5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance

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Top 5 Best PA Speakers That Deserve Your Attention

Public address, or PA, refers to the projection of sound to a large audience louder than you could do when speaking or playing an acoustic instrument. There are so many other uses for a PA system that one day you might have to buy one for yourself. Your first thought of PA speakers may be those used at sporting events or concerts.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 PA speakers that are currently trending:

Product Features Latest Price
5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Behringer EPS500MP3

Behringer EPS500MP3

  • Ideal for small to medium-sized venues
  • Two passive 8″ speakers are provided
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5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-LyxPro SPA-8

LyxPro SPA-8

  • Single 8″ speaker PA system
  • SPA-8 may be used as a satellite speaker
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5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Alto Professional TS308

Alto Professional TS308

  • Brand-new low-frequency drivers
  • Cost-efficient PA system for smaller events
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5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Mackie SRT215

Mackie SRT215

  • SRT215 makes use of the Sym-X horn
  • TRS and XLR connections are available

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5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Hisonic HS120B

Hisonic HS120B

  • Both portable and powerful
  • Comes with a body-pack transmitter

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Best PA Speakers – Our Reviews and Comparisons

1 – Behringer EPS500MP3

5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Behringer EPS500MP3

Product Highlights

The EUROPORT EPS500MP3 is intended to fit into small to medium-sized venues while being unobtrusive. The mixer can be put at the back of the speaker, which allows for the placement of the speakers in a space with a compact footprint. With the VOP capability, you may let the system run without being concerned that the sound operator would muffle the music for brief announcements.

  • The 500W powered mixer and 2 x 8″ passive speakers make up the BEHRINGER EUROPORT EPS500MP3. Each speaker has a storage area in the recessed back. The two 20-foot speaker wires and the mixer’s power adaptor may be stored in the empty cavity of one speaker.
  • The 8-channel mixer is intended to be kept in the second speaker. The EUROPORT EPS500MP3 system is simple to carry and move about because each speaker weighs less than 20lbs and has a big handle.
  • The 8-channel mixer that comes with the EUROPORT EPS500MP3 is loaded with features. Four switchable mic/line mono channels are available, with the choice of an XLR or 14-inch input.
    Each mono channel features a volume control with treble, bass, and the option to turn on or off reverb effects. The master control panel allows for volume adjustment for the reverb.
  • While the second stereo channel supports stereo RCA or USB, the first stereo channel lets you pick between stereo 14 or RCA input. The master control panel, which has buttons for play/pause, skip forward/backward, and random or shuffle, may be used to access the USB input.
  • The last input is a wireless USB input from BEHRINGER. The wireless handheld microphone systems from BEHRINGER are compatible with this input. A single or twin BEHRINGER wireless handheld can be inserted into the USB connector.
  • A VOP button is located next to the master volume control. When on, the VOP will automatically mute music during any speech, making it possible to make a brief statement without pausing the music. The Contour button, which has two pre-programmed EQ settings for music or speech, is located right next to VOP.
  • Two passive 8″ speakers are provided by the 500W mixer-amplifier in the EUROPORT EPS500MP3. Even though it doesn’t have the sub-frequency range that one would anticipate from a speaker this small, the 8″ speaker does an excellent job of producing a strong bass sound. The highs are clean and clear, offering the speaker good speech application intelligibility.
  • This is especially advantageous for smaller venues without a technical team on staff. The EUROPORT EPS500MP3 may be set up to play music off the USB port, removing the need for any wires, if you decide to purchase the BEHRINGER wireless mics.
  • There are no other pieces of equipment visible save the speakers and microphones since the mixer is located in the back of the speaker. Perfect for events like weddings and business gatherings when the planners frequently demand that equipment be kept as inconspicuous as possible.
What We Like About Behringer EPS500MP3

Churches, schools, community organizations, and one-man bands or duos may all benefit from the EUROPORT EPS500MP3. The system is portable, inexpensive, and simple to set up, and it produces a lot of sound for its size. 

