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Best Electric Guitar Under $1000 For 2021 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

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Guitars are an expensive affair, especially with the constant string changes during a guitar’s lifetime. If you are a passionate guitarist, you would need a good guitar to practice and hone your skills. Guitar giants like Martin, Fender, and Yamaha are favorites among people. Instruments from best electric guitar were wielded by numerous legendary guitar players. 

However, high-end guitars can be expensive. Even though it is a dream to have a Martin guitar not all of us can afford it. There are countless guitars in the market to choose from high-end ones to low-end ones. There plenty of high-quality budget-friendly ones, but a vast number of options can be confusing. Deciding on a guitar means finding the best one depending on your playing style and preferences. 

When you are looking for a guitar always do thorough research. Have an idea of what you want, your likes, and the playing style you would like to pursue. If you have been playing for a few years, then consider upgrading the model at hand or explore your guitar skills with a brand new one. This way you might even pick up a new playing style. 

If you have $1000 to spend on a guitar you can expect good quality, performance, and features. If you are a beginner an electric guitar under $1000 will work out reasonably for you. There are some entry-level models as well as advanced ones that you will find in this price range. 

Here are a few best electric guitars under $1000 that boast superior craftsmanship and playability. 

Table of Contents

Our Best Electric Guitar Under $1000 Reviews and Comparisons

Product Features Latest Price
1.Fender Deluxe Series Roadhouse Stratocaster
[amazon fields=”B01IHXXQOI” value=”thumb”]
  • Double cutaway
  • Locking tuners 
  • S-1 switch for tonal versatility

[amazon fields=”B01IHXXQOI” value=”button”]
2.Godin 5th Avenue
[amazon fields=”B001QCXSGE” value=”thumb”]

  • Made of Canadian Wild Cherry laminate
  • Three-way toggle switch
  • Tonal clarity

[amazon fields=”B001QCXSGE” value=”button”]
3.Fender American Special Stratocaster

[amazon fields=”B003664FUQ” value=”thumb”]
  • Made for  easy bending 
  • Jumbo frets 
  • Good for players with larger hands

[amazon fields=”B003664FUQ” value=”button”]
4.PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 

[amazon fields=”B077T5QTRF” value=”thumb”]
  • Made of solid mahogany
  • Equipped with humbucking pickups
  • Set-in construction

[amazon fields=”B077T5QTRF” value=”button”]
5.Schecter Damien Special

[amazon fields=”B005CP07S8″ value=”thumb”]
  • Fiercely shreddable
  • For beginner guitarists
  • Perfect for playing metal genre

[amazon fields=”B005CP07S8″ value=”button”]
6.Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro
[amazon fields=”B007ZHXR1U” value=”thumb”]
  • Fitted with ProBucker 2 and ProBucker 3 pickups
  • Great tuning stability 
  • Excellent sustain

[amazon fields=”B007ZHXR1U” value=”button”]
7.Gretsch Electromatic GS425

[amazon fields=”B007GA21YU” value=”thumb”]
  • Equipped with Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece
  • Fitted with dual-coil humbucker pick-ups
  • Tuners have a nice action

[amazon fields=”B007GA21YU” value=”button”]
8.Fender Squire Standard Stratocaster

[amazon fields=”B07B6NT67D” value=”thumb”]
  • Well balanced tone
  • Budget-friendly
  • Equipped with three alnico single-coil pickups

[amazon fields=”B07B6NT67D” value=”button”]
9.Epiphone SG Special

[amazon fields=”B0002D01IQ” value=”thumb”]
  • Open-coil ceramic humbuckers
  • Three-way pickup selector switch
  • Produces a quality classic rock sound

[amazon fields=”B0002D01IQ” value=”button”]
10.Squier Affinity Telecaster

[amazon fields=”B07B6N19XK” value=”thumb”]
  • Equipped with  vintage-stylesingle-coil pickups 
  • Clear, well-rounded tone 
  • Budget-friendly

[amazon fields=”B07B6N19XK” value=”button”]

1. Fender Deluxe Series Roadhouse Stratocaster 

Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster Arctic White | Equipboard®

[amazon fields=”B01IHXXQOI” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

Fender is a music industry giant famous for its guitars and other musical instruments. This musical giant’s products feature a large range of musical instruments with varied prices that can satisfy the tastes of both amateurs and beginners. Its products also enjoy a huge fan base.

