  • There is a 3-inch tweeter, 8-inch speaker, and bass port to enhance the sound quality. 
  • The speaker is IPX4 water-resistant. 
  • It has Bluetooth with NFC pairing, AM/FM radio with six presets for each band, and a 2-way monaural playback 
  • The gadget possesses the NFC easy pair function to quickly pair your smartphone. There are also Bluetooth track controls for perfect music control (play/pause, next, back).
  • There is an Aux input and USB charging ports.

 What We Like About Ion Audio Raptor

The machine is equipped with a 75-hour rechargeable battery.

What We Don’t Like About Ion Audio Raptor

Some users have complained that the radio is difficult to tune in to. 

        Pros         Cons
Designed for an outdoor experience
Solid build
The microphone provided is low-quality

6. Ion Audio Road Warrior

Product Highlights

If you are looking for a relatively affordable and powerful party/tailgate Bluetooth speaker, you should consider the ION Audio Road Warrior. This speaker guarantees loud sound and deep bass. It also packs an FM tuner, a mic input, a USB power bank port, and a 12V DC input. This is one of the most powerful and the best Ion Bluetooth speakers. 


  • The ION Audio Road Warrior is large and heavy weighing 29 lbs. 
  • It is enclosed in a hard industrial plastic bolstered by aluminum and metal reinforcements used in the frame and the handles.
  • It has a peak output of 500W with clear lows, giving the best loud Bluetooth speaker.
  • The music is delivered by two 10-inch woofers, two 1-inch tweeters, and two bass ports.
  • It has a 7000 mAh battery that gives 24 hours of playtime.
  • The Bluetooth range extends up to 100 ft. 


What We Like About Ion Audio Road Warrior

This is a party speaker with light shows for added effect. 

What We Don’t Like About Ion Audio Road Warrior

The mids lack detail. 

        Pros         Cons
Powerful sound
Huge Bass
Battery issues
Poor midrange reproduction

7. Ion Sound Lounge

Ion Sound Lounge


Product Highlights

Usually, Bluetooth speakers are placed on the table or a countertop. But what if you have a Bluetooth speaker that can rest on the floor and can even let you stretch your legs on it? Check out the Ion Sound Lounge that befits a bachelor pad or your large living space. 


  • The side and the top of the gadget feature plush padding to match the ambiance of your living room, bedroom, or dorm.
  • It is equipped with two 3-inch speakers and one 5-inches ported subwoofer for clear bass.
  • The control panel on the rear of the speaker indicates the volume and bass controls of the device. 
  • The speakers are located on the sides of the ottoman for a wider soundstage.

What We Like About Ion Sound Lounge

The device is easy and quick to pair.

What We Don’t Like About Ion Sound Lounge

The Bluetooth range has to be improved.

        Pros         Cons
Great sound 
Easily portable
Bluetooth range has to be improved 

Final Verdict

According to our review, the Ion Audio Road Warrior is the best Ion Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is known for its loud sound and deep bass making it the perfect instrument for hosting a party. The sound quality is high as the lows mids and highs are clear and crisp. Even though this is a heavy speaker, the features make it one of the best boomboxes to bring to a party. 

Ion might not be one of the well-known names in the music accessory industry, but their wireless speaker systems are finding favor amidst numerous audiophiles. These zero distortion devices are bass-centric and feature loud sound. Most of these devices are solidly built, featuring durability. Always check the wattage of the device before buying to know how loud each speaker can get. 

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