What We Don’t Like About Behringer EPS500MP3

Although the mid-range is strong, the voices have a slightly boxy tone. Depending on the configuration, it is excellent for venues of up to 200 people. For a full band with drums, the EUROPORT EPS500MP3 is not strong enough.


2 – LyxPro SPA-8

5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-LyxPro SPA-8

Product Highlights

The speaker is shockingly powerful and has a respectable amount of throw, which means the music readily fills a room and reaches a distance. 

The SPA-8 is a cost-effective choice if you’re wanting to buy several PA speakers. Multiple SPA-8 speakers may be linked together using the daisy chain function, which is ideal for a dispersed PA system during an outdoor sporting event, wedding, or even a craft fair. The SPA-8 is most effective when used for background music and announcements. The SPA-8BAT, which has an integrated battery with an 8-hour battery life, is furthermore offered.

  • A single 8″ speaker PA system with integrated inputs and a mixer makes up the LyxPro SPA-8. With the SPA-8, you can daisy-chain many speakers together thanks to the XLR Mix Out. You may daisy chain the SPA-8 to any other powered speaker, mixer, or amplifier for a passive speaker because this is a straightforward XLR output.
  • For speaker stands, which would have to be purchased separately, the SPA-8 features a mounting hole.
  • Two input channels, each having two input possibilities, are available on the LyxPro SPA-8. One channel accepts either an XLR or a 14-inch jack. A mic/line switch for adjusting gain is also included. Choose between stereo RCA or 1/8 inch AUX on channel two. There is a separate volume control for each channel.
  • A third input channel is also available for USB, Bluetooth, or SD card audio playback. An MP3 display on the channel shows the music, the active input, and the active controls. The standard MP3 controls for play/pause, repeat, and skip forward/backward are located below the display.
  • The three inputs can also be changed using the mode button. A volume control designated for the MP3 channel is found on the main control panel and is labeled MP3. The SPA-8 contains treble and bass tone controls, but unusually, there is no master volume control. The 8″ driver and 1″ tweeter of the LyxPro SPA-8 provide 100W RMS of power.
What We Like About LyxPro SPA-8

A versatile tiny speaker is the LyxPro SPA-8. The SPA-8 may be used as a satellite speaker for music and announcements at an event, as part of a left/right PA, or even as an on-stage monitor for a DJ or artist. The speaker is simple to travel, set up, and store because it weighs only 14 lbs and is 14″ high by 9.25″ wide.

The LyxPro SPA series offers powered speakers in sizes 12″ and 15″ if you want something with greater strength.

What We Don’t Like About LyxPro SPA-8

The SPA-8 has a respectable low-end punch despite not having much sub-bass. Both music and voices sound quite clear when the mids and highs are used.


3 – Alto Professional TS308

5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Alto Professional TS308

Product Highlights

A fairly cost-efficient PA system for smaller events, school gatherings, and more is the Alto Professional TS308-powered PA speaker. It has a top-notch internal compressor and an incredibly sensitive preamp setup. When it’s freezing outdoors, you can even utilize the speakers inside to keep everyone warm.

  • The brand-new Alto Professional Truesonic TS3 Series is a collection of professional loudspeakers that offers no-compromise performance. Every installation and performance issue is resolved with these speakers.
  • Additionally, they are “high-performance” in terms of idea and production since we made sure that every element of their design was more effective than what it was required to be. As a consequence, the loudspeakers surpass all expectations in terms of quality and sophistication. goes against everything you anticipate.
  • The TS308, TS310, TS312, and TS315, with 8-10-12- and 15-inch woofers, respectively, are the four versions in the new TS3 range.
  • The new 2000-watt peak (1000-watt continuous) amplifier shared throughout the range is a major improvement over the TS2’s 1110-watt peak (550-watt continuous) amplifiers.
  • The four models have brand-new low-frequency drivers that are more powerful and play louder than their already remarkable predecessors, the widely popular TS2 Series.
  • They also have a brand-new high-frequency driver with horn loading. With a brand-new heat sink design, this remarkable transducer offers outstanding heat dissipation for impressive power management, even at all-night concert volumes.
  • The TS3s make the most of the extra watts and can play at higher SPLs with less distortion since these new drivers can manage the extra power safely.
  • There isn’t any more time than normal to set up and take down the Alto Pro TS308-powered PA speaker. The cords are simply unplugged from their power source and carried with you wherever you go.
  • There is no need to be concerned about the wires becoming tangled or caught and creating a trip hazard. The Alto Professional TS308 powered PA speaker is tough and dependable, despite its little size.
What We Like About Alto Professional TS308