Fender’s Deluxe series of guitars are very prominent in the guitar world. The company does have a lot of Stratocaster models that have been popular among guitarists. Designed in 1954 by Leo Fender, the “Stratocaster” has become a standard among all electric guitar players across the world. The Deluxe series of guitars are upgraded versions of standard Stratocaster models. A popular and budget-friendly guitar from this range is the Roadhouse Stratocaster.

Taking into account that the guitar is named Roadhouse, this means that it’s ready for the gigging missions along the road. Fender describes the Deluxe Roadhouse Strat as “the perfect instrument for tearing it up all night long.” 


  • This double-cutaway electric guitar features an oversized headstock, 22 narrow/tall frets, three single-coil pickups, and synchronized tremolo with vintage-looking bent steel saddles. 
  • Overall, the guitar sports a vintage look apart from the modern sealed tuners.  The locking tuners add tuning stability and promote easy restringing.
  • Coupled with a modern C neck profile and an alder body this classic Strat features a push-button S-1 switch. 
  • Built into the master volume control knob, the pushbutton S-1 switching presents special pickup and wiring modifications for more tonal versatility. 
  • The S-1 switch bypasses the preamp and V6 switch for traditional pickup-only sounds.
  • The S-1 and V6 switches allow you to quickly change the guitar’s tonal character. The guitar is also fitted with a vintage noiseless single-coil pickup that gives the guitar a well-defined tone with no hum.

What We Like About Fender Deluxe Series Roadhouse Stratocaster

The Roadhouse Strat has good playability and the noiseless vintage single-coil pickups are great for studio recording. 

What We Don’t Like About Fender Deluxe Series Roadhouse Stratocaster

The action and the intonation have to be set once you get the guitar.

        Pros         Cons
Vintage Look
Noiseless pickups
Studio Quality
Tuning stability issues

2. Godin 5th Avenue

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 Jazz-Style Acoustic Electric Guitar Bundle , Cognac Burst | Buy Products Online with Ubuy Mauritius in Affordable Prices. B001QCXSGE

[amazon fields=”B001QCXSGE” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

When you first have a look at Godin 5th Avenue, you will see its resemblance to the  1950s archtop model. Unlike the typical archtop model, the 5th Avenue features the top and sides made of Canadian Wild Cherry laminate. Godin aimed to achieve versatility with the use of this tonewood. 

“With more projection and volume in the low/mids than traditional acoustic archtop guitars, the dynamically rich tone of the 5th Avenue makes this sophisticated instrument a dream to play but not a nightmare on your wallet,’’ boasts Godin. 

The hollow-bodied guitar features a molded arched top with classic f-holes and an adjustable rosewood bridge. The neck is made of silver leaf maple complete with has a high-gloss finish and a rosewood fingerboard. It sports a rosewood fretboard with 21 frets and dot inlays, while the back exhibits a smooth polished finish.


  • The guitar accompanies an adjustable sustain-enhancing TUSQ bridge made by GraphTech. 
  • The standard chrome tailpiece at the end of the bridge features sealed chrome tuning machines. 
  • Godin has fitted the guitar with two P90 Kingpin single-coils. These are connected to a set of controls including one master tone, a master volume knob, and a three-way toggle switch. 
  • The trapeze tailpiece and easily adjustable rosewood bridge allow the sound to resonate through the f-holes. 
  • Unlike the traditional archtop guitars, the 5th Avenue has a good low end coupled with well-balanced trebles. The sound features excellent clarity and offers a smooth tune for jazz. 
  • 5th Avenue boasts the brightness of spruce and maple body. You also get darker and complex overtones of mahogany in the lows and mids if you are a hard strummer. 
  • The guitar offers good projection, making it a good choice for gigging musicians. 

What We Like About Godin 5th Avenue 

This guitar can handle jazz, blues, classic pop, early rock, and contemporary music with ease. 

What We Don’t Like About Godin 5th Avenue

The neck position is set higher compared to other guitars and takes some getting used to. 

