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Best Chorus Pedals that Possess a Wealth of Sonic Options 2021

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Everybody knows the popular track ‘Come as you are’ from Nirvana. Guitarists applauded Kurt Cobain’s use of an Electro-Harmonix Small Clone chorus pedal to lend character to his simple guitar riff in the track. In case you have come across a cover of this song on YouTube that was played without chorus pedals, you will notice how dry and plain it sounds.  

Chorus has been a favorite effect of guitarists since the olden days. Chorus pedals were released in the market so that guitarist can incorporate their favorite effect in the songs. These pedals play a major role in turning a dry and lifeless tone into full sounding lively music. It can help lead tones stand out from the rhythm tones and lend solos some character. 

A chorus pedal helps to create thicker sounds from a single signal. It can create the sound of two instruments playing simultaneously by taking the source signal, replicating it, affecting the duplication, and then putting them back together. Depending on how you set the oscillation rate and depth, you can create a range of sounds that appeal to you and lend character and style to your guitar tone. 

Here are some of the best chorus pedals that you can choose from. 

Best Chorus Pedals – Comparative Table 

Product Features Latest Price
1. Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus
[amazon fields=”B000CCJP4I” value=”thumb”]
  • Mix, speed, and depth controls
  • Analog circuit
  • Hardwire bypass

[amazon fields=”B000CCJP4I” value=”button”]
2. Boss CE-2W Waza Craft
[amazon fields=”B0721NP3G8″ value=”thumb”]
  • CE-1 and CE-2 modes
  • Deep chorus effect
  • Good stereo output

[amazon fields=”B0721NP3G8″ value=”button”]
3.Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
[amazon fields=”B00AIRA8RA” value=”thumb”]
  • True bypass pedal
  • Rate knob and depth switch
  • Simple design

[amazon fields=”B00AIRA8RA” value=”button”]
4. Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3
[amazon fields=”B000RVZ3TA” value=”thumb”]
  • Effect level, rate, and depth knobs
  • Suits multiple genres
  • Greta bass tone

[amazon fields=”B000RVZ3TA” value=”button”]
5. TC Electronic Corona Chorus 
[amazon fields=”B00KATAP38″ value=”thumb”]
  • Three different modes
  • Better control over your tone
  • Four different controls

[amazon fields=”B00KATAP38″ value=”button”]
6.MXR M134 Stereo Chorus 
[amazon fields=”B01N2KFPN2″ value=”thumb”]
  • EQ control
  • Intensity knob for overall control effects
  • Good bass

[amazon fields=”B01N2KFPN2″ value=”button”]
7. Fender Downtown Express
[amazon fields=”B07MVZ2KTH” value=”thumb”]
  • Greater control over your tone
  • Premium design
  • Three dynamic effects

[amazon fields=”B07MVZ2KTH” value=”button”]

Best Chorus Pedals – Reviews & Comparisons

1. Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus

Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus


[amazon fields=”B000CCJP4I” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus is a great beginner’s pedal offered at an affordable price range. It is one of the best mini chorus pedals in the market. Encased in sturdy plastic, the device is excellent at giving your guitar tone a subtle chorus effect. 


  • The unit features a rugged, sharp design and is built to last
  • It has mix, speed, and depth controls quite easy for beginners to grasp
  • The device highlights an analog circuit with a hardwire bypass
  • The device can run on a 9V battery or can be supplied with power by an external adapter.
  • It is capable of lending your guitar tone some character preserving lows, mids, and highs. 

What We Don’t Like About Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus

The Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus is a well-built beginner-friendly device. 

What We Like About Danelectro D5 FAB Chorus

Adjusting the pedal on stage is difficult because they are not easily visible as these are located on the side.