They are high-performance in every way because of their new transducers and amplifiers, which allow them to play without any compromise or limitations while being incredibly loud and clear. 

What We Don’t Like About Alto Professional TS308

The only downside to this PA speaker is that it is overpriced. 


4 – Mackie SRT215

5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Mackie SRT215

Product Highlights

DJs used to not have the finest selection of speakers available. Fortunately, things have evolved and there are now many accessible good speakers. Recently, we had the opportunity to test out Mackie’s brand-new SRT215 model. This reasonably priced speaker is at the center of Mackie’s selection of alternatives. And at this price range, it’s a great candidate to be one of the best active PA speakers.

  • The sound quality was the first and most crucial test. Given the wide range of rivals at this price point, our expectations were already very high. But as soon as we put the SRT215 through its paces, any worries quickly vanished.
  • Like the other new Mackie speakers that are now on the market, the SRT215 makes use of the Sym-X horn. This produces top-end delivery that is incredibly clear and accurate. When speakers are stressed beyond their capabilities, distortion can occur, but the Mackie SRT215 keeps everything under control. No harshness or distortion. The mids are also very strong. Without overt colorization, rich depth, and warmth. Smooth and extremely pleasing tonality.
  • There is also consistent performance across all volume ranges. Additionally, the dispersion was outstanding. There are just too many speakers that have very little sweet spot. As a result, to obtain complete coverage, numerous speakers must be used in particular arrangements.
  • We could wander around the entire space and still hear high-quality sound thanks to the SRT215. This is an area where the Mackie SRT215 also shines. We instantly noted how much lighter it was than the SRM215 when we first lifted it out of the box. We thought it could feel more “empty” because of this. But as soon as it was removed and we got a chance to maneuver it and feel the cabinet, my worries vanished. This speaker is reliable.
  • A lot of attention is paid to detail. The molded cabinet has no flashing. Nothing is obviously misplaced, and everything is in its proper place. The handles are sturdy and well-built as well. An absolute must for the busy working professional. When the cabinet is in the monitor position, the little rubberized borders protect it.
  • The rear panel is another standout feature. The color screen is the same as those of other recent Mackie loudspeakers. It is clear, bright, and a fair size. Additionally, the knobs and connecting points give off a confident vibe.
  • When compared to the pricing, the SRT215 much exceeds our expectations. The SRT215 is a less expensive variant of the SRM215 but still performs admirably in terms of features.
  • The Class D amplifier can handle 1600W of power and is quite effective. The low-frequency driver requires 1400 W and the high-frequency driver 200 W. It has a strong punch, reaching a maximum SPL of 133dB. This is frequently sufficient for medium-sized areas and can fit one in them comfortably. But the way Mackie manages bigger levels is what really makes this attractive. At greater levels, the multi-band compression maintains tonal integrity.
  • At greater levels, the multi-band compression maintains tonal integrity. When they are loud, the quality of many huge speakers begins to substantially decline. This is not the situation. The SRT215 delivers 42Hz – 20kHz and 46 Hz – 20kHz (3dB) in terms of frequency (-10dB). There is a ton of depth here, resulting in clear, crisp highs and a beefy bottom end.
  • Additionally, the Mackie SRT215 provides a great range of tuning choices. A transparent screen and a one-knob operating system are located on the rear panel, which is easily accessible. The numerous options may be navigated quickly and easily. There are several presets that may be used for rapid setup. Live, Club, Flat, Speech, and Monitor. These are all effective. Flat is ideal for portraying the underlying content naturally.
  • When you want to reduce low-end delivery, live is best. Clarity is prioritized in speech, and the low end is kept under check.
  • The club environment introduces a more thumpy curve for more prominent bass. The last choice is the monitor setting. When the speaker is in the monitor position, this option modifies the output.
  • Use Bluetooth connectivity if you don’t like the notion of tinkering with the rear panel. You may have a complete remote control with the SRT Connect app. It greatly simplifies life.
  • You’ll be well on your way to the ideal setting with just a few swift touches. Although the one knob is fantastic, the app is a game-changer. Although the app is extremely similar to the SRM Connect app, it does not include all of the other features. Regardless of whether the speaker was indoors or outside, the SRM Connect App provided control. The performance outside was significantly improved by this feature. The SRM215 would be a better choice if you play outside frequently.
  • Mackie offers a sophisticated selection of connecting possibilities. TRS and XLR connections are available through two main combination jacks. Within the music industry, these linkages are the most prevalent. Whatever your favorite equipment, you’ll be fully covered. However, there are no RCA connection possibilities.
  • Direct Bluetooth communication is also available with the SRT215. This is excellent for the SRT Connect App, but direct audio streaming is also an option. An outstanding function for background tracks or a tracklist to warm up before your performance.
What We Like About Mackie SRT215