        Pros         Cons
Solid Built
Great jazz guitar
Not suited for metal or punk genre
High neck

3. Fender American Special Stratocaster

[amazon fields=”B003664FUQ” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The American Special strat is another popular strat guitar. The Fender American Special guitars generally feature a modern neck designed for comfort and performance, with a contemporary C-shaped profile and a smooth satin finish. 

Fender proudly describes its American Special instruments to be “value-conscious guitars for the times that are designed specifically to bring the full Fender Stratocaster experience of a terrific-sounding, smooth-playing, rock-solid-built US-made guitar to the working man, without emptying his bank account.” 


  • Featuring an iconic design with a touch of modernity, the American Special strat has a double-cutaway body. 
  • Made of alder, the guitar sports a smooth glossy finish. The C-shaped satin-finished neck has a 9.5-inch radius maple fretboard fostering easy bending and fast play. 
  • It comes with 22 jumbo frets and black dot inlays, which gives the guitar its modern feel.
  • The jumbo frets are tall and wide and let you get a better grip on the strings. This enables more control over them making bends and vibrato easier. Therefore, the America Special Strat is a good choice for players with larger hands and thicker fingers.
  • This guitar is fitted with three Fender Texas Special single-coil pickups. These pickups feature a more treble response and promote a clean tone. 
  • You can play a wide variety of music genres like folk, blues, rhythm and blues, hard rock, classic rock, country, jazz, and heavy metal.

What We Like About Fender American Special Stratocaster

The perfect neck and the belly cut on the back add to the comfort factor hence making it suitable to play on it for long hours.

What We Don’t Like About Fender American Special Stratocaster

It doesn’t work well when there is a lot of distortion present. 

        Pros         Cons
Jumbo frets
Greasebucket Tone Circuit to roll off high frequencies without adding more bass
Bad quality gig bag

4. PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar with: Amazon.in: Electronics

[amazon fields=”B077T5QTRF” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

PRS or Paul Reed Smith is a name that is popular among guitarists. The company has a range of guitars that boasts numerous features that have grabbed the attention of many. If you go for concert performances you might see one of the band members sounding off with a PRS.

SE Custom 24 hails from the PRS’s SE range of Korean made models. These models are cheaper compared to the American made ones but show no compromise on quality or tone. A popular belief is that this model is based largely on Paul Reed Smith’s first run of guitars that were exhibited at various trade shows in 1985. 

Coupled with specs and performance similar to the PRS flagship model and an entry-level price range, the SE Standard 24 is perfect for beginners. It can also be used as an upgrade to your current guitar and a great addition to your gigging rig. 


  • The Custom SE 24 features a flagship double-cutaway design, lower horn scoop, and all the other guitar characteristics Paul Reed Smith is famous for. 
  • The body of the guitar is made of high-quality solid mahogany and the neck is carved out of maple. 
  • It has a rosewood fretboard and Pearloid PRS signature bird inlays. The body and fretboard are bound together with a cream binding giving it a vintage look. 
  • The guitar is equipped with PRS designed tuners a 1.69-inch synthetic bone nut for superior tuning stability. 
  • There are 24 medium nickel frets and a PRS-designed tremolo system that is smooth and easy to work with.  
  • The guitar has an arsenal of PRS’s proprietary 85/15 “S” humbucking pickups similar to the ones on the SE Standard edition.
  • The pickups are connected to a three-way pickup selector, one master volume, and a push-pull tone knob to split the humbuckers. 
  • Instead of the fancy coil tapping/parallel pickup options, the guitar carries a standard 3-way switch. A push-pull tone knob makes it possible to dial in both of your pickups individually.

What We Like About PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 

Having a set-in construction rather than a bolt-on, this guitar is adept at transferring vibrations along its neck and body.

What We Don’t Like About PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 

If you plan to use the guitar regularly, upgrades will have to be done.

        Pros         Cons
Tonal versatility
Easy to Play
Great for both casual and seasoned players
Upgrades will have to be done overtime

5. Schecter Damien Special

Schecter Damien Special Electric Guitar - Crimson Red: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments

[amazon fields=”B005CP07S8″ value=”button”]

Product Highlights

If you are looking for a modern looking fiercely shreddable guitar then the Schecter Damien Special is a great choice. Schecter is known for having an arsenal of high-quality guitars at incredible prices. You might probably not have heard of the Damien Special. But, it is one of the most highly rated electric guitars on Amazon. 