        Pros         Cons
Solid built

Subtle chorus

Controls on the side are not easily accessible

2. Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

Boss CE-2W Waza Craft


[amazon fields=”B0721NP3G8″ value=”button”]

Product Highlights

 To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS innovation, the company in 2016, rolled out the Waza Craft CE-2W which saw the rebirth of original analog chorus sounds.  The Boss CE-2W Waza Craft combines the properties of Boss’s flagship products, the CE-1 and CE-2. The CE-2W’s Standard mode recreates the classic CE-2 chorus sound while the CE-1 mode reproduces the stereo chorus and vibrato sounds of CE-1. 


  • The Waza Craft CE-2W exhibits all-analog circuitry with a bucket-brigade (BBD) delay line. 
  • Equipped with two modes, the CE-1 mode features chorus and vibrato that can authentically produce two stereo sound modes that are popular with the Boss CE-1 unit.
  • The CE-2 mode can reproduce the classic CE-2 chorus sound and also adds an expansive new sound field with stereo output. 
  • The device features to rate and depth knobs to provide fine sound adjustment in both pedal modes.

What We Don’t Like About Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

The CE-2W’s CE-1 mode produces a deeper chorus effect with noticeable modulation and a sense of depth. 

What We Like About Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

The mini three-way toggle switch for shifting between the CE-1 and the CE-2 mode is not easily accessible. 

        Pros         Cons
Analog Bucket Brigade technology

CE-1 and CE-2 effects

The three-way toggle switch is too tiny

3. Electro-Harmonix Small Clone

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone


[amazon fields=”B00AIRA8RA” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The Small Clone chorus by Electro Harmonix is a basic chorus pedal that is easy to use. This is a great beginner’s pedal that offers a powerful and rich chorus effect to your guitar tone. This stompbox features a classic chorus tone and lets you tweak your music to craft a signature tone. 


  • The Small Clone is a true bypass pedal with one control knob, one two-way switch, and a master on/off foot-switch.
  • The device can be operated on a single included 9V battery or via an optional 9DC-100 adapter.
  • The pedal is fitted with the rate knob and the depth switch. The depth switch controls the intensity level of the chorus effect. The rate knob adjusts the speed of the chorus and its presence in the mix.  

What We Like About Electro-Harmonix Small Clone

The unit is equipped with a rate knob and depth switch with two positions. 

What We Don’t Like About Electro-Harmonix Small Clone

This is a simple chorus pedal that can be used by beginners but not professionals who want more out of their pedal.

        Pros         Cons
Rate knob and depth switch

True Bypass

Not for professionals

4. Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3

Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3


[amazon fields=”B000RVZ3TA” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The CEB-3 Bass Chorus hails from the pioneer of the chorus effect. This chorus pedal features a split-frequency chorus effect. This effect helps apply a warm, rich chorusing to the higher frequencies without distorting the lows.  


  • The chorus effect produced by the pedal can add a new twist to your blues songs and can help you get a great cutting distorted bass tone out of your guitar. It will also suit rock n’ roll, punk, and metal genres. 
  • The CEB-3 lets you create long-range chorus effects without changing the natural bass sound. 
  • To add to the flexibility the pedal is equipped with a low filter control, which allows you to determine the frequency that you want to record with Chorus. 
  • To improve the tonal shaping, the pedal is fitted with effect level, rate, and depth knobs.

What We Like About Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3

The pedal possesses great build quality and the chorus effect is great for recording.

What We Don’t Like About Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3

This pedal makes your bass notes sound a bit digital. 

        Pros         Cons
Excellent chorus effect

Low filter control

Digital sounding

5. TC Electronic Corona Chorus

TC Electronic Corona Chorus


[amazon fields=”B00KATAP38″ value=”button”]

Product Highlights

TC Electronic’s Corona Chorus is noteworthy for TonePrint. TonePrint allows you to use an app or software to adjust every aspect of the effect as you like. If you like the idea of exploring the effects of the pedal to find the perfect chorus sound, then this is a good option to choose. 


