Acekool Newly Launched Stand Mixer 2021 in the UK

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Do you love baking? If yes, then one kitchen appliance that you need the most is a stand mixer. You no longer will have to do those tiring manual chores like beating, whisking, and kneading. Just get a stand mixer and all your work is done in a few minutes. For every avid baker, a stand mixer is a must.  In this article, we will introduce you the most valued one-Acekool stand mixer.

There are numerous stand mixers available on the market at present. Today, we will review the newly launched Acekool’s stand mixer. This mixer has tons of features alongside the quality assurance from the team. Established its name as one of the leading brands for home and kitchen appliances, It has a vision of providing quality products to its customers to benefit them in their day-to-day lives. The products are a result of the latest innovative ideas. And their eventual development to make easy-to-use appliances. Acekool crafts all their products with passion integrated with modern aesthetics and innovative technology to offer a better experience to you.

The recently launched Acekool mixer, is crafted using innovative technology to serve all your baking needs. So, if you’re looking for such a quality stand mixer, then you can surely opt for  it .


Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

A Deep Dive into Acekool’s First Stand Mixer

Manufactured by one of the leading home appliance brands, Acekool, the stand mixer is the latest innovation.  It  will assist you in your kitchen chores especially in tasks like kneading, mixing, whisking, and so on.

This 7-liters Tilt-Head  Mixer is built with more power, speed, and capacity as compared to the other similar products on the market. This 1400-watt planetary stand mixer has a powerful motor and sturdy ABS body. So, you can be assured of its durability and superior performance. Be it beating or whisking or kneading dough for various recipes, this stand mixer serves all your purpose.

Coming to the V-belt drive and noise generation, this mixer is quite great in these aspects as well. The V-belt drive transmission is stable and the noise generated is quite low compared to other stand/hand mixers. Hence, in every way, the Acekool stand mixer is just the best companion that caters to most of your kitchen needs alongside makes your cooking enjoyable and less time-consuming. Isn’t it exactly what you need the most?Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

That’s not all; this food stand mixer has definitive speeds for different functions. For the dough hook, you have 1-3 speeds because it is for heavy mixing like dough for pizza or spaghetti. The beater function has 4-7 speeds, as it is for medium to heavy mixing and is perfect for making salad and cookies. Lastly, the whisk function has 8-10 speeds that help in light mixing such as cream, eggs, cakes, and sauces.

On the whole, this stand mixer is like an all-in-one product that serves multiple functions quite effectively. In other words, it’s designed in a way to simulate those incredible culinary movements by becoming your helping hand in the kitchen. Just the kind of tool, most of you have been looking for these days, especially with the festive season on.

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Apart from these features, the stand mixer has a ton of other extraordinary features, which makes it worth investing in. Well, the highlight of this stand mixer is the Tilt-Head Design. As per this design, the head tilts back to ensure that there is enough space for mixing. In addition to this, the base is also stable due to the 6 anti-slip silicone suction cups to prevent any kind of movement. Not to mention, the noise level is less than 75 dB, which makes it one of the best noiseless stand mixers. All these together deliver a smooth and effective performance.

Moreover, we are also impressed by its 7-liter large stainless steel bowl, which is big enough for maxing dough for pizza, bread, cupcake, cookie, and several other types of food. Not just different variants of food, this stand mixer can also mix ingredients in large quantities almost for up to 6 to 7 people. Another add-on to this bowl is the handle that is easy to hold while you’re mixing any batter. Needless to say, this stand mixer offers great convenience in mixing.

Often while whisking or mixing, the batter splashes out making the kitchen countertop messy but with this stand mixer, no such mishaps can happen. This stand mixer comes with a Splash Guard Protection, which includes a splatter shield for a clean adding of ingredients and spill-proof whisking and mixing. So now no more drips and drops! Plus, it has an LED power indicator and 10 blending speeds, as we mentioned above.

Besides, its attachments include a dough hook, a whisk, a beater hook alongside a splash guard hook. Such accessories make it the perfect 3-in-1 baking companion. All the accessories and even the bowl are detachable; this makes it easy to clean and maintain. You can also put the accessories into the dishwasher and clean everything with ease.

If we have to describe the Acekool’s stand mixer in a few words, all we can say is that it’s stylish, powerful, and multi-functional. Not to mention, definitely one of the most advanced kitchen appliances.

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

We hope our article provided you all that you needed to know about Acekool’s newly launched stand mixer. Whether you need an extra hand while baking or you have to pick an anniversary gift for your friend, Acekool’s  Mixer is just the right product available on the market currently. After all, this  mixer is just the perfect blend of style and performance, crafted to make things easy for you and enhance the décor of any contemporary kitchen.

So, what are waiting for? Go grab this amazing product today and get a three-year warranty with a set of accessories and a cookbook.

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