This guitar is geared towards playing hard rock/heavy metal but can also be used for other playing styles as well. It mostly welcomes heavy strummers those who want to shred the guitar and play with some distortion. 


  • Launched in 2009 and assembled in the USA this guitar features a double-cutaway maple top body, mahogany back, and rosewood fretboard. 
  • There is a 25.5-inch scale with 24 jumbo rosewood frets resting on a bolt-on maple neck.
  •  It is easy enough for a beginner guitarist and has enough features to suit a seasoned professional at the same time.
  • The Damien Special sports an average size and has a solid-built body without it being too heavy for comfort. 
  • The low action neck is thin and allows for fast riffs and intense fretting. 
  • The guitar holds a reputation for tune stability and can hold up even during aggressive jam sessions. 
  • Equipped with EMG active 81/85 pickups that make it perfect for playing the metal genre, this instrument is built with high gain playing in mind. 
  • Notes on distorted channels have an earthy, dark tone that gives a full-bodied feel. 
  • The clean channel can suit other genres however, it is limited in this area of performance. Jazz, classic rock, and pop musicians will not find this instrument well-suited for their tastes. 

What We Like About Schecter Damien Special

The Damien Special is a versatile option that guitarists can use for jamming and practice to recording and live gigs. 

What We Don’t Like About Schecter Damien Special

This guitar is not suited for jazz, classic rock, and pop musical genres. 

        Pros         Cons
Modern design
Great for shredding
Good for heavy metal guitarists
Not for jazz and pop genres

6. Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

[amazon fields=”B007ZHXR1U” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

Epiphone is another guitar brand that offers premium quality guitars at an affordable price range. Every guitarist dreams of owning a Les Paul edition. Because these guitars have been used by legendary guitarists like Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson, and Slash. When the Les paul design first hit the market, it became famous for holding sustain compared to other guitars. 

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro is one of the best guitars from the Epiphone Les Paul style product line. Therefore, the Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro duplicates the essential features and appearance of the classic late-fifties Les Paul Standard.


  • The neck and body of the guitar are made from mahogany and the frets are made of rosewood.
  • The edges of the neck are smooth and feature easy playability.
  • The neck is adorned with trapezoid inlays that stretch across 22 medium jumbo frets. 
  • The nut is 1.68 inches wide and the overall scale of the guitar measures at 24.75 inches.
  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro is fitted with ProBucker 2 and ProBucker 3 pickups. The former is located on the neck, while the latter is at the bridge. Both of them use Alnico II magnets. 
  • These pickups are connected to the tone and volume knobs and are also connected to the common Les Paul pickup selector switch.
  • These two pickups provide a well-balanced tone. It provides smooth sustain resulting in a bolder and more assertive tone.
  • These pickups also provide access to the coil-split mode of the guitar. This mode allows you to enhance the treble and promotes cleaner sound. 
  • The guitar features great tuning stability and can hold the tune for several weeks. 

What We Like About Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

The guitar features great tuning stability and excellent sustain.

What We Don’t Like About Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

There are too many controls that might be confusing for beginners.

        Pros         Cons
Excellent sustain
Tonal versatility
Confusing for beginners
Not studio quality tone

7. Gretsch Electromatic GS425

Amazon.com: Gretsch G5425 Electromatic Jet Club Electric Guitar - Black: Musical Instruments

[amazon fields=”B007GA21YU” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

If you look at the price of this guitar you might wonder whether it is worth it. Because many guitarists know that for a long time grabbing a Gretsch model meant spending some decent amount of money from your pocket. However, Gretsch introduced its Electromatic line of guitars which were beginner-friendly and reasonably priced. 

As the name suggests the Gretsch Electromatic G5425 hails from the popular Electromatic collection. The guitar sports the same vintage look much like the rest of the brand’s guitar lineup. Featuring a retro edge, the guitar is a single-cutaway. It can produce clean and warm overdriven tones perfect for your practice sessions.  


The G5425 is a versatile guitar accompanying two humbucking pickups that let you add classic Gretsch chime or overdriven dirt tones.   This hollow body guitar has Pearloid hump-block fretboard inlays, large f-holes with binding, and a gold plexi pickguard.  It is also equipped with a Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece, metal G-Arrow control knobs, vintage-style open-gear tuners, and a floating Adjusto-Matic rosewood bridge. 