  • The Corona chorus allows you to choose between Toneprint and two other modes namely, chorus and tri chorus modes. 
  • Compared to the basic chorus pedals, this unit has four knobs to control the effect including FX level, speed, depth, and tone. 
  • This is a stereo chorus pedal that can complement your stereo rig.
  • It is a true bypass pedal that lets you dial in the exact sounds you want with precision. 

What We Like About TC Electronic Corona Chorus

The device gives you full control over your chorus sound.

What We Don’t Like About TC Electronic Corona Chorus

It is not beginner-friendly.

        Pros         Cons
Three different modes

Better control over your tone

Not easy to use

6. MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus


[amazon fields=”B01N2KFPN2″ value=”button”]

Product Highlights

The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus is an analog stereo pedal that can help you tweak your notes with better control. Highlighting five knobs and a button on the far left side, this device includes an intensity control that can adjust the overall effect. It accompanies two instrument cables and two patch cables.


  • As mentioned earlier, there are five knobs to give better control over the effects.
  • The rate and width knobs help you expertly tailor the chorus tone.
  • Instead of a mix/ level knob, the unit is equipped with an intensity knob to control the overall effect of the M134 Stereo Chorus.
  • The two knobs located on the left aids in basic EQ control. You can adjust the bass or treble knobs to cut or boost frequencies.
  • The Bass Filter button placed on the left lets you change the way the chorus is applied to your tone. It also reduces the amount of chorus applied to the bass frequencies.  

What We Like About MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

The unit is a top-quality analog pedal with a buffered bypass.

What We Don’t Like About MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

It can be confusing at first and takes time to get accustomed to.

        Pros         Cons
Intensity knob for overall control effects

Good bass

Takes time to get used to

7. Fender Downtown Express

Fender Downtown Express


[amazon fields=”B07MVZ2KTH” value=”button”]

Product Highlights

Fender is a music industry giant that manufactures top-notch musical instruments and accessories. The company began manufacturing pedals for guitarists as late as 2019. The Downtown Express is a popular product among the guitarist community. This is because instead of just a one-effect stomp, Fender decided to include three useful tools into one stomp. 


  • The pedal’s layout is simple and easy to navigate with its three main sections visible.
  •  The control knobs are lit in LED lights and the individual footswitches light up when activated. This makes it easy for the pedal to be operated in the dark and even on stage.
  • The device is fitted with EQ, compression, overdrive, and a variable-XLR out.
  • It is equipped with the mini-toggle switch for selecting your preferred signal order for the overdrive and compressor effects.
  • The unit also has a tonally flexible DI, which can be run with effects, and EQ, or pre-effects. 

What We Like About Fender Downtown Express

It is equipped with three dynamic effects in one pedal and serves as an overall DI.

What We Don’t Like About Fender Downtown Express

The overdrive on its own is not quite expressive.

        Pros         Cons
Greater control over your tone

Easy to use while doing a gig

Not beginner-friendly

Final verdict

The Boss CE-2W Waza Craft is the best chorus pedal as it gives better control over the effects that can be applied to your guitar’s tone. The unit combines the features of CE-1 and CE-2, Boss’s flagship products that immediately appealed to guitarists. To combine the effects of CE-1 and CE-2, the company equipped the CE-2W Waza Craft with two modes, namely, the CE-1 mode and the CE-2 mode. Therefore, it can produce both chorus and vibrato as authentic as the CE-1 and the classic CE-2 chorus sound that adds an expansive new sound field with stereo output. 

A chorus pedal can thicken and color your guitar’s tone.  It can turn a dry and sterile tone into music that is full of energy, rich enough to make the audience feel the music. They add a rich, lush, shimmering quality to your sound that immediately attracts the audiophiles. Chorus effects are bound to thicken the sound of a bass, rhythm guitar, or solo guitar. They can be used to make your distortions more pronounced but at the same time can also create clean sounds. 

Chorus pedals are a great addition to your pedalboard and the effect can immediately attract the interest of audiophiles and music lovers alike. We hope our review helps you choose the best chorus pedal as per your requirements and needs. 

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