The Mackie SRT215 provides a great range of tuning choices. A transparent screen and a one-knob operating system are located on the rear panel, which is easily accessible. The numerous options may be navigated quickly and easily. There are several presets that may be used for rapid setup. Live, Club, Flat, Speech, and Monitor. These are all effective. Flat is ideal for portraying the underlying content naturally.

What We Don’t Like About Mackie SRT215

The SRT215 speaker is sizable. A large cabinet is required for the 15-inch woofer. However, it still falls within the same range of dimensions as other speakers of comparable size. Also, there are no RCA connection possibilities.


5 – Hisonic HS120B

5 Best PA Speakers That Have a Powerful Performance-Hisonic HS120B

Product Highlights

A fantastic PA speaker that is both portable and powerful is the Hisonic HS120B. Its 40-watt speaker is suitable for use in groups like classrooms. Via wireless microphones, streaming is possible thanks to wireless technology. There are two corded microphones available.

  • In addition to the microphone connections, there are also AUX ports that you may use to connect to a smartphone, laptop, or CD player. You may connect additional sound devices to the aux out for output as well. being among the Best Public Address Speakers as a result.
  • Do you intend to speak at a public lecture event outside? You will receive the performance you want from this PA speaker. You will be free to speak for 15 hours without any interruptions.
  • A powerful 40-watt speaker and a VHF wireless microphone system are effortlessly combined into one portable PA system by the Hisonic HS120B.
  • The speaker has a built-in, long-lasting, high-capacity rechargeable battery that makes it ideal for outdoor activities without access to a wall outlet. If the battery becomes low, just plug it into a wall outlet using the included cord to recharge it. Additionally, the speaker may be powered using the wire and a 12V/DC adaptor (included).
  • The device comes with a body-pack transmitter that may be used with either a headset microphone or perhaps a lapel microphone, as well as one portable transmitter/microphone. Therefore, you have the flexibility to choose which of the three microphones to utilize at any given time depending on their application.
  • If extra microphones are required, the device also contains a second microphone input jack. You may connect your CD player, cassette player, or music device such as an iPod to the sound input jack and listen to the music through the speaker. This approach remains common among a variety of vocations, including professors, auctioneers, studio instructors, and others, because of its adaptability and mobility. 
What We Like About Hisonic HS120B

The speaker, a single handheld microphone, a single body-pack transmitter, a single headset microphone, a single lavalier microphone, wire, two 9V batteries, a single 12VDC adaptor (cigarette lighter adapter), and a carrying case are all included in the package.

What We Don’t Like About Hisonic HS120B

There is some distortion if the tuning is not well-balanced. 


Final Verdict

The Mackie SRT215 is the best PA speaker according to us. Not only is it reasonably priced but also delivers a powerful performance when put to the test. However, the other models on our list are also fairly impressive in terms of use. 


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