The body of the guitar is made of lightweight basswood, which is chambered to make it lighter. The guitar features a smaller size headstock and since it is lightweight the G5425 makes a perfect beginner’s guitar. It is comfortable to hold and play while both standing and sitting for a long time.  The easy design of the guitar lends clarity to the details making it easier to notice the thumbnail fret markers and the small pearloid pickguard. 

Gretsch dual-coil humbucker pick-ups are placed on the neck and bridge of the guitar. These are controlled by a master volume, master tone, and a 3-position toggle switch for pick-up selection. The humbuckers have enough power to handle distortion making it a great choice for vintage blues and modern rock.

What We Like About Gretsch Electromatic GS425

It is a budget-friendly guitar with a warm and jazzy tone. It is a versatile guitar that can suit all playing styles. 

What We Don’t Like About Gretsch Electromatic GS425

Some people might prefer a wider-spaced bridge pickup.

        Pros         Cons
Solid maple neck
Tuners have a nice action
Intonation needs setup>

8. Fender Squire Standard Stratocaster

Squier Standard Stratocaster Left-Handed - Antique Burst: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments

[amazon fields=”B07B6NT67D” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The Fender Squire Standard Stratocaster is yet another Strat from the guitar giant Fender. Based on the Fender American Series Strat models, it offers everything a typical Strat would such as the large 60s style headstock and the iconic double-cutaway body design.  

Sporting a solid design and a well-balanced tone it is a great playing guitar with a traditional vibe and modern feel. It comes at a price anyone can afford making it a perfect choice for beginners. Carved out of agathis/basswood, it has a simple setup and is proven to be long-lasting for many guitarists. 


  • The Squire Standard Stratocaster aims to deliver a lightweight and fast-playing experience. 
  • The guitar has a bolt-on C-shaped maple neck with a maple fretboard containing 22 medium jumbo frets. 
  • It is equipped with three alnico single-coil pickups at the bridge and neck position. 
  • These are controlled by a master volume and master tone control, and a five-way pickup selector switch. The five-way pickup selector switch helps you choose between different combinations of pickups.
  • The guitar is made to deliver a warm and clear sound with the classic tone that goes so well with country, jazz, and blues guitar.  
  • The clean tones are clear and bright and give a dark tone when overdrive is added. The overdrive is good enough to handle hard rock tunes.

What We Like About Squire Fender Standard Stratocaster

The Standard Stratocaster exhibits a thin body and a smooth neck making it player-friendly for beginners. 

What We Don’t Like About Squire Fender Standard Stratocaster

The sound of the Fender Standard might not please certain guitarists

        Pros         Cons
Equipped with chrome tuners for good tuning stability
Not recommended for professional guitarists

9. Epiphone SG Special 

Amazon.com: Epiphone SG Special with Chrome Hardware and KillPot, Ebony: Musical Instruments

[amazon fields=”B0002D01IQ” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

Epiphone SG Special is an updated Les Paul edition that has seen numerous stages and has been wielded by many legends. Launched in 1961 as an upgrade to Les Paul edition, the  Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar has been played on numerous rock stages. This is the perfect guitar for beginners as this is an affordable model that features a classic design and premium quality hardware.  If you can’t afford a Gibson SG, check out this SG guitar. 


  • Carved out of poplar the guitar exhibits a vintage finish. The body is slim and lightweight fosters easy playability. Its bolt-on Okoume neck complete with a traditional ‘60s SlimTaper D-shaped profile makes it a beginner’s guitar.  
  • Since the guitar is an entry-level model Epiphone has equipped it with a basic set of open-coil ceramic humbuckers. These pickups are controlled with an easy layout. There are two black ‘speed’ knobs; one for master tone, one for master volume, and you can also spot a three-way pickup selector switch.
  • Epiphone’s SG Special Electric Guitar comes accompanies a KillPot switch, which mutes the guitar for a second when activated. This helps the guitarist manually control the sound of the guitar.  
  • Equipped with a Tune-o-Matic bridge and stop bar, the SG Special exhibits decent sustain and tuning stability. The slim contour of the body and neck makes the guitar comfortable to play at a faster tempo and not stress your fingers.

What We Like About  Epiphone SG Special 

The Epiphone SG is designed to dish out a hard rock tone filled with overdrive. This versatile guitar has pickups that can skillfully handle high-gain distortion. 

What We Don’t Like About  Epiphone SG Special 

The tuners feel cheap and the strings on the guitar are of cheap quality. 

        Pros         Cons
Produces a quality classic rock sound
Decent clarity and distinction
Doesn’t have double volume and tone controls

10. Squier Affinity Telecaster 

Fender Squier Affinity Tele Electric Guitar Telecaster Race Red - 0370200570: Amazon.in: Musical Instruments

[amazon fields=”B07B6N19XK” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The Squier Affinity Telecaster is a great option for any beginner guitarist looking for a new electric guitar.  Like the Strat, the Affinity Telecaster is made with an alder body and a maple neck. One of the few differences in materials used in the making of the two is the use of maple for the fretboard on the Telecaster instead of rosewood.

Sporting a solid design and a well-balanced tone, the Affinity Telecaster comes at a price anyone can afford making it a perfect choice for beginners. Carved out of alder, it has a simple setup and proven to be long-lasting for many guitarists. 


  • The guitar has a bolt-on C-shaped maple neck with a maple fretboard containing 21 medium jumbo frets. 
  • It is equipped with two vintage-style single-coil pickups at the bridge and neck position. The pickups are controlled by a master volume and master tone control, and a three-way pickup selector switch.
  • There is a fixed bridge with six saddles that can be adjusted as required. 
  • Tuning is maintained by a set of tuners fitted at the end of the bridge. 
  • The guitar is made to deliver a warm and clear sound with the classic tone that goes so well with country, jazz, and blues guitar. 
  • It is not recommended for those who play heavier styles, but if you are a beginner and have the overdrive it is good enough for playing hard rock tunes.

What We Like About  Squier Affinity Telecaster 

The Affinity Telecaster features a clear, well-rounded tone with highly responsive lows and thick mids.

What We Don’t Like About  Squier Affinity Telecaster 

The Telecaster is a finesse guitar. It’s not meant to play heavy metal or hard rock. Also, the action is unpredictable. 

        Pros         Cons
Equipped with chrome tuners for good tuning stability
Not recommended for music genres like hard rock and heavy metal

Final Verdict

We consider Godin 5th Avenue as the best electric guitar for under $1000. It delivers a vintage sound in a very refined package.  The guitar produces a well-rounded clean tone that features clarity and accuracy. 5th Avenue has the brightness of spruce and maple on single notes and exhibits a darker and more complex overtone when strummed hard. 

Buyer’s Guide: 

  1. Material

All guitars are made using a variety of woods. Different wood types produce different tones depending on its harmonic resonance. The combination of the wood and pickups installed on the guitar is significant when it comes to the sound of the guitar. The most common types of wood found on a guitar body include maple, mahogany, ash, alder, rosewood, and ebony. These woods all have different characteristics and choices depend on individual preferences. For instance, maple is a heavy, hardwood that results in a bright tone. Mahogany produces a warmer sound and smooth sustain. Bodies made of light woods like alder or basswood exhibit lively acoustic properties. 

  1. Body

Crafting a guitar can include a variety of methods. The most popular body types of guitars are solid body, semi-hollow body, and hollow body. Solid-body guitars use a chunk of wood for the creation of the body. The body of the guitar can be constructed from one or multiple pieces of wood. 

Hollow body guitars as the name suggests are hollow on the inside. The built is similar to that of an acoustic guitar with a pickup. Hollow-body instruments are known to be the earliest electric guitars. Since they are hollow on the inside, these offer more resonance and a warmer, thicker tone.

Semi-hollow guitars have a solid center wood block and air cavities on one or both halves of the guitar. The woodblock at the center adds stability and sustain and helps cut down on feedback. This type of guitar has a combination of tonal characteristics of a hollow guitar and solid-body guitar. 

  1. Neck

The neck of the guitar comes constructed in three different ways, namely, bolt-on, set neck, and through-neck. The bolt-on neck is simply bolted onto the guitar body. A set neck is set into the body of the guitar or glued onto the body of the guitar. This offers a sturdy neck with a great resonant response. Neck-through guitars have a neck that extends through the entire length of the body. This gives even more stability to the neck while strumming and even more sustain and resonance when played.  A bolt-on neck is the most economical however, it lacks the sustain that other necks provide. 

  1. Pickups

There are a few different pickups that are used in the construction of an electric guitar. The most common types found are single-coil pickups and humbucker pickups. Single coil pickups consist of a magnet wrapped with a wire. This creates a magnetic field that picks up the vibrations of each guitar string. Though this design is considered to be basic the pickup is highly functional and offers a bright and crisp tone.

The humbucker pickup design uses two single-coils wounds together in series, with magnets of opposite polarity. These kinds of pickups were designed to eliminate the noisy hum sometimes emitted by single-coil pickups. There are also other pickups including piezo pickups and active pickups. 

  1. Pickup Selector Switch and Control Knobs

Most electric guitars accompany multiple pickups. Some will have two or three single-coils or two or three humbuckers. Many offer a combination of single-coil and humbucker pickups. This combination offers the guitarist a vast range of tonal choices. There are plenty of different pickup combinations meant to produce unique tones. As guitars have multiple pickups, they have a switch to shift between these pickups. This allows you to manually switch between different tones on your guitar. These switches maybe a 3-way switch, a 5-way switch, or higher. Switches with more options give room for more possibilities for tailoring the tone to your preferences. 

There are other controls like the volume knob and the tone knob. As the name suggests, the volume knob helps adjust the volume up or down. The tone control knob determines the quality of your tone ranging from dark and warm, to full and bright.

  1. Scale Length

Scale length usually means the length of the string that vibrates and is measured from the nut to bridge. A longer scale is good for people with long hands and long fingers while a shorter scale is good for beginners as well as people with smaller hands. 

A longer scale length usually offers more string tension thereby producing a tighter feel when you play. This results in a brighter shimmer and well-defined low end. A shorter scale length offers less tension and therefore facilitates easier string bending. 

  1. Feel of the Guitar

Before you buy a guitar it is important to know the feel of the guitar. The guitar you choose to practice, jam, perform, record, etc, should be one that feels good in your hands. Only then can you get it to produce the music you like. Factors to consider here are the size and shape of the body, the thickness of the neck, and the radius of the fretboard. 

Always choose a guitar after judging the soe of your hands. If you have smaller hands and get an electric guitar with jumbo frets, it is going to be quite hard for you to reach all the frets putting a strain on your fingers. If you have large hands you will be better off with a chunkier guitar with prominent frets. You should try out some guitars at the local music store before buying to judge the feel of the guitar in your hands. 

  1. Look

If you are a gigging musician, it is also important to look good on the stage. If your crew members are wielding instruments that are best in the industry accompanying good looks you should keep up as well. However, don’t stress too much on this point because as long as the tone and the features are top-notch the guitar has served its purpose.  

     9. Budget

The budget should be the first thing on your mind when you buy a guitar because guitars can get quite expensive. Fix a budget first and then go hunting for your guitar. If you are a beginner get an entry-level model like the Gretsch Electromatic G5425 that are easy on the fingers as well as on the pocket. In case you are a pro guitarist you can invest in a higher-end guitar that suits your playing style. However, if you are opting for a Gibson or a Martin, make sure you have the money ready. 


Before you pinpoint a guitar to buy, go to the local music store and get a feel of the guitar. Strum the strings and get a feels of different models before you choose one. It is good to research the basics of the guitar before you go to the local store and also decide on your playing style. Different guitars have an affinity for different playing styles. This will help you to make the right choice when you are at a store. A high-end guitar doesn’t matter as long as you have superior craftsmanship and good tonal characteristics and control on the guitar. 

Also, make sure you check the guitar while it is unplugged. Test its acoustic properties by playing a few open chords, and single-note lines while being unplugged. It should sound loud, lively, and sparkly with no prominent buzz from the strings. When you plug in the guitar to an amp, dial in a clean tone instead of going to the distortion mode. Keep the EQ controls set to a moderate level so you can listen to the instrument’s overall tonal characteristics and sustain.

Hope you liked our suggestions!

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